Can We Reverse Aging?

Can We Reverse Aging? New Innovations Bring Us Closer Than Ever.

If you are over 30 or have health issues or know anyone that does you need to watch this video now!

A very good friend sent me this video and I just had to check this out. Watch it for yourself, You decide. – JW

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Why Do We Age?

Aging is a term used to describe the deterioration of any entity. In a human’s case it is the process of deterioration of our bodily systems over time.

The truth is that everything in the Universe ages and we do not have specific knowledge on why that is. In the human there is no consensus as to why we age. We do, however know how it can be sped along.

What is Anti-Aging?

The health community and other groups have come up with many meanings for what Anti-Aging means. And the words are used very freely especially when talking about products.

I will define it here as slowing the aging process. Many would say that you can add preventing and reversing here, but since we all die at some point, I hope we can agree, for now, that we cannot stop aging, but we may be able to slow it down.

NOTE 2/4/2014

As it turns out there are several species of jellyfish who live forever! They go from being old to changing back into being young! To read more:

What is Reverse Aging?

Reversing aging to me, is just what it says. We can turn back the hands of time. So far this is an impossible feat, but read ahead, because recent studies show that we may be able to reverse some bodily processes which will make create great changes in how we approach anti-aging.

If you have not watched the video, now would be a great time to do so, but if you would rather read….

What are Free Radicals

Without going into the full breakdown of the atom lets just say that atoms have a nucleus which determines the number of electrons (negatively charged particles) surrounding the atom. Stability of the atom depends on an even number of electrons orbit the nucleus. Often atoms will bond with other atoms by sharing electrons in outer orbits.

Free Radicals are formed when weak bonds split in a way that leaves an odd unpaired electron. This is called a Free Radical. The atom can be left with an odd number of electrons turning into a Free Radical itself, thus a chain reaction is set off causing the disruption of a living cell.

Free Radicals production is normal, but if it becomes excessive than cell damage can occur.

The cell does produce Antioxidants Glutathione, Catalase, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), and some others which work to gobble up unwanted Free Radicals naturally in the cell, but due to Oxidative Stress, the body may not be able to produce enough of these enzymes, especially as we age.

What are Antioxidants

Antioxidants are capable of counteracting the damage caused by Free Radicals oxidation in the cells.

We see this very well when we cut into an apple or avocado. Oxidation starts to turn the fruit dark as it breaks down the cells, but if you add a bit of lemon juice just after you cut into the fruit will retard the Free Radical growth and allow the fruit to stay light in color much longer, because lemons contain flavonoid compounds that have antioxidant properties. Rust on metals is also caused by oxidation.

Can the body make enough antioxidants to stop oxidative stress? Yes, absolutely the body is capable of protecting itself. As our environment becomes more toxic and as we age, our bodies may have a harder time making the needed amounts of the enzymes needed by the body to counteract the assault of free radicals on the cells.

Oxidative stress is when Free Radicals are produced at a rate the cell cannot counteract. Oxidative Stress can be triggered by diet, excessive exercise, emotional stress, smoke, alcohol, sun exposure, drugs (illegal an prescription) and many other environmental issues.

A diet of antioxidant rich foods may help reduce Oxidative Stress, by giving our cells extra antioxidants to help counteract Free Radicals and the harmful oxidation they can cause.

Many conditions, diseases  and illnesses are linked, in some way, to oxidative stress. Search on the web and check it out for yourself.

As We Age Oxidative Stress Increases

In the journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (that’s a mouthful!) there is a paper that shows their study on the increase of oxidative stress and age

The National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, in a recent article said:

“The oxidative stress hypothesis of aging (or the free radical hypothesis as it was first proposed) is currently one of the most popular explanations for how aging occurs at the biochemical level. The basic tenet of the oxidative stress hypothesis is that the age-related loss of physiological function and aging are because of the progressive and irreversible accumulation of oxidative damage (1).

