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banner james carlini - Carlini's CornerBy James Carlini

A pragmatic, visionary perspective —–

CARLINI-ISMs are personal pragmatic insights developed from years of experience that I have included in my book, LOCATION LOCATION CONNECTIVITY. Although it is a book about the convergence of next-generation real estate, infrastructure, technology, and their combined impact on regional economic development, it also provides a perspective on organizational leadership and team dynamics.

CARLINI-ISMs were developed to give guidance, common sense, and offer wisdom on everyday issues faced by corporate and organizational management.


There are so many books at all the bookstores on Management, you would think that we would have much better leaders in all our organizations. Management of organizations is not leadership in organizations. There is a definite difference and in order to be a good leader of people, you need to focus on Passion, Fashion, and the true concepts of leadership.


AT WORK, YOU NEED A SENSE-OF-URGENCY:  How many people work with an associate who is always talking, going around chatting and wasting time, and then at the end-of-the-day, telling everyone they did not get much done, so they have to stay late? This person is no martyr or hard-working team member. They need to focus in and do the job between 9 and 5.

PROFESSIONALISM IS NOT A DEGREE OR CERTIFICATE, IT IS A STATE-OF-MIND:  In my career, I have worked with some very professional people – who did NOT have degrees, but had a persistent focus on doing a good job. Others, who had supposedly Sterling credentials, were not worth a nickel. Don’t buy off on credentials. Buy off on performance.

In business, words are words,
Explanations are explanations,
Promises are promises,
But only Performance is reality.


CASUAL DOESN’T MEAN HOMELESS:  When you are dressed sharp and professional, you act sharp and professional. When you go on an interview, they say many make up their decision on you in the first thirty seconds – that’s how much wearing the right apparel means in “getting the job”. Well what happened to that attention to detail when you are “on the job”?

Definitions on “what is casual” have become too loose to be of any help. To me, casual meant instead of a suit and tie, you wear a sport-coat with an open collar shirt. When the dress code falls to a ripped sweatshirt, torn jeans, T-shirts, and sandals, people seem to extend that casualness into their job performance. When you are dressed sloppy, your work becomes sloppy.


DRESS AS IF YOU ARE RIDING IN THE CORPORATE JET – NOT AS IF YOU ARE HERE TO WASH IT DOWN:  Some will continue to argue that they feel more comfortable in casual clothes. Well, pick up the hose and wash the plane down.


YOU MANAGE RESOURCES, BUT YOU LEAD PEOPLE:  People don’t want to be “managed”, they want to be led. Managing someone can really turn that person off. Coming in and micro-managing someone does not get the best performance out of them. It gets resignation, indignation, and no loyalty to you or the organization. Stop “managing your people”.

YOU DON’T GET SUPERMAN BY PAYING JIMMY OLSON WAGES:  You don’t get $100,000 talent for $34,000 a year. AND, three people at $34,000 apiece does NOT equal the depth of talents and capabilities of a $100,000 a year person. When it comes to talent, you get what you pay for.

TALENT IS NOT A COMMODITY:  Some people think when you hire a person with a defined skillset (like a programmer or a carpenter), that skillset is the same across all people who have that skillset. It isn’t.

You have the First Stringers (people who are there everyday putting in consistent effort), Impact Players (who you can go to for an extra effort beyond a First Stringer), Second stringers (people who may show up everyday, but may not add too much everyday), Benchwarmers (people who claim they’re “on the Team”, but are nothing more than cheerleaders), and Slackers (people who find ways to get out of work, but spend most of their time telling others how much work they have done).

Go to any trade show vendor exhibit. The person with the golf shirt on that has the corporate logo on it may be showing he or she is “part of the team”, but the person with the suit on says, “they are in charge of the team.” We have enough team players out there. What we need are more team leaders.

CARLINI-ISM:  When you learn more, you earn more. Keep an open mind, especially when it comes to developing a leadership style.



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banner james carlini - Carlini's CornerBy James Carlini

How many Millennials do you know who are uncertain of their future? How many of them have any type of blueprint to success? How many of them have more than a part-time job? (Some have two, just to make more money, but many are still looking for a full-time, benefits-paying job.)

With so many changes and challenges in society today, old rules-of-thumb cannot be applied to develop careers or determine a direction to take with developing skill sets and seeking jobs. The same career advice cannot be regurgitated year-after-year because it is just not applicable anymore.


When I wrote my book, LOCATION LOCATION CONNECTIVITY, I wrote it to leave behind a legacy of broad-based knowledge and experience on high-tech issues covering next-generation real estate, infrastructure, and technology. These areas are converging and impacting regional Economic Development.

