Buzz Aldrin and JW Najarian

Buzz Aldrin and JW Najarian

On Purpose Magazine is a labor of  love

On Purpose is my attempt at bringing valuable, interesting, intriguing, irreverent, inspiring, enlightening, educational, entertaining and powerful audio, video and written content of cause and purpose to the web.

Along the learning line of my very diverse and interesting life, I have, by way of the divine, shear luck or by not being able not to talk to everyone I meet, made friends with or had contact with a wonderful and eclectic list of very interesting people. Some famous and others just interesting or wonderful in their personal brilliance.

I feel that it is a blessing that I might be able to share their story, brilliance and insights with people who, like me, want to know.

Most of the pages here contain interviews with these people and sometimes I just rap on my own crap.

My hope is that you find it to be of value and worth to you or someone you would like to share with. I really do appreciate touching someone deep enough that they share my site with others they care about.

I do interviews and do not make any money from the interview. I sometimes will offer the sale of the interviewees book via Amazon so I may collect a few pennies here or there. I will take sponsors, but my interviews are not infomercials for products. I like to have 90% meat and 10% promotion.

Everyone has something to promote and we respect that and encourage that, but we turn away many interviews because the guest just wants to promote themselves or their product and do not have any worthy information for you the listener.

On Purpose Magazine also allows guest writers to post their stories and articles and so I would like to invite you to join with us on this journey. I hope you decide to become a regular reader.

JW Najarian

Founder of Metta Media Group and Chief Editor of On Purpose Magazine

Birthday March 1958
Married (To an awesome woman and friend)

Just a guy, who has something to share and hopes that what he has is appreciated in some way. Oprah says that in the 25 years she has done her show, the biggest lesson she learned is that people are looking for validation above all else. I am no different. I want people to come and read my stuff and find it interesting. To make it a win win, I hope to feature many of you out there that have interesting and compelling stories that I can help tell so you, me and the reader can find validation.

JW Najarian, spent over 35 years as a computer and network engineer and project manager, getting the opportunity to work in many different industries at the small and fortune 500 corporate levels.

2006, one year before the complete crash of the real estate markets, JW decided to totally change careers and moved into commercial real estate.

In an attempt to help the commercial markets, JW started the Commercial Real Estate Professionals and Investors Group (CREPIG.COM), which now reaches over 40,000 real estate investors and professionals.

JW interviewed bankers, brokers, lenders and world economists and delivered that content to the CRE market to try and find connect his group members and the industry with answers.

During this time JW became active in philanthropic causes. As a member of the board of Humanity Unites Brilliance, that organization generated over $2 million in humanitarian giving in just 2 years and also as the Los Angeles coordinator for Feed333 in December of 2008 working with the Salvation Army, Feed the Children and The NBA Players Association we were able to serve over 5000 families over 20,000 meals, hygienic products and toys in one day, to the working poor in South Central, Los Angeles all a part of the largest one day food distribution in the United States.



JW, a proud veteran, has also used Linkedin to build a large group of US Veterans, over 40,000 at this time, to help them to network, find jobs, resources and reconnect with other vets.


JW had already caught the interview bug and was now interested in producing content with intent and purpose. On Purpose Magazine was created to create interesting, educational, entertaining content that had a purpose or had the potential to help or enlighten. JW has interviewed over 200 celebrities about their foundations and causes and gets them to do shout outs to the vets, he also interviews bestselling authors and tries to help new and up and coming authors with their book promotions.

Personal Bio:

JW is a survivor of child sexual abuse and a 5 year addiction to meth-amphetamines. More recently (April 2013), JW has been diagnosed with a very aggressive stage 4 prostate cancer and is currently undergoing treatment.

“I believe that my journey and my diagnosis is a gift that has helped me become more grateful, forgiving, empathetic and more alive than ever. I have been able to come to grips with a terrible self worth and self loathing and I am glad to be able to say that I can now own my story and drop the shame and blame.”

This has made the message the On Purpose Magazine puts out even more important to JW. JW’s goal is to leave the planet a little better for being here and the greatest gift he has ever received is when he is told that something he did or said made a difference in another’s life so JW loves to interview authors and specialists on all the different abuses many of us suffer from.

