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Top 10 Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

by Bill Crosby on April 5, 2012

For those of you who do not know, Pinterest is the newest and fastest growing social media website today, and how to use Pinterest for Business should be on your mind. Pinterest  has been able to reach 10 million unique monthly visitors – faster than other social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. From November 2011 to January 2012, Pinterest’s unique site visitors went  from 4.8 million visitors to 11 million.

Many business people may look at this as a small site, but the truth is, it is not. New members and users are growing at a fast pace since it started. So, by the looks of it, entrepreneurs and markers cannot underestimate the power of Pinterest for Business.

According to Pinterest’s database, 80 percent of its users are female – which means it is now a powerful tool to attract female customers on the Internet. Below is a list of the top 10 ways to use Pinterest for business…… Read the whole Article: Top 10 Ways to Use Pinterest for Business.


Bill Crosby is an Internet Marketer and Social Media Evangelist who keeps up with the most current social media trends and is in the trenches marketing his products successfully.

His Twitter course started me on my social media journey and his products are always very valuable and well produced. – JW


Simon Mainwaring Building Your Branding and Social Technology Blueprint

Simon Mainwaring Fortune 100 Branding and Social Technology Expert

Bestselling author, top branding and social technology expert Simon Mainwaring talks to us about branding, copy, top of mind awareness and much more.

I will tell you that if you do not know Simon Mainwaring, then you are at a huge disadvantage.

Whether you are a fortune 100 or  a small to medium sized company, that is working hard to figure out how the web and social technologies can and should work for you, There are things you can do or change that will make a significant difference in how effective your marketing is on the web.

Too many of us are overwhelmed by social media, marketing and networking and how we should use them to increase business and profitability.

Many experts talk about having a plan, but Simon has been there and has done it for company after company with award winning results. Simon is now working to get out the word to the many of how they too, can learn how to make the web and social media work for you.

Simon works with business, not just to help them set up their marketing blueprint. He sits down with them and has them role up their sleeves and sharpen their pencils and come up with a “Useable Now” Blueprint plan of how your business can utilize and capitalize using social technologies.

Simon is working hard to make this available to everyone, especially non-profits and when I saw what he was doing I immediately called him to have him tell us directly what he was doing. Simon, who already has a voice on many national platforms, took his time with us and not only shared what he was doing, but answered many of my questions about branding, copy and marketing.

Simon has decided to have his first branding workshop. I believe this is a class you or any business NEEDS to attend to figure out how to use technology, how to build community and sales. Later I found out who will already be there.

Besides the three incredible teachers Simon is bringing in I have found out that many of the students in the room are major powerhouses themselves. I can not tell you who, but you will be very impressed. It is worth going just to network with this group.

Guest Teachers and world class experts Carol Cone of Edleman PR, the worlds largest PR Firm and Robert Tercek former president of Digital Media, Sony Entertainment and Creative Director of MTV. Simon is also allowing each attendee to bring for FREE someone from a non-profit, foundation or cause marketing partner you support.

Thank you Simon for what you do for business, non-profits and for sharing your time and expertise with us. – JW

Simone Mainwaring

Simon Mainwaring is an award-winning branding consultant, bestselling author, influential blogger and international speaker.

Founder of We First, a social branding firm committed to helping brands build communities, profit and positive impact.

Member of the Sustainable Brands Advisory Board, the Advisory Board of the Center for Public Diplomacy at the USC Annenberg School, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in London. He contributes to Fast Company, Forbes, Huffington Post, Mashable, and GOOD Magazine on branding and social technology.

Simon’s first book, We First: How brands and consumers use social media to build a better world (June 2011, Palgrave Macmillan) is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon bestseller. It was named an Amazon Top Ten Business Book for 2011, 800CEORead Top Five Marketing Book for 2011, and strategy+business named it the Best Business Marketing Book of 2011. He was also included in Trust Across America’s, ‘Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior for 2012.’

