OPM Enter Author / Book Contest Manually

To enter manually you can send an email to the following address:


You must include:

  • Your Real Name
  • Your Complete Address
  • Your correct email
  • Name of Book
  • URL of your Book or Personal Website
  • Tell Us How you published _ Self _ On Demand _ Publisher (Which One?)
  • Proof of Payment to Paypal (Sorry we do not take Checks or Money Orders etc..)
  • And you must answer the following questions completely.

OPM Author / Book contest questions

Please answer with 150 words or less… More is not better! Short and Compelling is the BEST.

 Who Is The Author?
Give Us Your Story, Background, History or something interesting that might tie you to the book.

What Is This Book About?
What is the theme? Give us a short Description of the Book and the Story.

Why Did You Write This Book?
What compelled you to write this book? Why you and not someone else?

Why should someone read this book?
Why should someone read this book and who should read this book? Who will this book entertain, inspire, educate, help?


You can enter as many times as you like per book per month and your book must fit the theme of the contest you are entering. It is very important to send the proof of purchase from Paypal or we will disallow your submission. Credits and refunds are NOT given.