The book offers more than that. It offers some “frameworks for the future” discussing the ways of looking at things which can provide opportunities for people in the beginnings of their careers as well as those in the middle or end of their careers.

One of my friends who was reading the book, called me up to discuss what he thought about the book. He said, “I can’t believe how much stuff you have in this book.” He said this is a book that could easily become a classic.

His summary, “The book is a veritable Treasure Chest of Opportunities.”

I am humbled by his assessment and hope others get as much out of the book. I really would like to see Millennials pick up the book because they are the ones who seem disenfranchised with “traditional business cultures” in many organizations.

Those who already have a degree and are in debt from college loans must take a second look at what they can fit into and what will get them more than a minimum wage job. The promise “a college degree will unlock the doors to better opportunities” rings very hollow with many of them.

There are still opportunities out there, but the doors and locks have changed.

What worked before in positioning oneself for a good job doesn’t necessarily guarantee success today. You must have skills focused on Flexibility, Adaptability, Creativity, and Technology in order to be marketable in today’s economy. (FACT-based skills)

It’s all in the book. FACT-based education is much more critical than learning the Three R’s: The skill sets for Industrial Age jobs. The Three R’s? Rote, Repetition and Routine which add up to Regimentation.

The Three R’s may have been excellent skills for Industrial Age jobs, but they are not going to get you far in today’s and tomorrow’s challenging jobs where nothing is routine and there is no such thing as “a routine day.”

Public school systems are not teaching for today’s jobs and there is a disconnect when people graduate. If they go on to college, there is no guarantee those FACT-based skills will be part of their curriculum.

Before deciding to get into a college curriculum that is probably 20 years old and will cost about $40,000 for the first year, buy the book for $40 and get a better picture of where things are going and where the opportunities of the future will be.

You may not need a degree. If you do, choose wisely. It is not about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as much as it is about FACT (Flexibility, Adaptability, Creativity, and Technology) skills.

Remember, 21h century challenges may not be solved by 20th century solutions.

CARLINI-ISM : College degrees are not the universal solution anymore to obtaining a good career in the 21st century.

Carlini’s visionary book, LOCATION LOCATION CONNECTIVITY is available at AMAZON and Barnes & Noble. (The ISBN # 9780-9906460-44)
B&N —

Copyright 2014 - James Carlini - All rights reserved

Copyright 2014 – James Carlini – All rights reserved

Let’s do a “Re-Do”

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Ok, so we’ve arrived mid-way through the first quarter of 2014. Your New Year’s Resolutions have lost their luster…maybe they are simmering, subconscious, long-term goals at this point. You are back into the work grind and it feels almost robotic again.

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Beating Down Blame

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When things go wrong, and they sometimes will, our first inclination is to find some person or thing to place the blame on.

I could’ve succeeded “if only they would have” blank, blank, blank. It does little to solve the problem but it does sooth our egos and it makes us feel better. But, there are very few situations where something went wrong, that we did not have some responsibility for the outcome.

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The God’s Honest Truth

Miyoshi GrantMiyoshi Grant

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banner james carlini - Carlini's CornerBy James Carlini

When you go to a business meeting today are you dressed for success or dressed casually? Do you look like you flew in on the corporate jet or were you one of the people washing it down before the flight?

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How can you learn from proven leaders’ wisdom? One quick way is to get an insight to their thought process by reading up on their quotes.

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banner james carlini - Carlini's CornerBy James Carlini

Any civilization in the last 5,000 years can only be understood and measured by what we can read and discover about them.  If they did not keep track of their accomplishments and cultures, chances are, we would know very little about them and their achievements.

  •  If you do not know where you came from, do you really have a good idea of where you are headed?
  • How do you build upon the accomplishments of the past or avoid the mistakes of the past if you are unaware of them?

These seem to be good questions to ask people who do not have a good grasp of how this country started and developed throughout the last 200 years.  As was pointed out by one museum curator, those in the last generation (the Great generation of World War II) seemed to have more Continue reading


banner james carlini - Carlini's Corner

By James Carlini

Did you know that the amount owed on college student loans is over $1 Trillion and two thirds of the graduating seniors (in 2011) owe a little over $26,000 when they walk out trying to find a job?  (Source: )

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Eyoälha Baker Photo Project on Jumping for Joy!

