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Rules and Other Information

December 2012 Contest – Book Type / Genre Open to all.

Contest is open to published authors 18 yeas and older. We are accepting all types of books. Sorry if your book is not published we cannot accept your submission.

  • Submissions must be in the following format:
    • You must include your full name, email address and phone number with submission.
    • Your site URL is optional, but will help if you have one.
    • 150 words or less describing the author and the book. This is the part of the submission being voted on, which is the author / book POV (point of view). This is a 150 word or less description of the book, the author and why someone would want to or should read your book. This is not a book contest, and your the book itself will not be read in order to choose a winner. This contest is about the most important part of an author’s marketing strategy; their own story. the winner will be decided by the story the author tells about themselves, why they wrote the book, who the book might help. Who should read this book and why. The most compelling story will win.
  • Please no book covers, artwork or material that you do not have rights to use.
  • Book must be available on Amazon.
  • You may enter only once per contest. You may enter your book in any other future contest based on the contest theme or book genre described in the contest description.
  • Your interview and book is placed on website for duration of contest plus one month. You can opt to have your interview page continue to be on the site in its entirety for a monthly fee. As a winner your name and book will be added to the winners page permanently. Interviews  may take about a week to get the article posted online as we add all articles manually.

The winner will get an article with interview that will be featured on the website and on the author page. (Contest Decisions are final.)

2nd and 3rd Place will receive mention on the author page for the duration of the contest plus one month as well as a mention on the winners page permanently. (Contest Decisions are final.)


1st Place: OPM Authors Platinum Package – Worth $497.00

2nd and 3rd Place: Honorable Mention on Winners Page of On Purpose Magazine

All Submissions will be mentioned on Contest Submission Page.

$25 – Per Entry. (non-refundable)
Secure payment with Credit Card through PayPal.

* No limit on the amount of times you enter per contest.

All entries must be submitted by December 30, 2012.
Winners will be announced on January 15, 2013.
Winners will be announced at http://www.OnPurposeMagazine.com

* All images submitted into OnPurposeMagazine.com’s monthly contests remain the sole property of the author. The views portrayed by author submissions remain the individual author’s perspective, not that of OnPurposeMagazine.com.
OnPurpose.com reserves the right to use any image submitted for promotion of our website

©Copyright EBI, 2012 Metta Media Group, OnPurposeMagazine.com

home | about us | enter now | contest rules | winner’s gallerycontact


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