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banner james carlini - Carlini's CornerBy James Carlini

Any civilization in the last 5,000 years can only be understood and measured by what we can read and discover about them.  If they did not keep track of their accomplishments and cultures, chances are, we would know very little about them and their achievements.

  •  If you do not know where you came from, do you really have a good idea of where you are headed?
  • How do you build upon the accomplishments of the past or avoid the mistakes of the past if you are unaware of them?

These seem to be good questions to ask people who do not have a good grasp of how this country started and developed throughout the last 200 years.  As was pointed out by one museum curator, those in the last generation (the Great generation of World War II) seemed to have more Continue reading


The Roxy Owner Nic Alder Receives an Excellance Award for Social Media Marketing

The Gravity Summit at UCLA awarded Nic Adler an award at for Excellence in Social Media Marketing.

The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, CA, has been an icon of rock and roll since it’s Neil Young Opening in 1973 till today. Great bands and not so great bands appear there nightly celebrating The Roxy’s long prestigious Rock Hall of Fame Status.

Nic Adler, son of the Roxy’s founder and famous  producer Lou Adler, is now owner and manager of the famed venue and is using new social technologies to keep true to the history, but also use building of community in the rock marketplace to make sure the Roxy continues to thrive for the next 40 years.

Nic took minute after his acceptance speech to tell us about how he felt as this was his first, hopefully of many, awards.

Nic also a little to me about which social media platforms he is using and why.

Nic held an after party at the famed “On the Rox” bar after the event and it was a fun evening with great people and an incredible blues singer award-winning Alligator recording artist Janiva Magness. Incredible entertainment in a bar steeped in Rock History. A great evening thanks to Beverly Macy and Nic – Thanks. – JW

Nic Adler

Sunset Strip / Social / Vegan / iPhotographerNic Adler

After years as a band manager, promoter, and restauranteur, Nic took the helm at The Roxy in 1998. An entrepreneur and community builder, Nic was drawn to the cutting edge concepts he found in the burgeoning field of social media.

In 2007 he launched a blog that went on to win The VH-1 Rock Honors Award for Best Music Venue Website. Always an early adaptor Nic began tweeting in 2008 and is now the #1 Music Venue on Twitter and Facebook in the world. As his social media program grew, Nic began to see the importance of being a part of the larger community of the Sunset Strip and the City of West Hollywood.

Nic AdlerNic is co-producer of the Sunset Strip Music Festival, which draws over 30,000 music fans to the city every August and celebrates the Strip’s legacy as it highlights some of music’s newest talent.

He is Vice President of the Sunset Strip Business Association and a regular at City Council meetings where he is leading efforts to bring the community together. Featured in the New York Times, Mashable, TechCrunch, Los Angeles Times, Fast Company, and cover stories in LABJVenues Today and Nightclub and Bar Magazine, Nic is reinventing his club, his street and eventually his city using the fundamental concepts of community building inherent in social media.


Social.Vegan — @theroxy @theroxyLOT @ontherox @SSMF @LAVeganBeerFest http://www.pinterest.com/nicadler

Sunset Strip, CA · http://about.me/nicadler

The Roxy SignThe Roxy

From TheRoxyOnSunset.com

Fans and performers alike will readily tell the tales of their more memorable Roxy experiences. Such is the influence of one of the country’s most legendary and influential music venues.

From the Roxy’s 1973 opener featuring Neil Young, to Bruce Springsteen’s now-classic 1975 performances, the history of The Roxy Theatre is paved with icons, whether it was Guns N’ Roses’ pre-stardom shows, Miles Davis, Jane’s Addiction, Pearl Jam, or others. Three decades on, the club has also been a popular performance Mecca for other entertainment, including stage productions, comedy shows, and performance art.

Among the club’s unique features are comfortable booth seating, full-service and draft bar, and a menu that features a modest array of dishes to keep appetites satisfied. The Roxy’s open dance floor and superb sound facilities offer fans one of the most intimate entertainment experiences around. There’s also “On The Rox,” an on-site, after-hours facility that has been the setting for some of Hollywood’s hottest parties.

Located above The Roxy and overlooking Sunset Blvd., “On The Rox” features its own full-service bar and DJ booth with proprietary sound system. Always in touch with its past, The Roxy lets fans glimpse at the legacy when they enter the club, thanks to an extensive collection of artist performance photos that adorn the club’s walls.

This is from the article about the Roxy in Wikipedia:

The roxy bmarleyThe Roxy Theatre (often just The Roxy) is the lengendary nightclub located on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California. It was opened on September 23, 1973 by Elmer Valentine and Lou Adler along with original partners David Geffen, Elliot Roberts and Peter Asher. They took over building previously occupied by a strip club owned by Chuck Landis called the Largo. (Adler was actually responsible for bringing the stage play Rocky Horror Show to the United States, and it opened its first American run at The Roxy Theatre in 1974, before it was made into the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show the next year.)

Hundreds of famous and yet-to-be-famous acts such as Nirvana (band), Tori Amos, Foo Fighters, Guns N’ Roses, Al Stewart, Jane’s Addiction and David Bowie have played this highly prestigious venue. The small On The Rox bar above the club has hosted a wide variety of debauchery in its history; it was a regular hangout for John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Alice Cooper and Keith Moon during Lennon’s “lost weekend” in 1975, and in the 1980s hosted parties arranged by “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss.

According to LA.com, On The Rox “may be forever known as the club where John Belushi partied before fatally ODing. That may sound like a sordid reason for the club’s fame, but it only underscores the hard-partying reputation that befits a room equipped with two stripper poles. Recently, it has hosted private DJ nights as well as after-parties following the shows downstairs; on a Tuesday night not long ago, all three members of buzz band Kings of Leon were spotted heading upstairs to rock out with the Mooney Suzuki after their Roxy show.”



Gravity Summit

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We help bridge the gap between real-time social tools and the business community.   Executives and decision makers, marketing professionals, small business owners, advertisers, PR professionals, and others, learn how to leverage social platforms to amplify their message and successfully engage with consumers.