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Don Green’s New Book “Everything I Know About Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill”

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Greg S. Reid’s New Book “Stickability” The Power of Perseverance

Greg S. Reid Greg S. Reid Bestselling Author, Speaker, Teacher, Filmmaker, Publisher, Talks About His New Upcoming Book Stickability

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Ken Keis Living on Purpose, Realizing Your Potential

ken keis 01 shKen Keis Author, Speaker, Trainer and Foremost Authority on Assessment Strategies and Processes that Increase and Multiply Success. Talks About Living on Purpose and Realizing Your True Potential.

Ken found me via On Purpose Magazine and asked me to check out his philosophies and trainings on Living on Purpose.

I checked out his company CRG and his books “Why Aren’t You More Like Me” and “My Source Experience Journal” and found so many connections to what I believe that I had to connect with Ken and get him an interview with him. Continue reading

Bob Bare of BestSelling Experts on His New Book and Live Training

Successful entrepreneur and businessman Bob Bare talks to us about his new book and amazing new More Power! Conference

We interview Bob who is a successful entrepreneur, businessman and author who loves to interview other successful and interesting experts for his site BestSelling Experts.


Bob Bare and 8 Very Important Speakers Including Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Steve Jobs Marketing Teacher Jay Conrad Levinson

September 20-23, 2012
at the Crowne Plaza, Dallas Texas

This one is over, but you can go to to get videos of the speakers and to find out when the next event will be held.


I met Bob at a conference where we were both interviewing some of the more interesting people that spoke or attended there. I am used to doing interviews and after speaking with Bob, I was taken back by his request to interview me!

It is not often that I am asked to be interviewed. Bob was great and asked some great questions and we have become friendly since that interview.

I found out that Bob was producing his first business conference and took the opportunity to get back to Bob and ask him for an interview. I was very excited to get Bob to say yes, first so I could get him back and second because I have gotten to know Bob as someone that knows what he is doing and he loves to teach and help others find success.

Thank you Bob for saying yes to my interview. It turned out to be full of great and very powerful information and mentoring Bob is known for. – JW

Bob Bare

Bob Bare is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and founder of Proud husband, father and grandfather, Bob is passionate about family values, community outreach and spiritual growth.

Through his company, Bob mentors individuals in branding, broadcasting and living their vision through Expert Positioning, Publishing, Publicity and Public Speaking.

Bob Bare is the author More Power!, founder of and More Power! University.

A serial entrepreneur, who started his first business in 6th grade, Bob is known for his ability to create, grow and turn around businesses while keeping his vision and values in sight. One of Bob’s recent business successes opened its doors in 2006 with no customer base and achieved yearly revenues of 2.5 million dollars within the first four years, in the middle of the economic downturn of 2008. Bob currently owns 7 businesses.

An Iowa native, Bob lives in Dallas, Texas with Jan, his wife for over 35 years. He is the proud father of 3 children and grandfather of 6. He enjoys giving back to his community through active leadership roles in his local church and as president of Dallas North Rotary.

In an effort to pay it forward, Bob produces and hosts Experts Weekly radio, publishes the BestSelling Experts Weekly newsletter and mentors start-up entrepreneurs.

More Power

MORE POWER is a wisdom-packed guidebook for entrepreneurs, business owners and business professionals in any industry, guaranteed to create more personal and business power in any economy.

Using a clear, easy approach, Bob Bare reveals the simple, yet powerful principles, tools and strategies he has used over and over to create multiple successful, sustainable businesses.

This practical roadmap is filled with concrete action steps you can easily master and implement right now, wherever you may be in your entrepreneurial journey to help you propel your business, skyrocket your sales, increase your cashflow and maximize your exposure, all while staying true to your vision and core values.

More Power offers simple principles, tactics and strategies that you can easily implement right now to create a successful, sustainable business while staying true to your vision and enjoying your life. As a serial entrepreneur, Bob Bare shares coveted secrets that will skyrocket your sales, your cash flow and your exposure, and create a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Bestselling Experts

Innovators guided by traditional values.

Passionate about results, BSE Embraces today’s cutting edge tools and strategies to propel your vision, your passion and your purpose.

BSE staff brings a powerful blend of gifts and personalities strategy, creativity, visibility and implementation. Our collaborative approach is the secret to our ability to assist you in connecting and engaging genuinely with prospect and current clients by showcasing your expertise and spreading your message out to the world!


To empower and equip companies and individuals with innovative and actionable strategies, tools and ideas to showcase their expertise, allowing them to deliver inspiring, uplifting targeted messages with the purpose to make a positive impact in the world while fueling business growth and profitability.


