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Benchmark Email’s, award winning email marketing software is trusted by over 100,000 users. Combining industry leading features with a simple to use online dashboard at incredibly affordable prices.

This is the software I use and love for its amazing POWER and ease of use.

Benchmark Email will be awarding the winner of each contest a prize package worth $200.00. This will allow the author to send up to 50K emails to their list (author must supply their own list or use the software to start building a list).

Benchmark Email is a truly professional email marketing software company and is a permission based email service meaning they do not accept purchased, rented or 3rd party harvested lists. This is why your emails will rarely go to the junk mail bin because Benchmark is known in the industry as a trusted email source. I would not work with any that did not work this way. I teach building organic double opt in lists as these are the best to market to.

If you are marketing using email and you should be, you will know how incredible it will be to have the freedom to send promotional emails about your interview to as many email connections as you can possibly get together.

Plan 50K – $200.00 per month

This plan allows you to send up to 50,000 emails per month. For the contest winner, Benchmark Email will provide this plan free of charge for the first month. After that, the user may continue with their plan,  or they can choose the best plan that would fit their needs (See Below or checkout the Benchmark Email Site).

Email Marketing Plan Emails Sent per Month Monthly Cost
Plan 600 600 $9.95
Plan 1K 1,000 $12.95
Plan 2.5K 2,500 $19.95
Plan 3.5K 3,500 $25.00
Plan 5K 5,000 $35.00
Plan 10K 10,000 $60.00
Plan 25K 25,000 $112.00
Plan 50K 50,000 $200.00
Plan 100K 100,000 $375.00

For more information on Benchmark Email. Their Plans, Pricing, Features, Products and More [CLICK HERE]

Benchmark Email Set the standard for affordable email marketing

Robust List Management:

  • Import your contacts in all major formats: .doc, .txt, .xls, individually or in groups.
  • Segment your lists by location, customer type or any fields of your choosing.
  • Free online sign up boxes build and add to your lists automatically.

Drag and Drop Email Creator

  • Built in spell checker helps you avoid typos.
  • Spam checker analyzes your emails for words that trigger spam filters.
  • Store your logos and images online in your image gallery.
  • Re-arrange, add, and drop the various sections of your email newsletters.

Over 400 Professionally
Designed Templates

  • Easily find the tone and design that matches your mission.
  • Industry specific templates make starting out much faster.
  • Tweak any template to match yoru company’s or organization’s colors , even use your own HTML
  • Custom templates can be ordered for an additional charge

Surveys & Polls for Free

  • Get valuable customer feedback by including surveys and polls
    in your newsletters.
  • Just choose a template, use the easy-to-use survey builder and hit send.
  • You can also post surveys anywhere that you can paste HTML code.

Send Video in Your Email Campaigns

  • Make a big impression on your clients with the power of video.
  • Our unique method embeds a thumbnail in your newsletter. Your deliverability is best because you’re not sending large files.
  • Video is played from our servers when the subscriber presses play.

Social Networking Tools Make Your Emails Shareable

  • Post your campaigns on Twitter and pull Twitter info to your  Benchmark  account.
  • One click post to Facebook. Put sign up boxes on your Facebook fan page.
  • Email subscribers can click and share your emails directly to Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Delicious, MySpace and more.

Time-Released Autoresponders

  • New contacts can receive autoresponders automatically.
  • Set them to go out any number of days after a contact is added.
  • Send welcome newsletters, surveys, online catalogs, videos.
  • Use with sign-up boxes for a true “set it and forget it” approach.

Real Time Reports & Tracking

  • Track opens & click throughs to see how effective your campaigns are.
  • Bad email addresses are flagged and removed from your lists.
  • Enjoy easy to read online graphs and downloadable reports.
  • Compare the metrics of your campaigns so you can do more of what is proven to work.

Sub-Accounts for Larger Organizations

  • You only pay for one account and the total sum of all email activity.
  • Push your templates and content to your sub-accounts.
  • Share contacts and lists.
  • Sub-accounts can also function independently with separate contacts and campaigns.

We Do It For You

  • Send us your list.
  • Send us your content.
  • Choose one of our templates.
  • We’ll do the rest for you.
  • Up to 2 email campaigns a month,
    Signup Forms for your site or Facebook
    page, Surveys, Polls and much more!
    Starting at just $149.95/month

Get a Running Start!

Benchmark Email provides extensive industry manuals, excellent answers to our FAQs and great Video Tutorials, not enough? Get the most out of your emails and come join us at one of our LIVE FREE Webinars. Ask questions and see how its done!

Meet Our Customers

With over 100,000 users, we are pleased to thank some recognizable names.

Each one of our customers, from small businesses to international brands, are very important to us. How we deliver for our largest and best known clients is also important to you.

Because the paths towards the inboxes of customers worldwide are similar, it’s the quality of the delivery vehicle that matters most. Benchmark Email proudly delivers for Unicef, The YMCA Siemens, PBS 39, UC Riverside, Kaiser Permanente and many others.

For more information on Benchmark Email. Their Plans, Pricing, Features, Products and More [CLICK HERE]


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