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Rock the Block 2014 – J4J

Saturday, August 23, 2014 we will celebrate our third year of “Rock the Block” at Rodney Square in Wilmington, Delaware. From 12 Noon until 5 PM, great local bands fill Rodney Square and several blocks square radius with great music on a summer day. But, it’s not just about the music.


Because of sponsors like CityReach, The Way Ryders Motorcycle Ministry, Immanuel Church, Iron Faith Fellowship Church and Delaware House of Prayer of Wilmington, we are able to help the people of Wilmington in tangible ways, face to face. The grills are ready, the food donations are in, the clothing donations are organized, the resource, shelter, recovery/addiction services and anti-abuse organizations are coming with information packets, the army of face-painters, game players, balloon creature creators, dancers, encouragers and prayer ministers are ready to rock ‘n roll. It is a huge undertaking. If all goes as planned we will hand out 1400 meals that day. We pray that we are able to also touch people with the love of GOD and meet their immediate physical needs and provide encouragement and positive avenues for change.

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51989_10151866530876779_414089444_oWilmington’s shelters are packed to overflowing. There are so many agencies trying to help in so many ways with no real change in sight. The problem of homelessness is multi-faceted and has many deep roots. No matter what types of stereotypes you have been taught to believe, homeless people are not all addicts..homeless people are not all lazy…homeless people are not all criminals. Many are US Veterans, families and people who through a turn of events or loss of job, or even sickness or mental illness landed on hard times and down-spiraled with no hope of getting back up.

So this Saturday, we have the following resolves:

  • We WILL make a difference
  • We WILL feed the hungry
  • We WILL clothe the underprivileged
  • We WILL produce a joy-filled environment for those who need one desperately
  • We WILL provide hope through helpful REAL solutions
  • We WILL provide resources for viable change
  • We WILL NOT judge a book by its cover
  • We WILL NOT turn a blind eye to people in need
  • We WILL love GOD with all our hearts, minds, souls, spirits, bodies and…



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Homelessness – It’s not just a “Big City” problem anymore

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