My Story

I was born John Wallace Najarian, Jr. in Sacramento, CA in 1958
My father was in the Air Force so we moved around a bit including a 3 year stay in Britain.

After my parents divorce I ended up with my siblings back in California where we finally ended up in Lake Tahoe. I lived at the Lake from around 1967 to 1976 when I left to join the Navy.

JW Najarian Rocket Sled Human Test Subject

JW Najarian Rocket Sled Human Test Subject

I spent 4 years in the Navy. 3 years at the Naval Aerospace Research Labs in Pensacola, Fl and Michoud, LA. I worked as a human research subject testing human physiology under exotic (movement related) environments. You can say I rode the second generation Rocket Sled. I then left to spend

USS Leftwich DD984

USS Leftwich DD984

one year serving on the USS Leftwich DD-984 Spruance Class Destroyer.

After leaving the Navy I went to school at ITT Technical to get my degree in electronics, but when I graduated in 1984 electronics jobs were all but gone so I started working as an independent IBM PC technician.

I have worked with computers in many industries including small business, real estate, garment, healthcare, medical instrument, trucking and spa / pool.

I have worked for companies that allowed me to work for companies like Gap / Banana Republic, 99 Cent Only, Sports Chalet, Louis Roth Clothiers, IBM, St. Jude and many more. I have also worked for Medtronic Minimed, Daylight Trucking, Datalink Networks and others.

I started as a PC specialist (was also Apple Certified for a short time) and ended up as a senior network engineer, change management and project manager and was blessed to have worked on some very large networks from design to implementation. The data room pics are from the last large installation I preformed at Minimed.

I worked with computers and computer networks until 2007 when I changed careers abruptly to move into commercial real estate. I am sure my peers thought I was nuts, but I was just not working as hard for my client as I could have, as I was burning out and needed a change.

I certainly could not have moved at a worse time. The markets and real estate fell in 2007 and as I was a newby and just starting to get a handle on doing commercial deals when the crap hit the fan. It has been tough for even the most seasoned out there so I did not feel I had a chance. I decided that I needed to work at marrying my background in technology, sales, project management and real estate into a social media platform.

Commercial Real Estate Professional Investor Group (CREPIG)

My hope was that I could help the industry get back on it’s feet by offering a platform where industry insiders and investors could exchange deals and funding sources. It has been tough since deals have come in the droves we would have hoped and money, though plentiful, is very cautious.

I was doing quite a number of financial interviews for my commercial real estate CREPIG site, about the economy and economics, markets etc… and those interviews were good, but they are pretty dry and not always fun.

I did happen to know a few semi celebs due to my being on the board at Humanity Unites Brilliance (HUB). We worked with some high profile thought leaders and I also was the Los Angeles coordinator for Feed333 which at the time had the record for the largest one day food giveaway in our nation’s history, so I knew a few people.

I thought that it might be fun to interview these people about how to change consciousness, self development and other interesting topics.

After getting on a few red carpets, I also started interviewing celebrities on cause and purpose issues.

This has led to me to now to start On Purpose Magazine, with the intent to share with others the things and people that have touched, moved, inspired, changed or affected my life over the years. My philosophy is to leave this campground a little better than I found it and to be mentored and to mentor others in the hopes of living an exceptional life.

My Favorite Things

I love watching movies, going out to eat and talking about nutrician and wellness. I am a stage 4 cancer patient and have learned a lot about working out, eating right and taking care of myself.

I am a product person and love great skin and nutritional products. One of my favorites is Apriori Beauty products. The company owns all it’s formulas and has taken great care to make the highest and most innovative quality products for the face, body and overall wellness. You can find out more by going to www.UseLoveShareThis.com. My super fav is the sugar scrub, the PSR and cleansers.

You can find my full resume and profile at www.LinkedIn.com/in/jwnajarian

If you would like to join me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn click here: www.FullyFollow.me/jw

If you are interested in owning shares of me go to: (e)JWN

JW Najarian


To Hyla Molander for naming my site. Thanks to Bob Schecter for just being a great friend and good person. To my wife Val for her love, support and understanding.

My Warmest Regards,

JW Najarian

818 353 9100