Advisory Board Member – Bob Schecter

BobSchecterBob Schecter

Sales and marketing pros know that conversation is the precursor to conversion.

Socializing is nothing new, of course. It’s been a routine part of our daily actions and business transactions.  It’s what we do to get people to engage with and trust us. Until the latest iteration of the internet, at the turn of this century, and with the exception of the phone, no media had ever enabled any real conversation. The world as we knew it, never engaged, it just watched, and listened.  To get someone’s attention, you had to be louder, bolder, bigger, and out there more often than your competition.  Thankfully, that’s no longer the case.

Now, you just have to be – friendlier.

Today’s internet enables us to capitalize on peoples’ sociability, and their inherent need to share, vis a vis “social media”. Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, Google+, and who knows what others will pop up; each striving to captivate and capture its audience with an atmosphere of safety, comfort, and a sense of community. After all, friends not only socialize with friends, they are apt do business with friends, right?

“Reach out to everyone, and you’re sure to touch someone” – the Networking Fool

Bob has been working on almost every site and group I have ever built. Bob is my most trusted partner in social media. He is incredibly skilled in website building and maintenance, but better than know how to build and program, Bob is an expert in making, keeping and relating to connections. – JW

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