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By James Carlini

A pragmatic, visionary perspective –

Ten months ago, I wrote an article about the candidacy of Donald Trump running for President.  Unlike many others at that time, I was encouraged to see him take action to disrupt the status quo and take on a group of GOP establishment candidates.  And, unlike many of the “mainstream media” journalists, I predicted he would NOT be an easy adversary to overcome.

My observation before the first televised, GOP debate was this:

Trump is not politically correct. I totally agree. He is politically accurate and that is something many average voters are identifying with and the career politicians just don’t seem to get.

He is quick, speaks his mind (and heart), and that is important not just for the Presidency, but for any CEO or organizational president’s position.

Throughout the last ten months, Trump has battled so many other seasoned candidates and it was not an easily-won conflict. He also battled the media.

Many within the media did not understand him, nor give him proper respect and the conservative writers at the National Review wrote an uncomplimentary article about him as if they were the be-all, end-all expert commission on who should run for President.  They are far from it.

Some of those sitting high atop (totally imagined) pedestals of self-importance have to realize they do not have any clue of the pulse of the people.  They are so out-of-touch and yet they think they speak for the vast majority of Americans.

Those who are in New York or Washington have no clue as to what is happening in places like Savanna, Rockford, and Pecatonica, Illinois; Manitowoc, Two Rivers and Beloit, Wisconsin; South Bend and Mishawaka, Indiana; Benton Harbor, Michigan, and other towns and cities struggling to remain viable.

Many towns across the United States are concerned about regional sustainability and long-term viability.  Many, if not all, major cities are also in bad shape, even though their political leaders will not admit to it.



A loss-of-job is a critical wake-up call, no matter what party a person is affiliated with or what economic level they are at. Many tough decisions on spending, supporting a family, and just surviving crash into the person’s mind who is already reeling from the loss of steady income.

Those in the media have no understanding of this until their paper, magazine, or other media outlet decides to lay them off due to lack of profits.  Then, those journalists have a firsthand taste of unemployment and all the uncertainties it brings. The initial reaction is, why me? I am such a valuable asset. How can I be let go?

Many people in today’s economy have experienced that uneasy feeling directly, or from a close relative losing a job.  They do not have to be told that our economy is still very fragile and fairly stagnant.

Those people came out en masse to vote for Trump and the results are self-evident.  People want change.  BIG change, not chump change.  Trump change!

  • They want borders that are enforced. Trump change.
  • They want an economy that is solid and creating real jobs, not part-time Starbucks jobs. Trump change.
  • They want competent people running government agencies. Trump change.
  • They want competent people negotiating trade deals. Trump change.
  • They want to see a real future for their kids and not a continuing downward spiral into a third-world economy. Trump change.
  • They want to see us as a leading, supreme military force in the international arena and not be embarrassed by third-world countries boarding our Navy ships. Trump change.



Trump is definitely the “last man standing” in the major league race for the GOP nomination for President.  He should now be focusing his campaign against the presumptive Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Those in the GOP need to rally around him. He may not have been their “personal” choice, but he is the choice of the Party.  He is the choice of the people.  Those “party elite” who are still hesitant seem like sore losers.  In the past, they expected everyone to rally around “their guy” no matter who we voted for in the Primary and we did.  And they lost.

If they really had the people’s best interests in their actions in the past several elections and in Congress, Donald Trump would have never ran.  What’s more important, Donald Trump would have never won.


CARLINI-ISM :   “There is no substitute for good leadership.  People see through negative ads.  Actions and personal accomplishments speak louder than words.




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banner james carlini - Carlini's CornerBy James Carlini

A pragmatic, visionary perspective —–

Another article that looks at the political change in American politics not being clearly understood or reported on by those analyzing and reporting politics in the media:

In the last GOP Presidential debate on CNN, Jeb Bush called Donald Trump, the Chaos Candidate. Somehow it reminded me of the old 1960s TV show, Get Smart.

