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By James Carlini

A pragmatic, visionary perspective –

Ten months ago, I wrote an article about the candidacy of Donald Trump running for President.  Unlike many others at that time, I was encouraged to see him take action to disrupt the status quo and take on a group of GOP establishment candidates.  And, unlike many of the “mainstream media” journalists, I predicted he would NOT be an easy adversary to overcome.

My observation before the first televised, GOP debate was this:

Trump is not politically correct. I totally agree. He is politically accurate and that is something many average voters are identifying with and the career politicians just don’t seem to get.

He is quick, speaks his mind (and heart), and that is important not just for the Presidency, but for any CEO or organizational president’s position.

Throughout the last ten months, Trump has battled so many other seasoned candidates and it was not an easily-won conflict. He also battled the media.

Many within the media did not understand him, nor give him proper respect and the conservative writers at the National Review wrote an uncomplimentary article about him as if they were the be-all, end-all expert commission on who should run for President.  They are far from it.

Some of those sitting high atop (totally imagined) pedestals of self-importance have to realize they do not have any clue of the pulse of the people.  They are so out-of-touch and yet they think they speak for the vast majority of Americans.

Those who are in New York or Washington have no clue as to what is happening in places like Savanna, Rockford, and Pecatonica, Illinois; Manitowoc, Two Rivers and Beloit, Wisconsin; South Bend and Mishawaka, Indiana; Benton Harbor, Michigan, and other towns and cities struggling to remain viable.

Many towns across the United States are concerned about regional sustainability and long-term viability.  Many, if not all, major cities are also in bad shape, even though their political leaders will not admit to it.



A loss-of-job is a critical wake-up call, no matter what party a person is affiliated with or what economic level they are at. Many tough decisions on spending, supporting a family, and just surviving crash into the person’s mind who is already reeling from the loss of steady income.

Those in the media have no understanding of this until their paper, magazine, or other media outlet decides to lay them off due to lack of profits.  Then, those journalists have a firsthand taste of unemployment and all the uncertainties it brings. The initial reaction is, why me? I am such a valuable asset. How can I be let go?

Many people in today’s economy have experienced that uneasy feeling directly, or from a close relative losing a job.  They do not have to be told that our economy is still very fragile and fairly stagnant.

Those people came out en masse to vote for Trump and the results are self-evident.  People want change.  BIG change, not chump change.  Trump change!

  • They want borders that are enforced. Trump change.
  • They want an economy that is solid and creating real jobs, not part-time Starbucks jobs. Trump change.
  • They want competent people running government agencies. Trump change.
  • They want competent people negotiating trade deals. Trump change.
  • They want to see a real future for their kids and not a continuing downward spiral into a third-world economy. Trump change.
  • They want to see us as a leading, supreme military force in the international arena and not be embarrassed by third-world countries boarding our Navy ships. Trump change.



Trump is definitely the “last man standing” in the major league race for the GOP nomination for President.  He should now be focusing his campaign against the presumptive Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Those in the GOP need to rally around him. He may not have been their “personal” choice, but he is the choice of the Party.  He is the choice of the people.  Those “party elite” who are still hesitant seem like sore losers.  In the past, they expected everyone to rally around “their guy” no matter who we voted for in the Primary and we did.  And they lost.

If they really had the people’s best interests in their actions in the past several elections and in Congress, Donald Trump would have never ran.  What’s more important, Donald Trump would have never won.


CARLINI-ISM :   “There is no substitute for good leadership.  People see through negative ads.  Actions and personal accomplishments speak louder than words.




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  1. J.E. Bryant –
    I don’t see the people “rejecting” Trump the way you claim. Just look at the last two Primary elections. Trump did a lot better than 35% – which is what all the so-called “political experts” said was his “ceiling”.