Over the past decade, the oxidative stress hypothesis of aging has gained wide acceptance because numerous studies have shown a strong correlation between increasing age and the accumulation of oxidative damage to cellular macromolecules (2, 3) and because the increased survival observed with dietary restriction has been correlated to reduced oxidative damage (3, 4)**.

It also appears that certain types of pathological lesions that arise with age are associated with increased levels of oxidative damage to cellular macromolecules (5, 6).”

** This hypothesis has been questioned in a 2002 MIT study, but does not make other finding irrelevant.

And thus derived, in summary:

“In summary, our data clearly demonstrate that oxidative damage to DNA increases significantly with age in rodents. [science lingo left out]~ Thus, although the steady-state levels of oxo8dG are relatively small in the genome of rodent cells, the de novo formation of oxo8dG lesions is considerable, suggesting that oxidative damages to DNA that arise from normal cellular metabolism could be highly relevant in aging and diseases associated with age.”

Alkaline vs Acidic

Many of you may have questions about your body being in the proper Ph level as to also help slow down the aging process. I will not go into detail about the process, but you should know that the Ph scale goes from 1 to 10. 10 being highly alkaline and 1 being battery acid. A neutral ph level is considered a 7.

The body preforms best at a slightly higher alkaline level and not as well in the acidic realm. The ph of the blood in the healthy human varies from 7.35 to 7.45.

Most of the things including just breaking down nutrients for use in the cell, tend to make the cell more acidic and the body tends to break down if overly acidic. It is believed that by increasing the alkaline level of the body, increases oxygenation of the cells which is good for the cells, but also sets them up for oxidative stress. So what is more important having an alkaline body or reducing free radicals?

It turns out that both would seem to be important here. To increase alkalinity in the body, you need to eat more green vegetables and stay away from heavily acidic foods. I say a balance slightly toward alkaline makes the best sense.

At that point controlling free radicals as we age becomes more and more important to keep ourselves at top levels of health.

A note on SIR2 which is the age inhibitor gene that is found in the body. It was reported by MIT studies in 2002 that the gene was turned on when we reduced our caloric intake overall.

Since then the same scientist believes, that based on 20 year studies on rhesus monkeys and caloric reduction, that by reducing calories alone, we cannot extend the lifespan, but we can heavily reduce, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other life threatening diseases.

So in conclusion, eat right, eat less, take Protandim and you may not reverse aging, but you will have a much high quality of life going forward.

Can you Increase the Amounts of Antioxidants Your Body Makes Naturally?

Watch This Video for More Info

This is where the reverse aging thing I mentioned earlier comes into play.

Although I do not believe we can turn back the clock, studies show that there is a supplement formula that is showing great promise in reversing the increase in the oxidative stress with age. This supplement can reduce oxidative stress by an average of 40%.*


Protandim offers you a better way to fight the free radicals that cause aging!

PROTANDIM is the only supplement clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by an average 40%, slowing down the cell aging process to the level of a 20-year-old.* Protandim is not a conventional antioxidant supplement. Each Protandim caplet contains a unique combination of phytonutrients that signal the body’s genes to produce its own antioxidant enzymes, which provides thousands of times more antioxidant power than any food or conventional antioxidant supplement.*

Protandim is patented and has 11 peer reviewed studies on its use and effectiveness.

  • To view current peer reviewed published clinical studies go to the US National Library of Medicine website: (search: Protandim)
  • Protandim is approved by the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) for use in all sports including the US Olympics
  • Protandim is protected by: US patent # 7,241,461 US patent # 7,384,655 & US patent # 7,579,076

Your Body’s Ability to Battle Aging Decreases As You Age

The aging process is nature’s way of limiting the population of every species. It’s good for the species, but not so good for the individual. When you’re young, your body fights free radicals effectively by producing its own antioxidants. But as you grow older, your body produces fewer antioxidants to fight the battles of aging and disease.