Simon has been featured in Advertising Age, Adweek, Huffington Post, Inc Magazine, Fast Company, GOOD Magazine, and Mashable, as well as appearing on the Business News Network, CBS, CBC, BNet and Harpo Radio. He is a sought after international speaker with engagements including the Cannes International Advertising Festival, Royal Society of Arts, SXSW, TEDxSF, National Speakers Association, brands such as Google, Coca-Cola, General Motors, Gucci, Patagonia and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and was voted a Top 5 Marketing Speaker for 2012 by speaking.com

Prior to starting We First, Simon was an award-winning Nike creative writer at Wieden & Kennedy and worldwide creative director for Motorola at Ogilvy as well as consulting on dozens of Fortune 500 brands for leading advertising, production, digital and social media companies. He has received over sixty international creative awards at the Cannes Advertising Festival, the One Show (U.S.), the Kelly Awards (U.S) and the British Design & Art Direction Awards, among others.

Simon studied Law and Fine Arts (1st Class Honors) at Sydney University, lives in Los Angeles. His blog is simonmainwaring.com, he tweets @simonmainwaring, and the We First website is www.wefirstbranding.com

Simon’s Book – We First

A social media expert with global experience with many of the world’s biggest brands —including Nike, Toyota and Motorola—Simon Mainwaring offers a visionary new practice in which brands leverage social media to earn consumer goodwill, loyalty and profit, while creating a third pillar of sustainable social change through conscious contributions from customer purchases.

These innovative private sector partnerships answer perhaps the most pressing issue facing business and thought leaders today: how to practice capitalism in a way that satisfies the need for both profit and a healthy, sustainable planet. Mainwaring provides case studies from companies such as P&G, Walmart, Starbucks, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Nike, Whole Foods, Patagonia, and Nestlé as well as a bold plan for how corporations need to rethink their strategies.

Today’s marketplace is ruthless – the economy is tough and social technology is changing faster than ever – but it’s also an unprecedented opportunity to MASSIVELY SCALE YOUR BRAND, PROFIT and POSITIVE IMPACT ahead of your competitors.

The We First Social Branding Seminar makes this possible – whether you’re a Fortune 500 brand, social enterprise, non-profit or start-up – by ensuring you walk out with a practical and actionable SOCIAL BRANDING BLUEPRINT, specific to your business, that’s built on the best practices, case studies and bottom lines benefits of the world’s smartest marketers.

Simon’s first branding and marketing blueprint workshop and seminar

Your Social Branding Blueprint includes:

  • Cutting edge research/data on today’s customer, their online behavior, and how to engage them.
  • A defined brand story, message and purpose to ensure every marketing dollar you spend has maximum impact.
  • The Top 8 Social Media Strategies to architect a sustainable customer community.
  • The Top 5 Engagement Tactics for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Critical creative campaigns to integrate your community across social media platforms.
  • The Top Tools, Techniques and Formulas to measure Return on Investment based on Fortune 500 case
  • The Top 10 Business Strategies to maintain and grow your brand community over the long term.
  • Vital Organizational Structures/Roles to integrate social media marketing within your company.
  • The Key Social Business Technologies that will redefine your industry, business and marketing.
  • A Customizable Pitch Deck that sells your social media plan to leadership, employees or investors.

This SOCIAL BRANDING BLUEPRINT will be built on the expertise of our world class speakers including:

  • Lessons I learned from almost over 20 years of working at the world’s top creative ad agencies in Asia, Europe and the U.S. on Fortune 500 brands like Nike, Motorola and Toyota.
  • Research into the latest in mobile, gaming and social technology that went into my New York Times bestseller and Amazon Top Ten Business Book for 2011, We First: How brands and consumer use social media to build a better world.
  • Insights into the future of branding and social media based on my contributions to Mashable, Huffington Post, Fast Company, GOOD magazine and Forbes.

To get more Information  or to Register for this Event… CLICK HERE

CONTACT Simon or We First:

Simon’s Blog
Simon on Twitter

Mastering Email Marketing with Daniel Miller of BenchMark Email

logo benchmark email 02How To – Email Marketing That Gets Results.