    Trump won W. Virginia by a LANDSLIDE – 77%. You tell me – How did THAT happen if he only has a small minority of followers? Where is YOUR deep, analytical explanation of what just happened in the last couple of days?? They took a poll of Democrats in West Virginia after they voted in the Primary and one third of them said they will probably vote for Trump in November. You better investigate that because that does NOT support your opinion.

    You should be more worried about Hillary Clinton and her huge loss in West Virginia compared to what she got in 2008. Funny how people like you don’t apply the same skepticism and doubt on ALL the candidates and their weaknesses – AND lack of real accomplishments.

    As for Trump, you don’t get to be a Billionaire by doing nothing or by being a failure. You cannot compare him to Obama and say he is “a rookie”. He has a great diversified leadership background across many endeavors – not just real estate or reality TV.

    For a “rookie”politician, he wiped out a LOT of career politicians who had name recognition, solid political and government experience – both state and federal positions, national political accomplishments, and strong financial backing. Give him credit – he was the “last man standing” in an unprecedented Primary contest of 17 candidates.

    So based on your comments, running a national government is NOT like running a business. Most people – as you can tell by the votes this year – are FED UP with the status quo AND the way the government has been run. Most share my belief that it is time for change, not yours.

    Surely, you cannot be satisfied with the last eight years? Based on the voting in the Primaries – the vast majority of people are NOT satisfied with BOTH parties and are looking toward setting a new direction.

    Sit back and watch a new chapter in History unfold. Best practices are not found in Bureaucracies and at this point, someone who has a successful and diverse business background will set a better strategic direction for this country.

  2. J. E. Bryant

    Mr. Carlini, I normally like and agree with your central themes and perspectives. Not this time. It is pure irony that you flash the Statue of Liberty in your article in support of a candidate who wants to build walls around our country and close down borders. What could be more anti-American than that? You and Mr. Trump need to go learn something from the illegal Japanese internment era. It is politically ACCURATE (as you like to say) that Trump is a racist and misogynist. Further, Mr. Trump played a game of brinkmanship that if he didn’t get his way (stomp feet here) he would run a third party candidacy. Nice threat, Mr. Trump, real mature. That is politically accurate too. And now he wants the Party he threatened and embarrassed and insulted to support him? No way. Finally, Trump has zero public service experience; even less than Obama had. We don’t need a rookie learn on the job President again. With four bankruptcies to his credit, we don’t need this country to be the fifth. You have lost your compass, Mr. Carlini, you are more concerned with patting yourself on the back for supporting Trump, than you are for supporting what is best for the United States. Trump’s programs and policies (which he is now changing every other week to win middle ground voters) reflect his ignorance of modern economics, global foreign policy history, and military strategy. (Note: Any cry baby man afraid of Megyn Kelley doesn’t have the balls to sit in the White House in my opinion.)

    • To J.E. Bryant
      Thank you for your response. It is nice to know that you sometimes agree with me, but I am not afraid of answering diverse opinions as well.

      Why is it irony to flash the Statue of Liberty? No one is saying people cannot come here, they just have to come here legally and go through the process that so many other previous generations went through in order to enjoy the benefits of this great nation. Sneaking in, crawling over fences, dodging border patrols and by-passing the legal immigration process should NOT be looked at as a “badge of courage”. It is a scam to steal. It’s fraud. It’s illegal.

      Borders create a Sovereignty. Without borders, we are not a nation. People should come here to assimilate into our culture, not colonize and demand exclusions from our laws, and then, have the audacity to take advantage of programs meant for our poor.

      You need to read up on YOUR history. Truman and Eisenhower deported MILLIONS of illegal aliens out of the United States. If you were in ANY other country illegally, do you REALLY think you’d be taken care of like the “illegals” in this country? Come one Bryant, you know you wouldn’t want to go to jail.

      According to FACT CHECK – In the administrations of Truman and Eisenhower, over 5.5 Million illegal immigrants were deported or left under threat of deportation during their administrations, so letting “illegals” stay and take advantage of institutions like hospitals and schools was not tolerated back then and that represents BOTH parties (Democrat and Republican Administrations). So it’s not an original idea Trump has come up with. What part of “illegal” don’t you understand?

