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Easy 3 Step Entry

Contest Submission Deadline December 30th 2012
Winner will be announced Jan 11th 2013
Start Writing Your Backstory NOW!

Step One

Enter Your Personal and Book Info

In step one you will be asked to enter your contact information and some info about your book.

This is the information we will use to stay in touch with you.

This is a double opt in procedure so that you are added to our database. You will automatically be set up to receive the On Purpose Magazine Newsletter which you can opt out of at any time. We also do not SPAM nor do we share or sell your name or email address.

To start the first step [CLICK HERE]

Step Two

Fill in the Backstory / Point of View Questionnaire and Submit

This is the cool part. This is where you will be answering our questionaire that is submitted for the contest. Remember we do not read your book and the winner of this contest is not the person with the best book.

This contest is about setting you up to start promoting yourself and your book so what we want from you is the best Backstory or Point of View (POV) you can put together.

To get more information on what this is and why POV; also a great podcast and information on the best way to answer the questions so that you can submit a winning POV follow this link. It is a great podcast and information from a leading image and PR professional and you should listen to this whether or not you enter this competition.

It is probably best that you listen to the audio or read the page on building your backstory and then answering the questions on paper or with your word processor before submitting it via the submittal form. This will make sure it is everything you want it to be and of course, spell checked before it is submitted.

To start the second step:

  • To go to “How to Write Your Backstory / POV [CLICK HERE]

  • To go straight to the Backstorey / POV Submittal Form [CLICK HERE]**

Step three

Enter Contest and Pay Contest Fee

This is where you pay. It is only $25.00 to enter.

The First Place Winner will receive our Author / Book Platinum Promotional Package along with many very cool bonuses. The complete Gold Package and the Bonuses can be worth thousands to you.

Click below to find out more about the prize package and Bonuses.button checkout contest

IMPORTANT: If you submit your backstory or POV and we have no record of you paying, we will have to discard the submittal.

Payment is taken via PayPal by their highly secure server.

Congratulations for your decision to enter our competition. You are now on your way to setting yourself up for book promotion success!

Please Note: Contest Entry Fee is Non-Refundable

For More Information on The Platinum Package [CLICK HERE]


**Want to submit manually?

If you are having issues with the submittal form or just want to send proof of purchase and / or your finished submittal via email. Please send it to the email address below. Make sure you put “OPM Author Book Contest Submittal” in the Subject Line.


NOTE: If you are submitting manually please include your FULL NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS (same one you used for PayPal Purchase), YOUR PHONE NUMBER and Also Include the 4 question headers in front of your answer for each. If you have further questions please state them in this email or call me at 818 – 353 – 9100 and leave a message. – Thank You and Good Luck [Click Here For More Info on Entering Manually]


All 3 Steps must be completed for your entrance in this contest.