If Trump is from Chaos (KAOS), Bush must be from CONTROL.

Good old Maxwell Bush, Agent 96 (which is just about how many percentage points he’s lacking in all the polls). No matter how much Agent 96 talks, he just can’t get rid of Trump and he cannot rise in the polls.

Even his boss, the Chief, Karl Rove, can’t understand the resilience of Trump, the Chaos Candidate.


The political TV ads calling Trump reckless don’t seem to ring true. People are just not buying into Bush’s presentations or CONTROL’s accusations. The commercials do ring up a big bill though.

CONTROL (the Republican Establishment) has spent over $50,000,000 without changing any of the polling numbers or shattering Trump’s commanding lead over all the candidates. Sorry about that, Chief.

How many more times can Agent 96 come up short in the polls? CONTROL is spending money like crazy. How many more times will it be OK to say, “Well, he just missed by THAT much”?

Some say it’s time for Agent 96 to call it quits.

People ARE buying into Trump’s message and it is ringing true. Instead of being politically correct, Trump has come out being very politically accurate and that is something both CONTROL and the mainstream Press fail to comprehend. They have been PC (Politically Correct) for so long, they forgot how piercing the unvarnished truth can be. Or, how it resonates with the common man (and woman), who is fed up with the stagnation of the economy while being told “we’ve turned the corner.

Trump has definitely caused CHAOS in the well-established, cut-and-dried candidate selection process owned by CONTROL.

In the last Presidential election cycle, Agent 999 (Herman Cain, remember his 9-9-9 Tax Plan?) gained some traction with the voters, but then CONTROL took him out of the running because it did not conform with what the Chief really wanted.

In this election cycle, CONTROL doesn’t seem to have any control. Chaos is winning. And winning big.

Trump has distinguished himself as being a much more formidable candidate than the Chief, Agent 96, and others in CONTROL and the Press gave him credit for.

CONTROL’s message is falling on deaf ears. In the age of the Smartphone, Agent 96’s message is as attractive and enticing as a rotary phone for the average voters’ consumption.

Agent 96’s attempt to take down Trump by saying he is unhinged and reckless did not stick. He tried to say if Trump can’t stand the heat in the debate, how could he be President?

Instead of getting “unhinged”, Trump rolled his eyes, turned it around and said, “yeah, you’re a real tough guy, Jeb.” The sparring continued, but as always, Chaos won against the bumbling, energy-deficient attack. Sorry about that, Chief.

As I mentioned in a previous article on Trump when he first started his campaign, ( article ) he has some executive skills which are clearly lacking in the other candidates. Many in the Press either don’t see it or they just don’t understand it.

Trump can think fast on his feet. Trump can articulate an answer to a “Gotcha question” which is ten times more venomous than the question was and make the questioner look like a jerk. Trump doesn’t need a teleprompter to get his message across, either.

That is powerful stuff.

I have only seen those skills in some of the old line politicians in Chicago and a few, very few, CEOs of companies.

Other Presidential candidates have gained more traction than Agent 96. Cruz is gaining strength, Rubio and Rand Paul’s arguments are very decisive, and even Chris Christie finally got some traction.

It’s time for many of the others to drop out. On the race to the nomination, they are driving under-powered, rear-wheel drive cars, with bald tires, and not getting any traction with the voters in this heavy political snowstorm. Some, like Lindsay Graham, seem to be spinning out-of-control with odd comments. (Princess Buttercup??)


The People are fed up.


It’s the Chief with another strategy. The problem is, it’s not the 1960s anymore and the country’s prosperity is down, its security is weak, its borders have been compromised, and voters are not buying off on stale ideas or the typical campaign rhetoric. Voters are looking for someone new and they aren’t going to fall for CONTROL’s campaign.

CARLINI-ISM : “For President, people want someone politically accurate who calls ‘em the way they see them . If that’s Chaos, then we need to get out-of-CONTROL.”

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