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On Purpose Magazine and Authoritative Links

Getting sites with decent link authority is not always easy, but it is important when you are trying to build traffic and credibility so I was checking my out links back to my site and found that Continue reading


Bestselling Experts Interview of JW Najarian on Building Organic SEO

Bestselling Experts Bob Bare Interviews JW Najarian on building organic SEO with content

I got a chance to be interviewed by Bob Bare of Bestselling Experts about building organic SEO. I have built many sites and have proven that I can get traffic to the site. I am now working on proving that valuable, inspiring, educational content will get you there faster than content for the sake of content.
What I see many doing is finding interesting stories and linking to them for content. This can work and has done well for many, like AllTop and a few others, but I believe people really are looking for something they cannot find somewhere else.
I just started JW On Purpose and hope that this will prove my point.
Just remember that there is no free lunch and / or instant gratification and it takes time to grow. – JW

JW Najarian

JW Najarian was born in Sacramento California in 1958 and grew up in beautiful Lake Tahoe California.

Growing up in Lake Tahoe gave JW appreciation for nature and at one time he contemplated becoming a naturalist with the forest service. After spending two years with the Youth Conservation Corps, as a student and then teacher he joined the Navy.

Wanting to get training in electronics, he failed the color blind test and was sent to Yeoman school where he learned about military office management. Before his school JW volunteered as a human research subject for the Navy and spent three years stationed in New Orleans at the George C. Marshall Space Center as a test subject for acceleration, deacceleration research. With his office located in the Saturn V test cell, he worked as a research assistant to Dr Robert S. Kennedy and also as an operator of the main computer system that ran and collected data for all the testing.

After the military JW enrolled himself in electronics classes at ITT and got a degree in electronics. He had not forgot his dream of learning electronics and wanted to use that knowledge to hopefully work in music production.

That never happened as the economy tanked in the late 80’s electronics jobs became scarce and JW relied on his knowledge of computers to support himself.

JW worked in the field of computers, electronics and networks till around 2006 when he got the bug to change careers and choose commercial real estate as his new direction.

Again the economy turned sour and commercial real estate got hit hard so JW decided to try marrying his knowledge of businesss, marketing, social media and computers with his new found knowledge of commercial real estate and started the Commercial Real Estate Professional Investors Group (CREPIG) in a quest to help the ailing industry recover by finding may lost funding resources and deals.

CREPIG now has around 12,000 members worldwide and has led to JW co-founding The Commercial Real Estate Distressed Assets Association (CREDAA) which is helping educate CRE professionals in underwriting and learning more about how to handle deals in this distressed market.

JW On Purpose came out of the fact that JW was doing many interviews of CRE industry leaders for his sites and wanted to expand to other markets outside of finance. JW now does interviews with authors, speakers, thought leaders and sometimes celebrities about various subjects, focusing on cause and purpose.

Many of the movers and shakers out there are interviewed about what they do to make money and we want to know that, but we also want to know what causes they support. The world can only shift if we do our part and JW On Purpose wants to focus on helping businesses and leaders with their efforts to help support their philanthropic projects and concerns by spotlighting what they do and who they help, both in business and the community.

JW does many interviews of authors, especially on books with cause and purpose, great story and ones that are educational about the world, finance, business and self development.

Bill Crosby – Wickedly Smart Marketing and Social Media Strategies

Bill CrosbyBill Crosby; Not a Famous Actor or Comedian, but one of the hottest on-line marketers on the Web.

If you are a devotee of the social media circuit, (translation – you spend too much time on the internet) you have seen Bill Crosby’s face, voice or name, pop up on your screen somewhere.

If so, then Bill needs no introduction and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this interview.  However, if, unlike us Fools, you actually have a life, then you should know that Bill is one of the few internet marketing guys that we consider a mentor.  While he has far more to offer than we could put in a single interview, we did our best to get Bill out of his internet bubble as he joined us in the Fools Lounge.  And you’ll hear why we intend to have him back again and again.  Listen in!

Bill CrosbyWe don’t care about the number of followers he amassed.. it’s a lot. And we won’t get into the amount of money he’s made… we’re jealous. When it comes to the world of Twitter, and making the most of it, nobody knows the terrain better than Bill, so, we follow him.


One of the things that we like about Bill, is his willingness to share his knowledge. Yes, he does it to make money, of course, but he does it in earnest. To that end, he keeps the price of his products as low as he can, and does his best to give more than he gets paid for.

