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By James Carlini

A pragmatic, visionary perspective —–

This article is an excerpt from the upcoming visionary book, NANOKRIEG: BEYOND BLITZKRIEG, by James Carlini.

NANOKRIEG: BEYOND BLITZKRIEG is a book series on redefining and re-arranging the Military Infrastructure, Natural Destructive Strategies, Energy, & Tactics (MINDSET) needed to fight the War on Terrorism as well as any non-traditional conflict in the 21st Century.

“Quickness is the essence of the war.” – Sun Tzu

With new threats and regional conflicts looming on the horizon, new innovation in technology and applications becomes critical. New weapons need to be developed and tested for all layers of the MINDSET Framework.

An example of new weaponry for individuals, wrist-based weapons (wearables), can be seen here. (See CHART 1)



* Source: James Carlini – Modifying and weaponizing a basic wrist drone/ wearable camera (see video)

A wearable drone

On the War Watch utilizing this wrist-drone technology, it would have several sensors or RFID-type (Radio Frequency ID) transmitters detecting any “Friendlies” within a 25 or 50 Meter range. This would provide the individual soldier with an idea of how many people are around him. This could be tied to monitoring some vital signs so it would remain “on” if the person was alive. If deceased, the “Friendly” sensor would stop transmitting.

This sensor would also tie into an RF-based transmitter which could transmit the GPS (Global Positioning System) location of the soldiers back to a Centralized Battle Control Center. Again, it would provide a force summary and their locations which could be fed into a “Force Deployment Analyzer” which would provide real-time battlefield information and feedback on where troops were deployed.

A GPS sensor would be part of the War Watch for other purposes as well. There would also be other sensors on the watch including a Seismic sensor and a Bio detector sensor. This could also be tied back to the Centralized Battle Control Center.

A Wrist Drone could be on the other hand which would provide a small drone with a camera that could be flown around to find out what is going on in the close perimeter of the soldier. The Wrist Drone could also be used as an Airborne Grenade.


Big Data is also a large area of interest in future conflicts. The equivalent of the impact of Big Data on the civilian side is “Total Information Awareness” (TIA) on the military side. TIA is a domestic surveillance system that provides “Total Information Awareness” as it relates to cellphone conversations, Email discussions, and credit information like banking, spending patterns, and social network interactions from family to business connections. With that type of detail-rich data base, many connections and interrelationships of data will be available to review, assess, and analyze.

If we apply a traditional 20th century strategic focus in future conflicts, we will wind up like the Polish Cavalry facing the approaching Blitzkrieg tanks and dive bombers of the German Army in World War II. Bringing old technology, outdated strategies, and tactics into the NANOKRIEG© battlefield will guarantee a short, one-sided battle and a quick surrender, if not total annihilation.

CARLINI-ISM: “Speed of response equals victory, or at least, survival.”

We need to innovate and bring in new technology, creativity, and determine a whole new capability down to the individual soldier and soldiers working as a small unit.


James Carlini’s Book, NANOKRIEG BEYOND BLITZKRIEG will be out in late 2016.

He is a strategist for mission critical networks, technology, intelligent infrastructure, and President of Carlini & Associates, since 1986. Author of LOCATION LOCATION CONNECTIVITY, a 386-page book on Next-Generation Real Estate, Intelligent Infrastructure, Technology, and the global Platform for Commerce (Published 2014).

His original “Platform for Commerce” definition of infrastructure and its impact on economic growth is referred to by the US ARMY Corps of Engineers in their Handbook, “Infrastructure and the Operational Art” (2014) from his white paper. “Intelligent Infrastructure: Securing Regional Sustainability” written for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. (2009)

ON BARNES & NOBLE – Get his book!

He is available as a Keynote Speaker and as a strategic adviser.  Reach him at james.carlini@sbcglobal.net or 773-370-1888.

Follow daily Carlini-isms at http://www.TWITTER.com/JAMESCARLINI
Copyright 2016 – James Carlini




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