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Mario’s Soldiers Non-Profit Organization

Mario's SoldiersMarios Soldiers

“Mario’s Soldiers is a non-for profit organization, which focuses on humanitarian efforts spanning from under privileged children to supporting our troops.  This is all done in honor of PFC Marius L. Ferrero, his last mission, and the ideals that he gave the ultimate sacrifice for.”

Got a Twitter message from this group and after looking at their website I just had to share these folks with you.

According to their website they are really busy doing the grass roots effort to help under privileged children, soldiers and their families in time of need.

I am a huge advocate for children against abuse, hunger and also care deeply about my fellow soldiers and veterans who have given the ultimate sacrifice so we and the world can free of fear.

By the way… I also attended ITT Technical Institute like Marius did… so to a fellow brother in service and alumni member I thank Marius for his service and sacrifice.

Thank you to this and all the wonderful organizations, families and people that give of themselves whether it be with time, money, support or all three. – JW

About Mario’s Soldiers

We started MARIOSSOLDIERS.org in honor of our beloved hero PFC Marius L. Ferrero.

This brave soldier was killed in action in Baqubah, Iraq on November 18th 2007 during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Though being in the Army Infantry 1st Battalion, 38th IN REGT. 4th SBCT. 2nd ID SBCT, he never fired a single hostile shot in combat.

PFC Marius L. Ferrero was on a mission promoting good will that day,  handing out toys to Iraqi children.  While on this mission with his gun at his side, an IED detonated and instantly killed Marius along with two other soldiers and seven Iraqi children.

We at MARIOSSOLDIERS.ORG would like to continue PFC Marius L. Ferrero’s last mission, by collecting money and donating toys for children around the world.  Please join us in accomplishing “HIS” mission.

PFC Marius L. Ferrero

PFC Marius L. Ferrero was born in Miami, FL.  February 9th,1984.  He was a very happy child who was known by everyone as “BOLO” or “MARIO”. 

He was loved by everyone who knew him.  He was a member of Civil Air Patrol as a young boy.  Joined JROTC in high school at Coral Park Senior High.  After high school, he attend ITT Technical School before joining the Army in July 2007. 

He loved movies.  He had a DVD Collection over 200 titles.  Marius was very intelligent and could master any task with ease.  He loved helping his grandmother.  He vowed to her that one day he will re-pay her for all that she had done for him. 

He was deployed to Iraq in October of 2007.  While in Iraq, his grandfather, who was very influential in Marius’ life after his father’s death early in his childhood, passed. 

He was given 2 weeks leave to be with his family.  He went back to Iraq and was there just one more day before he was killed in a IED attack in Baqubah, Iraq on November 18, 2007. 

He was a very brave soldier and loved what he did defending our freedom. 

Marius is survived by his paternal grandmother Modesta, Mother Maribel and Brother Manny.  We love you, BOLO.

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