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Gary W. Goldstein Conquering Hollywood

gary goldstein camera shGary W. Goldstein the producer of movies like Pretty Woman, Mothman Prophecies and Under Siege, talks about his new book Conquering Hollywood.

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Gary W. Goldstein – Failing Forward and other Life Lessons

Gary W. GoldsteinGary W. Goldstein Talks About Some of the Failures that Led to Great Success

Author, speaker, coach, consultant, mentor, master storyteller and celebrated Hollywood film producer, Gary’s successes include some of Hollywood’s biggest box-office hits, generating over a billion dollars in worldwide revenue, and receiving numerous Academy Award nominations, People’s Choice Awards, a Golden Globe and various other awards.

Among other titles, Gary’s films include PRETTY WOMAN, UNDER SIEGE, and THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES.

[NOTE: My whole interview with Gary is in audio form below. You can also watch a short video clip of the interview also below]

The skills Gary brought to bear in climbing the ladder from newcomer to up-and-comer to mega-success in the film business can be used to empower any business or career path – and Gary has proven this many times over. His experience and strategies, developed over the recent 25 years, have empowered him to consistently and successfully reinvent and energize other people’s messages, products, businesses and their bottom line.

Gary also serves as board director or in-the-trenches advisor to start ups and companies poised for greater growth. He helps companies create stronger brands, leadership, advisory boards and strategic partnerships, as well as increase their product offerings, sales and marketing channels, loyal customer base and revenues.

To learn more about individual coaching and mentoring opportunities with Gary, or to discover whether your company is a good candidate for Gary’s advisory/consulting services, please make inquiry through his website. http://www.GaryWGoldstein.com.

I met Gary a few years back in the men’s room of a conference we both attended. I had no idea of Gary’s many accomplishments at the time, but we were both very interested in commercial real estate and I had some contacts and we both thought it would be a good idea to connect.

I do not remember Gary telling me about his Hollywood career, I am sure I was impressed, but what I really liked about Gary is that he is a incredibly creative and since he was a lawyer, he has a way of looking at things that I really needed then and now.

Gary is my go to person for sage advice and I want to thank him for being a great mentor and friend. – JW

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