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banner james carlini - Carlini's CornerBy James Carlini

When you go to a business meeting today are you dressed for success or dressed casually? Do you look like you flew in on the corporate jet or were you one of the people washing it down before the flight?

7K0A0603Image consultants seem more concerned about social media tools today than they are real barometers of professionalism and success. Having a Smartphone with an obnoxious ring tone is not cool and won’t make any points unless you Continue reading


JW Najarian and Bob Bare on How We Interview

pic bob bare and jw najarianBob Bare of BestSelling Experts Interviews JW Najarian All About Interviewing

Bob Bare of Bestselling Experts interviews authors, speakers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and other professionals for his site BestSelling Experts.

Bob and I decided it might be interesting to have two interviewers interview each other on interviewing… Sounds crazy, but it turned out to be real interesting and very fun. Continue reading