In this interview I ask Daniel about the following:

  • What is Opt In and Double Opt In permission based email? How does it work, how easy or hard is it to do? How can I add addresses to my email contact list without opt in?
  • How do you build an email client list, Inbound and Outbound Marketing.
  • How to build rapport with your client or prospect list.
  • What kind of things can I send with email
  • Drip Campaigns: What are they?, How can I use them to build rapport and make more sales.
  • Splash Screens, Sign Up Forms, Newsletters
  • Tracking clicks, conversions and other analytics
  • Mail Merging with emails
  • Video in emails
  • Contact list management, segmentation
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Social Media Integration to Your Blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and using API almost any other 3rd party platform you can find.
  • Surveys, Polls and Newsletter and other templates
  • Marketing Strategies
  • SPAM and all the issues involved.
  • Free or Extremely reduced fee structures for small business and non-profits.
  • How to keep your email from going to to the Junk Folder
  • Best Email Marketing Practices
  • Unlimited email accounts

and Much More…..

benchmark email

I talk a lot about inbound marketing which is all about offering valuable content so targeted leads come and find you via word of mouth, or search engines etc., but you do have to use all the tools in your tool chest and email is one of the most powerful outbound marketing you can do besides cold calling.

Email managed correctly can deliver a low cost, return on investment marketing tool.

I have tried many of the various email vendors with varying results.

All the ones I have used were competent and got the job done. Some were easier to use than others and features varied slightly from one service to another.

The company I stuck with was Benchmark Email. To be honest, once you start with one of these companies it can be tough to move your contact lists and campaigns so the decision to stay was based more on not wanting to go through the hassle, but I am glad I did.

As I stated earlier I have had the chance to use some of the other mail programs and I can easily say that my decision to stay with Benchmark was a good one. They have all of the best of the best features and make them easy to use and I have found their tech and customer support to under promise and over deliver. I like that and think that most companies have forgotten how to serve it’s clients with courtesy and respect.

benchmark email jw najarianFull disclosure: I have set up an affiliate agreement with Benchmark Email and you will find their ads on my sites and on this blogpost. I rarely do this and most of my posts are very arms length so that you can believe what I am saying when I give testimonial for various products or services.

In Benchmark’s case I do believe in this company and will continue to use them and recommend them and I will gladly allow them to help sponsor my efforts.

Recently I called Benchmark to see about changing my programs so that I wasn’t overspending on my mailing campaigns and got into a discussion with sales about the possibility of them doing an interview on the best use of email programs and marketing and to my surprise they jumped on it.

So here is my interview of Daniel Miller Benchmark’s Sales Manager as he talks about email from A to Z and beyond. A great interview FULL of brilliant information. If you want to become a master at your marketing this is where you should start. – JW

daniel millerDaniel Miller

Daniel Miller is the Sales Director of Benchmark Email, a global, award -winning email marketing service for small and mid-sized businesses.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Miller later moved to Malaga, Spain, where he started a successful computer consulting company. By hitting the phones and generating solid word of mouth, he built up a portfolio of 150 top-notch clients who relied on his considerable expertise on a regular basis.

Miller then moved to Los Alamitos, California, where he started working as a sales rep for Benchmark Email. After completely immersing himself in the email marketing world, he took the position of Sales Director for the company.

Miller now uses his experience to run highly popular webinars, teaching small businesses everything from how to build email lists to improving newsletter delivery.

Through Benchmark, Miller has developed strong ties with business leaders across the world, and he remains a visible, enthusiastic advocate for good email marketing practices.


A seasoned expert with Benchmark’s email editor, you can join him every weekday at 1 PM PDT for Benchmark Email’s Live Webinars.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is a permission-based email marketing company that puts user deliverability and reputation at the forefront. An email service provider committed to bringing users the most up-to-date marketing trends and methods, Benchmark provides award-winning software and cutting edge features to both small businesses and corporations alike.

With over 73,000 current users, Benchmark has seen its client list expand and its partner affiliations grow. Benchmark Email has ambitiously set its sights on streamlining the email marketing process and engaging users with direct and desired interaction, branching out into all major social media channels.

