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This article looks at the political change in American politics that is not being clearly understood or reported on by those analyzing and reporting politics in the media:

Donald Trump is baffling many of the news channels because he is not playing their game. He is outraging some of the long-time politicians who think they are in an elite class beyond any criticism and who are out-of-touch with the common man (and woman).

Trump is not politically correct. I totally agree. He is politically accurate and that is something many average voters are identifying with and the career politicians just don’t seem to get.

People are already blocking out the time in August, so they don’t miss the first televised GOP debate. It will probably be a very highly rated show because many people want to see how Trump handles the rest of the candidates and probably more importantly, how the rest of the candidates are going to handle him.

Trump is going to make the GOP debates exciting and force other candidates to come up with real answers. Trump brings something to the table that neither of the GOP candidates brought in the last two elections – celebrity. Unfortunately, “celebrity” is now part of the skill set or character make-up that a Presidential candidate needs to have in order to attract the low-information voter.

Political experience may be a factor, but not as big a factor as “Flat-screen” celebrity. Many candidates have good political experience, but they are like watching the grass grow in their attempts to “Sell their platform”.

If they have nine other candidates for the debate, every one of them has to realize Donald Trump has a really good executive skill. He is fast on his feet when it comes to giving an answer to a question or a comment. He doesn’t need sheets of paper, 3×5 cards, or a teleprompter in front of him.

He is quick, speaks his mind (and heart), and that is important not just for the Presidency, but for any CEO or organizational president’s position.

Trump epitomizes the kid on the block who gets picked on by the established neighborhood bullies, but instead of cowering or running home, Trump sticks around to pummel the kid who picks on him and sends him home with a black eye instead. You may not agree with that. Too bad.

He is not going to get beat up by a career, do-nothing, politician who demeans him and his supporters, or by a smarmy, self-centered journalist who thinks he is going to corner him on some issue. He is going to fight back and give as good as he gets.

Well with Trump, he will probably give more than he gets. People want a fighter. And as General George S. Patton said, “America loves a winner.”

The liberal media needs to understand, Trump is not going to take a backseat to any candidate in this Primary. He also is not going to play the “insecure-to-take-on-the-opposition”, “politically correct” milk-toast candidate most in the News media expect the Republicans to field.

The People are fed up.

The People are fed up.


If you think it’s just some Republicans supporting Trump, guess again. He is gaining support from everyone who is fed up with the same old candidates to select from in either party.

People see through the smarmy, East Coast media criticism. They know that this country needs someone very strong to go for fundamental change and reform to rebuild some of the weakened infrastructure which has developed in the last several years.

As both parties cringe at some of Trump’s reactions to other candidates’ barbs and name-calling, Trump is winning over both Republicans, Democrats and even Independents who are fed up with the Washington insiders.

Many in the news media just don’t get it. Third-graders, I mean “journalists”, like Chris Matthews and Chris Hayes on MSNBC just don’t know how to handle Trump’s bluntness. They don’t know how to try to put him down because he is not some small pushover who, at the sound of their first giggling criticism, is going to waffle or knuckle under. These politically correct reporters thrive on trying to belittle candidates who don’t share their same views of the world.

Also, Trump is no Sarah Palin and a Saturday Night Live skit is not going to torpedo Trump’s campaign or career. If anything, it will just galvanize it into something stronger.

Many say Trump will not survive in the long-run. I say, sit back and watch.

The more media people and political candidates try to talk him down, the more everyday people, whose opinions have not been heard in this country, are going to back him because he is their voice. He is pointing out problems, do-nothing government bureaucracies, and problems with illegal immigration that politicians want to sweep under the rug. Karl Rove and other “Strategists” better wake up and smell the Starbucks.

Is he a serious candidate or a clown? The question you should be asking yourself is: How serious are the others in failing to talk about critical issues and talking about how they themselves are going to fix them?

People want the impact of Trump to go into these Washington bureaucracies like the IRS, the Veterans Administration, the Attorney General’s office and other department heads who think they do not have to serve the people, serve our veterans, or answer to the people about their poor performance and be told, “You’re fired.” That would be no act of a clown.

Trump may just be the Champion for the Common man (and woman) and no other candidate on either party fits that bill. Why? They just don’t understand how fed up the people are.  The Silent Majority may just be back.

CARLINI-ISM : “Speaking with political accuracy can only help people come to a real understanding of the issue at hand. Being politically correct clouds up decisions as well as judgement.”




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  2. JW –
    Trump doesn’t know how to act on a world stage??? Trump has cut more deals with international firms and politicians than ANY of the other candidates.

    As for the Iran deal, one thing that one-sided “deal” proved was that Kerry is no Monte Hall. We did not even get our four captives back. And HOW many Billions of dollars did the Iranians get in freed up money? $150+ Billion?? That is POOR diplomacy and shows NO negotiations skills at all.

  3. To me Trump comes off like an ignorant child. He reacts instead of responds to questions which gets him in a lot of trouble and he rarely admits, if ever to being wrong.

    I am not sure if Trump is blunt or just doesn’t have any ability to filter, coupled with an ignorance about how to act on a world stage is going to cause him a lot of problems.

    Trump, like every other businessman who gets into politics will learn that Washington is not a corporation and doing what needs to be done is not as easy as it seems.

    With the growing issues in Iran, which will cause us major issues with Saudi in the future, we need diplomacy more than ever before and I want a leader that understands how it all works and will not make decisions like war based on an over inflated ego.

    I actually got to see Trump speak at an event some years back and he cussed like a sailor and his arrogant bluntness was really fun and entertaining. I like Trump because, between all the other boring candidates, his controversial and crazy side keep it all interesting.

  4. Rose marie Russell

    Great column! I’m going to share and share! I love this: Trump is not politically correct,he is politically accurate! Perfect.

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