Bill worked his fingers to the bone, to gain the knowledge, learn the techniques, and gamer the following that he has now. And actually, the Internet changes so very quickly that Bill readily admits he is still working his fingers to the bone. But that is exactly what motivates him to keep coming up with ways to “automate” the marketing process. With a clear understanding of how difficult it is to get started, Bill put together his Content Factory, the essence of which is to “Get Totally Customized Content Fed Into Your Social Media Networks Designed to Engage Your Current Followers, Get New Followers and Build YOur presence ON Autopilot!”

Paul Keetch – Make My Marketing Work

Paul KeetchMake My Marketing Work with Paul Keetch

Paul talks to us about how you can double or triple your current marketing results without having ta costly marketing degree or without hiring an expensive $1000 an hour marketing consultant.

Although still fairly young, don’t let that fool you, we know some of the powerful, successful, talented, and yes,  wealthy people that Paul has worked with, and just how talented he really is, so naturally, when we heard he was publishing his first book, we jumped in line, not only to buy the book, but to speak with Paul directly.

make my marketing work paul keetchSwamped with the many events surrounding the book’s quick rise  to the top of Amazon’s charts, Paul took some time off to join us in the Lounge and fill us in and help us all out.

Make My Marketing Work, has received rave reviews from the likes of: T. Harv Eker, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind;  Christine Comaford, NY Times Bestselling Author of Rules For Renegades; and Libby Gill, Brand Strategist, and Bestselling Author of “You Unstuck”.

We had a great time and got some great information, and so will you This 323 page digital book, Make My Marketing Work, is a compilation of simple marketing ideas that will allow you to quickly and easily generate l qualified leads for your business that convert into sales. Their easy-to-understand language simplifies strategic marketing giving you the fundamental skills you need to grow your business.

Simple, yet effective, marketing ideas will help you transform into a marketing master.Only at a fraction of the cost! This is not a specialized program designed for one specific niche business… it is Universal information that can be applied to any business, regardless of what your specific product or service is.  How you apply what you learn will be different for each and every reader, in each and every business, because it is your prospective customers who will actually determine your marketing strategy.

This program will work for you …..

Personal or business coaching … Consultant … Massage therapy or chiropractic … Dental practice … Alternative health care … House painting … Carpet cleaning … Gardening & landscaping … Window cleaning … Home repair … House cleaning … Job recruiting & placement … Personal fitness training … Consumer goods … Shoes and apparel … Sports equipment … Restaurant or fast food … Books, CDs & info products … Health supplements … Toys … Music / Entertainment … Computer equipment … Office supplies, and more …. In fact any business!

Social Media – We Have Come a Long Way From Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Board BBSIn the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s we had Bulletin Boards (BBS) and that essentially was the Internet. You could chat (multiple phone lines), upload and download files and mail messages. If you sent a message from California to New York; it could get there in 3 days or 4 or 5 or more depending on the BBSes you were sending them through. The BBS was run by a system operator who was officially called the SysOp and his job was the building and daily maintenance, which was a full time job. Uploading a file could take hours and so you had to wait in queue, The whole thing was buggy and highly technical and cumbersome at best. It was the high tech of the day, but we were always striving to do more faster and easier.

I had the opportunity to work with the now famous D&D VIP Dataexchange as a CoSysop. I was just learning and my teacher and mentor Doug Luce was a pro who knew the ropes and worked very hard to make sure his members were serviced. We also had hackers then and we had to run watchdog programs to keep things safe. It seems it was fun for some to get into your member or chat database and wipe it out?

Now we have an open architecture that allows us to send email around the world in seconds, upload and download huge files in no time. As the founder of a couple of social media sites I find that we still spend too much time maintaining, marketing, seeding, taking care of complaints, checking links, SEO, paypal, building, changing, educating ourselves on a continuing moving learning curve.

Maybe it is not so different?

Bulletin boards are long gone, most of them, I believe…. but it is possible that Social Media is more like the early cell phone, microwave oven or fax machine. We know they existed, but did not know if they were right for us and our business. Then more and more people had them and we realized we needed them too. So we got them and really didn’t know what to do with them…. Now we can’t live without them….. So Social Media is here to stay, whether you understand it or not and the early adopters will be the winners.

I will start putting out layman tips, tricks and observations to help you along with SEO, Social Media, Social Marketing and whatever else pops up.

Stay tuned.

JW Najarian