      The Party he “insulted” should support him. They put up a massive amount of candidates AND negative ads insulting him (some were just bold-faced lies) and yet, he still prevailed. Want to know why? The people are fed-up with non-action by those you must revere. If they would have done their jobs they were elected to in the last eight years, Trump would have never ran – AND he would have never won.

      The American People are fed-up with incompetence. Trump may not be the “perfect” candidate, but let’s face it, they haven’t put up the perfect candidate in the last couple of elections. People gave them the House, they gave them the Senate, and no action was taken to reverse the direction of this country. I think Trump will be good for the country – and don’t worry about it “going bankrupt” under him. We are already at $20 TRILLION in debt which wasn’t caused by Trump. It WAS caused by both parties who have been in office the last 10 years. The cycle of inaction needs to be broken — THAT is what’s BEST for the Country.

      Forget “public service” experience. Trump is sharp enough to know he will surround himself with people who can do the job. You don’t get to be a Billionaire by making a ton of mistakes OR hiring the wrong people.

      And the bankruptcies? Evidently you have no idea on how to run businesses, nor have ever taken the risks of running a business yourself.

      Trump protected his assets by putting his real estate into separate projects (a common practice, by the way) and out of the 300 or so projects he has run, 4 had to be closed down. That is NOT a bad track record – 4 failures out of 300?? Come on, Bryant, no baseball player bats even .500, let alone, .980. Anyone who criticizes Trump’s four “project bankruptcies” out of 300, doesn’t have a clue as to running a multi-billion dollar business.

      Your criticism of Trump shows a huge ignorance of the US Bankruptcy Laws which protect both corporations AND individuals in the case of closing down a building, project, or personal collection of debt. Ever even been to Bankruptcy Court to see what goes on there?

      So if you are against Bankruptcies, then you should also be against ALL companies who filed bankruptcies in order to survive or restructure. What about all those individuals who filed bankruptcies on their houses and other assets? Sorry, but your argument doesn’t hold any water. Trump did a strategic bankruptcy on a project that went bad – for whatever reasons – and protected the rest of his fortunes.

      That’s a prudent businessman. That is SMART – not stupid.

      Trump is no rookie. He has done more internationally as far as negotiating deals for land, buildings and other assets, than the whole current cabinet combined. Obama never ran a multi-billion dollar company. Trump has and has done it successfully – INTERNATIONALLY.

      When you are an Executive, you know that you cannot do it all and you create a team. I have faith that Trump will create a winning team of experienced people whether it be in domestic issues, international policies, government issues and the military. He already has shown a solid track-record in building a diversified corporation that most government “public servants” could never run a division of, let alone the whole entity. Remember this, “Best practices are NOT found in bureaucracies” and clear proof of that is looking at the current leadership and management of ANY government agency ranging from the EPA, the IRS, the VA, the DOJ – you name it.

      As far as Megyn Kelley, she was the one who lost all credibility with her stupid question. Trump maybe could have answered better by just saying, “Is that the best question you have to start out with, in a Presidential debate? Let’s go to the next one.” BUT – he answered it, he did not dodge it. And most people not only gave him credit for answering it instead of avoiding it – as MOST politicians would – Kelley from that point lost a HUGE amount of viewers on her nightly show. So who really won that battle, Bryant? Not Kelley.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • J. E. Bryant

        Mr. Carlini, thank you for taking the time to respond to each of my points. I look forward to your deep, analytical explanation of why “the American People” rejected Trump come November. If his own party rejects him to the present degree, why would Democrats and Independents vote for him? Your belief that running a national government is just like running a business is completely ill founded and totally unproven based on American history. Name one successful example of such a cross-over in modern times. The interesting question for you is will YOU have the personal integrity to write an article entitled, ” Why I Was Wrong,” come November?

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