Age Ain’t But A Number: Learning From Experiences Not Years

I follow here, and have found this to be very true, but it is funny that sometimes maturity only shows up on the surface. Too often having a lack of experience can still cause seemingly mature kids to make real bad mistakes.
I look at child stars, they work in situations that make them seemingly grow up very fast. The difference in a regular kid and a celeb kid in perceived maturity, can be vast. They seem to act so much more adult than their regular counterparts, but it also seems they still make real lunkhead mistakes with their lives and money. Maybe seeming mature and being mature are too different things.
I do believe that sheltering our kids or ourselves can keep us from growing into our most mature selves… You have to be allowed to make mistakes and take risks. At any age you have to allow yourself to fail in order to succeed. – JW

Feed the Weird

Why do we place so much emphasis on age? Supposedly, with age comes wisdom. Knowledge deepens with every year added and we become a more advanced version of ourselves as time passes. But with a new year already in progress, can you say you have changed or grown wiser based on an additional year? I, myself, can not.

Throughout my life, people have always been taken aback by my voice or opinion on life, seemingly considering me to be “wise beyond my years.” I have my childhood to thank. My Mother is 40 years older than me and my family years ahead as well. I was always surrounded by the older mindset. In order to participate in conversations and receive praise, I had to not only act and speak older but also appear to be more “mature.” Having conversations with adults while still being a child alters your perception of “coming of age.” You…

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