  • Send Email Newsletters – Create and send professional email newsletters.
  • HTML Email Templates – Over 400 customizable templates make it easy to create professional quality emails.
  • RSS to Email – Create emails from your blog posts with our RSS-to-Email feature.
  • Signup Forms – Grow your contact list quickly with great looking signup forms.
  • List Segmentation – Target subscribers based on actions and psychographics with a single click.
  • Email Deliverability – Optimal delivery levels and great reputation means more successful campaigns.
  • Contact List Management – Import, organize and send to contact lists and segments.
  • Real-Time Reports – Track and analyze the performance of email campaigns with easy-to-follow metrics.
  • Social Media Integration – Engage users with social sharing buttons and integrated media channels.
  • Autoresponders – Schedule and send sequences of automatically delivered emails.
  • Survey & Polls – Gather data with custom polls and surveys.

This Podcast Courtesy of The Commercial Real Estate Professional Investors Group – CREPIG

Social Media Week Here We Go!

What is Social Media?
And Why does it have it’s own week?

Social Media Week started here in Los Angeles at the vLounge in Santa Monica, CA. A very noisy networking mixer of social media gurus, marketers, networkers and media experts.

Social Media is a term that is a bit hard to define by many of the professionals in the field. Are we talking about the media itself, word, video, audio, graphics? Are we talking about networking, marketing? Social media as a term, seems to now encompass the complete realm of web collaboration; social networking, social marketing and social media…

I just found out about SMW from my new friend Rey Ybarra. Thanks Rey. I do not have the whole scoop yet, but I have a week to figure it all out.

What I got from the opening party was that this event is going on simultaneously in the following countries and that it is the second year for the event.

Guests at last nights event were a very diverse set of social media experts and others that need social media help. Many I spoke to that had been to last years event, thought that last years event was good and this years is already better and the newbies to the event seemed to have clear goals to network and work at forming alliances and JV’s.

Others just want to know more about the where, what and why of social media.

Stay tuned as I pick up more information and get some tasty interviews! I have already met some powerhouse talent at this event.

For more info go to http://socialmediaweek.org/

Leveraging Social Media to Find More Deals and Dollars in Commercial Real Estate

JW Najarian interviewed by Value Hound Academy

Leveraging Social Media for the Commercial Investor or Professional

JW NajarianJW Najarian Founder of one of the largest Commercial Investment Groups on the web and co-founder of the CRE Distressed Assets Association talks to ValueHound about the truth about using social media to build leads, find funding, deals and resources.



Wednesday September 21, 2011, 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST

We are pleased to pass on an invitation from Value Hound Academy to attend their webcast interview with JW Najarian, Founder of membership website CREDAA- Commercial Real Estate Distressed Assets Asscociation and CREPIG- Commercial Real Estate Professionals and Investors Group.

Leveraging Social Media to Find More Deals and Dollars

Finding great deals and the financing to get your deals funded has become very competitive.  If you’re like most, you read about other real estate investors finding and closing great deals, but you are scratching your head wondering how are they finding these deals and dollars?  How are they uncovering off market deals and beating others to the best deals?  Where are they finding the equity and debt funds to get their deals closed?

To get answers to these questions, we are speaking with JW Najarian, a leading expert on how to leverage social media to build strong personal and business relationships so that you can find more deals and dollars. JW has founded many leading social media sites, including the largest group of almost 11,000 members on LinkedIn called CREPIG, Commercial Real Estate Professionals and Investors Group.

JW, teaches us the ABC’s of using social media to improve our real estate businesses.  He will teach us how to effectively use the tools of the new economy to give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In this interview with JW, you will learn:

  • How social media will help you find more deals and dollars
  • The biggest myths and misconceptions of using social media
  • How members of JW’s many social media sites are profiting
  • The biggest mistakes investors are making using social media
  • The “must have” tools for rolling out a social media campaign
  • Why it’s in your best interest to starting using social media
  • The best social media strategies to get results
  • The do’s and don’ts of communicating within social media sites

If you are looking for a competitive advantage to build your real estate business and find off market deals and dollars, then you need to listen to this interview with JW Najarian.  This timely interview will help you set-up your social media campaign to build strong relationships. JW reveals to truth about using social media to leverage your business so that you step into the new economy and don’t get left behind.

