US Veteran

banner Veterans Day Celeb Shoutout

Buzz Aldrin Believes in Our US Veterans

Buzz Aldrin Believes in Our US Veterans

adrian paul the peace and shout out to us veterans

Adrian Paul Thanks US Veterans

Robert Wuhl Shout Out to US Veterans

Robert Wuhl Shout Out to US Veterans

gary busey sq 02

Gary Busey Gives A Shout Out to US Veterans

Yvonne Oswald Every Word Has Power PTSD

Dr. Yvonne Oswald Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Uncle Joe Benson

Uncle Joe Benson Gives US Veterans a Shout Out

Magic Johnson

Earvin Magic Johnson ShoutOut to US Veterans

Christine Devine – Walk For Warriors

New Directions Color Guard

New Directions Veteran Military Color Guard

Warren Sapp at Gravity Summit

Warren Sapp ShoutOut to US Veterans

James Van Der Beek On Purpose Magazine

James Van Der Beek ShoutOut to US Veterans

Nick Young

Nick Young ShoutOut to US Veterans

Hemancipation Sponsors New Directions for Vets

Mark Lyden - Do This! Get Hired!

Top Fortune 50 Recruiter Do This! Get Hired!

Mario’s Soldiers Helping Kids, Vets and Soldiers in Need

New Directions Walk for Warriors

New Directions Memorial Day 2012


6 responses to “US Veteran

  1. I am a female Air Force Veteran and want to thank you for this video. It is nice to know we are appreciated now(not so much during the Vietnam era)
    and I want to give a shout out to all the active duty and veterans on this Veteran’s Day 2013!

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  3. I am a vietnam era vettern and was station in Germany Hanou from 1971 to 1973 i am now curretly disabled and have been looking for a friend that was stationed with me. His name is Michael brant and have,nt been able to find him.I tryed everything i know witch is,nt much.Thank you for your time. karllovesjesus1@gmail,com

  4. I am a United States Female Navy Veteran who served in the Persian Gulf War. Proudly served for more than 10 years fresh out of high school. I chose to serve my country by-passing the opportunity to attend college. After 27 years with the aerospace industry enduring the NASA layoff, I am desperately seeking employment.

    If there are aerospace opportunities within the Brevard County, Florida area I would be more than happy to send a reputable employer my resume.

    Warm Regards,
    Former Naval Aviator: H. Petrucci

  5. I am grateful and proud of all our veterans and soldiers who have and are fighting for all of our freedoms. We owe them so much. May God bless them and keep them safe. I am also very proud of my son J.W. who is a veteran of the navy and did very good work at NASA.

  6. I am a Vietnam era Veteran: Women’s Army Corps, 1964-67…Sargeant at 19. I am a Freshman at age 66, because of what I wrote about my life of overcoming and have been writing to the media/celebrity types to get my message out there regarding verbal and physical abuse…it pervades our world, and is a pandemic…..e-mail me if you can get me on a talk show……15 years of mail is a long time! Thank you! Alice, Overcomer, wounded healer, dancer, singer, author, on a mission to make a difference in the world!

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