Antioxidant-rich Foods & Supplements Can’t Keep Up With Free Radicals

Protandim provides you with thousands of times more antioxidant power than any food or conventional supplement.* In fact, you would need to consume the antioxidants found in 375 oranges, 87 glasses of red wine or about 120 vitamin C tablets (500mg) a day to neutralize the amount of free radicals your body produces every single day.

fruitsHere’s why:

Not all antioxidants are equal. Conventional antioxidant supplements (such as vitamins A, C and E) are known as “consumable” antioxidants because they are used up as they neutralize free radicals on a one-to-one basis.

The unique blend of phytonutrients in Protandim signal your body’s genes to produce special antioxidant enzymes (SOD and CAT) that work together as the body’s first line of defense against free radicals.*

These enzymes are “catalytic,” which means that SOD and CAT are not used up when they neutralize free radicals. A single daily caplet of Protandim creates a cascade of your body’s natural catalytic antioxidants that are able to destroy millions of free radicals per second on a continuous basis–24/7.*

OK… Now might be a great time to watch the video if you haven’t yet….

It is said that Protandim could alleviate the need to eat antioxidants since it allows the cells to counteract oxidative stress naturally, but I believe that you still should eat your fruits and vegetables. You still need to get the extra antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber and more, that fruits and vegetables offer you.

I am taking Protandim once a day as well as my antioxidant drink and with all the stress I am under daily, I feel secure that I am giving my cells exactly what they need to stay healthier longer. I believe this Protandim offers so much more than any of the traditional oxidative stress preventative programs out there now.

This is a smart product that to me is a NO Brainer, but what I love even more is that there is science, not pseudo science, but real science behind this product. Protandim has peer reviewed clinical studies that show that this product does more than empty your wallet.

I see so many products come across my desk to check out and so many of them are health related supplements. I am not big on testimonials because so many product experiences are not valid science and the placebo effect can be as high as 30+%

Want More Information? Watch the Video Above or go to the website and check out this amazing product there.

Go to the Protandim Website [CLICK HERE]

“OK JW Looks like you are Selling This Stuff… Yes I Am, I think Protandim is amazing and when I find something I like I want to share it.

I like this product so much I have become a distributor and if you would like to work personally with me to start your own business promoting this product, I would love to talk to you further. If you only want to buy this product that is wonderful and I wish you Good Health.

BTW – You do not have to join my team to get a discount. Just mark your purchase Wholesale and that will put you in autoship which charges you less per bottle. – Cheers!

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

11 responses to “Can We Reverse Aging?

  1. We can offer ourselves as guinea pigs !

  2. Good for the people that eat junk food combined with a stressful lifestyle . But for the people that eat healthy and a less stressful life , I don’t think these pills will make any difference , having said that god don’t let me go rusty ! But still very interesting

    • Thanks Keith, I agree for the most part, but according to the studies, whether it is antioxidants, adult stem cells or fraying of RNA, even a healthy person will loose the ability for the body to repair and replenish itself with increased age. So although I do not believe you can back things up too much, you can stall things a bit. If it adds a few years to your age or just gives you a better quality of life in old age, it may be worth it for everyone.

  3. It should be possible to reverse aging by infusing into the body stem cells that contain young DNA.

  4. Very good write up JW. Thanks for this. I will be sure to share.

    • All the research I have done on Alkaline diets and water have shown NOT to be effective. When I recently received a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer, the first information I got was to go alkaline. It made sense until I did some study on the subject.

      As it turns out your body is wonderful at regulating acid vs alkalinity by itself so if you eat and drink in order to make your body more alkaline your body will compensate by working to balance itself out with more acid.

      I have found no clinical studies that show that eating or drinking a high alkaline diet helps cancer patients.

      My cancer is now under control and I am doing extremely well. I do take Protandim and Lifeoxylin as the clinical studies do exist to show antioxidants are good for you.

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