To sign up to this F.R.E.E webcast, please click on the link below:


Paul Keetch – Make My Marketing Work

Paul KeetchMake My Marketing Work with Paul Keetch

Paul talks to us about how you can double or triple your current marketing results without having ta costly marketing degree or without hiring an expensive $1000 an hour marketing consultant.

Although still fairly young, don’t let that fool you, we know some of the powerful, successful, talented, and yes,  wealthy people that Paul has worked with, and just how talented he really is, so naturally, when we heard he was publishing his first book, we jumped in line, not only to buy the book, but to speak with Paul directly.

make my marketing work paul keetchSwamped with the many events surrounding the book’s quick rise  to the top of Amazon’s charts, Paul took some time off to join us in the Lounge and fill us in and help us all out.

Make My Marketing Work, has received rave reviews from the likes of: T. Harv Eker, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind;  Christine Comaford, NY Times Bestselling Author of Rules For Renegades; and Libby Gill, Brand Strategist, and Bestselling Author of “You Unstuck”.

We had a great time and got some great information, and so will you This 323 page digital book, Make My Marketing Work, is a compilation of simple marketing ideas that will allow you to quickly and easily generate l qualified leads for your business that convert into sales. Their easy-to-understand language simplifies strategic marketing giving you the fundamental skills you need to grow your business.

Simple, yet effective, marketing ideas will help you transform into a marketing master.Only at a fraction of the cost! This is not a specialized program designed for one specific niche business… it is Universal information that can be applied to any business, regardless of what your specific product or service is.  How you apply what you learn will be different for each and every reader, in each and every business, because it is your prospective customers who will actually determine your marketing strategy.

This program will work for you …..

Personal or business coaching … Consultant … Massage therapy or chiropractic … Dental practice … Alternative health care … House painting … Carpet cleaning … Gardening & landscaping … Window cleaning … Home repair … House cleaning … Job recruiting & placement … Personal fitness training … Consumer goods … Shoes and apparel … Sports equipment … Restaurant or fast food … Books, CDs & info products … Health supplements … Toys … Music / Entertainment … Computer equipment … Office supplies, and more …. In fact any business!

Social Media – We Have Come a Long Way From Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Board BBSIn the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s we had Bulletin Boards (BBS) and that essentially was the Internet. You could chat (multiple phone lines), upload and download files and mail messages. If you sent a message from California to New York; it could get there in 3 days or 4 or 5 or more depending on the BBSes you were sending them through. The BBS was run by a system operator who was officially called the SysOp and his job was the building and daily maintenance, which was a full time job. Uploading a file could take hours and so you had to wait in queue, The whole thing was buggy and highly technical and cumbersome at best. It was the high tech of the day, but we were always striving to do more faster and easier.

I had the opportunity to work with the now famous D&D VIP Dataexchange as a CoSysop. I was just learning and my teacher and mentor Doug Luce was a pro who knew the ropes and worked very hard to make sure his members were serviced. We also had hackers then and we had to run watchdog programs to keep things safe. It seems it was fun for some to get into your member or chat database and wipe it out?

Now we have an open architecture that allows us to send email around the world in seconds, upload and download huge files in no time. As the founder of a couple of social media sites I find that we still spend too much time maintaining, marketing, seeding, taking care of complaints, checking links, SEO, paypal, building, changing, educating ourselves on a continuing moving learning curve.

Maybe it is not so different?

Bulletin boards are long gone, most of them, I believe…. but it is possible that Social Media is more like the early cell phone, microwave oven or fax machine. We know they existed, but did not know if they were right for us and our business. Then more and more people had them and we realized we needed them too. So we got them and really didn’t know what to do with them…. Now we can’t live without them….. So Social Media is here to stay, whether you understand it or not and the early adopters will be the winners.

I will start putting out layman tips, tricks and observations to help you along with SEO, Social Media, Social Marketing and whatever else pops up.

Stay tuned.

JW Najarian