To become the preferred and most trusted expert building company by continuously delivering outstanding value and satisfaction, focusing on customer loyalty, reliability, respect, responsiveness and superior innovative products and services that enrich the world.


These serve as our compass to guide our actions towards People, Partners, Planet, Productivity and Profits:

  • Integrity in All We Do
  • Honesty and Transparency in our Communication
  • Creating Meaningful Value to Make a Difference
  • Innovation that Inspires Creativity and  Fuels Growth
  • Internal Environment of Collaboration, Trust and Joy
  • Leadership to Impact and Influence
  • Passion for a Better World, a Better Future

More Power Live Conference

Sorry, this one is over, but you can go to to get videos of the speakers and to find out when the next event will be held.

What will you learn at More Power! LIVE?

Bob Bare, 40+ year experience serial entrepreneur,
will share how he grew his sales $0 to $2.7 Million
in the Worst Economy Ever!

He has also carefully selected world-class experts who are practitioners, teachers and mentors who care about YOUR success!

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn, discover and experience at More Power! LIVE:

Your Road Map To Success [Bob Bare and Odell Stunkard]

  1. How You Can Attract Stampedes of New Customers – Step-by-step plan revealed live for the first time in the U.S.
  1. How to Maximize Your CASH-FLOW (Not Just Revenue). Forget the losing model of “Growing-Growing-Gone” that costs more than you make and sends your business into an early grave.
  1. The Overlooked Secrets of “The Perfect Business” that Pays You in PROFITS and FREEDOM. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it, too (work less and make more). We’re living proof. And we’re unveiling ALL!

…And many more practical ways to explode your income and carve out a life of freedom and satisfaction in the months and years ahead!

Guerrilla Marketing [Jay Conrad Levinson]

  1. Marketing Vs. Guerrilla Marketing – a concise, eye-opening explanation that will forever change the way you promote and generate new business
  2. The 19 Secrets of Guerrilla Marketing – You could spend months trying to distill the wisdom from a dozen top business books – or – you can spend that time enjoying the fruits of these 19 secrets that have already produced billions of dollars in sales and profits
  3. The The 7-Sentence Guerrilla Marketing Plan – Don’t waste months writing a 30-page plan. And don’t you dare make a move with no plan at all. Steal Jay’s 7-sentence plan and profit from it immediately

..and more!!!!!

Make More Working LESS! [Loral Langemeier]

  1. How to turn your existing skills and passion into a perpetual cash machine – in as little as 2 hours a week with zero money out-of-pocket.
  2. How to easily melt price resistance and double or triple your income
  3. Hear how Loral (in her early 20′s) landed a Multi-Million Dollar contract promoting health on oil rigs by simply replacing one word with another. Find out exactly what she did, so you can do it too

Plus much more!

Truly Leverage The Power of Social Media [Elayna Fernandez]

  1. The 7 Myths of Social Media Branding. How many are holding you back from earning the income you deserve?
  2. Why social media work for some and not others. Discover how to systematize, automate and profit like you never thought possible
  3. The L.I.K.E.D Formula for getting more “likes” and followers. Apply these 5 simple steps to trigger a tsunami of social media exposure

…and lots more advice for making money with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress, and Pinterest

Use Publishing To Skyrocket Your Business [David Hancock ]

  1. 4 easy ways to get your book written FAST (without writing it yourself!)
  2. How to GET PAID to write your book
  3. The 7 Secrets of Bestselling Books – this bullet-by-bullet formula removes all the guesswork

…and A TON more!

Sell With Intention and Double or Triple Your Sales This Year! [ Ursula Mentjes]

  1. Discover the Selling with Intention Formula to double sales results this year
  2. Create an Intentional Schedule to sell more in less time
  3. Understand how Financial Set-Points prevent ultimate success

..and more!

Profit Through Persuasive Speaking [Arvee Robinson]

  1. The 3 BIGGEST mistakes most business owners make when trying to give public presentations and how to instantly look like a seasoned speaking professional by avoiding these goof-ups!
  2.  How to find more opportunities to speak to local groups of your ideal prospects and how to get invited as a speaker.
  3.  What specifically you must do during your presentations in order to generate leads and clients

…and more!

Partnership Secrets Revealed [Paul Miltonberger]

  1. The 5 partnering strategies that bring you more customers, revenue, results, and income. Use one or all 5 to kick your results into hyper-drive
  2. The easiest money you’ll ever make for 10 minutes of your time
  3. How to generate quick bursts of cash over and over again, even if you don’t have a product or service to sell

..and much, much more!