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Miyoshi GrantMiyoshi Grant

Author, Speaker and Trainer

Miyoshi has a unique perspective and voice and is able to reach countless thousands of people and help them where previous methods failed.

The reason being, says Miyoshi, “is guiding people in the basic truth about who they are based upon spiritual principles they need for the rock-solid foundation to rebuild their lives. It’s that simple.”

Miyoshi speaks to teach, educate, and inspire people where they are on ways of obtaining the accomplishment and meaning they desire. You will also see similar articles Miyoshi has published online.

Early stages on Miyoshi’s path of serving people began in 1998 in the entertainment industry using events to help writers, directors, and actors “break” into the business. In 2005, her coaching skills elevated to a new level at one of the fastest-growing, personal development training companies with events attended by 1,000+ people over 3- to 5 days. As a volunteer, she enjoyed a first-class seat to study masters and experts of “stage skills” such as T. Harv Eker and Clinton Swaine. She intensively trains “on stage” in a professional speaker certification program by Mr. Swaine since 2010. Over three years, Miyoshi parlayed what she learned in assisting others reach clarity of goals, to set objectives and take action. Miyoshi hosted “free workshops” as a sole speaker in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Myoshi GrantIn 2010, Miyoshi entered into a two-year biblical training program and studied the nature and characteristics of God and His covenants and more. That’s when her perspective of herself changed and she saw how others may be served similarly. “There’s a path of truth we need to be on, one that always puts us in the presence of God and every time we are we activate something bigger working for us!”

Miyoshi received an Associates in Divinity Studies from Praxis Bible College, and continues in post-grad studies toward a second degree. She graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications—R/TV/F.

She is a screenwriting fellowship recipient sponsored by Drs. Bill & Camille Cosby at USC School of Cinematic Arts. Several projects written by Miyoshi placed as ‘finalist’ and “semi-finalist” in top recognized screenwriting competitions. She is currently writing an original new series for television.

book Miyoshi Grant build confidenceBuild Confidence & Self-Esteem in GOD

“Break-free of self-limiting beliefs and release your life dream”

​I’m inspired to share my experiences and tell stories after a reveal of so much in common with other people. By writing and speaking on this topic that others could see themselves and destiny too. I sense inspired words on these pages connecting with so many you as you read with an open heart. God is seeding something very special into it and into your soul about who you really are and God is giving you a picture of the beautiful amazing life He created for you to live. He’s going to show you the way to sow higher thoughts about who you are to replace all negative ones limiting you and holding you back. What this means is that you are going to see things through Him that very quickly allows you to see yourself the way that God sees you.”

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