JW Najarian is Guest on Jackie Keller’s Show Food Exposed – What’s on Your Plate?

JW and Jackie Keller on Food Exposed shJackie Keller, Bestselling Author, Wellness Coach, Owner of Premiere Healthy Food Company Nutrifit, LLC

Featured JW Najarian (that is ME! I am the Editor and Chief of On Purpose Magazine) on her emPOWERme.Tv Show Food Exposed – What’s on Your Plate?

Here is short snippet of the full show:


To Watch the Full Video Follow the Link Below:

Jackie Keller owner of NutriFit® has helped and educated so many get in shape, stay in shape and enjoy eating healthy, and now I get a chance to be on her show as a guest.

I am excited to tell you that I did do the show as you can see from the video above.

OK so you know how when you watch someone do an interview and they hit their mic with their hands, on accident, and you say. Hey dummy stop hitting your mic! Well I did it twice so know I am the dummy…

Jackie asked some insightful and thought out questions about me, my cancer and On Purpose Magazine and then we did a cooking spot you won’t want to miss. We made a super meal for those who are fighting cancer and for those who want to protect themselves from cancer.

As many of my readers know I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer this last year and I am fighting the good fight to keep my health in check. I am still in treatment and Kale as become my newest friend.

I got a chance to interview Jackie awhile back and had such a great time and learned so much from her. She is now a regular guest blogger on On Purpose Magazine.

Check out her many articles on health and wellness and my favorites, her healthy recipes.

Here is a link to Food Exposed www.empowerme.tv/foodexposed/

I love steak and burgers and heavy sauced pastas. I am not a huge sugar fan, but I do love bread and I love my salt.

My recent changes in diet have been to heavily reduce salt as my treatments (androgen deprivation – taking all the testosterone out of my body) have made my hands swell badly and reducing salt is what I have been told to do to help this issue. I have also become a type 2 diabetic from the treatments and so I have to watch my sugar intake.

I am learning to use herbs and spices and am now cooking a lot of greens, mushrooms and other veggies. I am not quite vegan, but have reduced my intake of meat.

I still eat some grass raised beef and organic free range chicken, but not like I have cut down a lot.

In the video I mentioned information about too many antioxidants. There is new research that gives warnings about taking too many antioxidant supplements. Antioxidants are still good for you, but we may be a bit too exuberant with our suplementation.

Everything we talk about in this video about getting antioxidants from food is correct. These articles speak to getting too many from supplementation. Here is a great place to find out more about this from Dr. Oz

And from Dr. Weil

I hope to talk be able to speak with Jackie on many other subjects ahead. – JW

JW NajarianJW Najarian

JW Najarian, Founder of the on-line magazine On Purpose Magazine (OnPurposeMagazine.com), spent over 35 years as a computer and network engineer and project manager, getting the opportunity to work in many different industries at the small and fortune 500 corporate levels.

2006, one year before the complete crash of the real estate markets, JW decided to totally change careers and moved into commercial real estate.

In an attempt to help the commercial markets, JW started the Commercial Real Estate Professionals and Investors Group (CREPIG.COM), which now reaches over 40,000 real estate investors and professionals.

JW interviewed bankers, brokers, lenders and world economists and delivered that content to the CRE market to try and find connect his group members and the industry with answers.

Miracle on South Central 2008 crowdDuring this time JW became active in philanthropic causes. As a member of the board of Humanity Unites Brilliance, that organization generated over $2 million in humanitarian giving in just 2 years and also as the Los Angeles coordinator for Feed333 in December of 2008 working with the Salvation Army, Feed the Children and The NBA Players Association we were able to serve over 5000 families over 20,000 meals, hygienic products and toys in one day, to the working poor in South Central, Los Angeles all a part of the largest one day food distribution in the United States.



jw with color walk for warriors color guardJW, a proud veteran, has also used Linkedin to build a large group of US Veterans, over 40,000 at this time, to help them to network, find jobs, resources and reconnect with other vets.


JW Friends Mosaic 01JW had already caught the interview bug and was now interested in producing content with intent and purpose. On Purpose Magazine was created to create interesting, educational, entertaining content that had a purpose or had the potential to help or enlighten. JW has interviewed over 200 celebrities about their foundations and causes and gets them to do shout outs to the vets, he also interviews bestselling authors and tries to help new and up and coming authors with their book promotions.

Personal Bio:

JW is a survivor of child sexual abuse and a 5 year addiction to meth-amphetamines. More recently (April 2013), JW has been diagnosed with a very aggressive stage 4 prostate cancer and is currently undergoing treatment.

“I believe that my journey and my diagnosis is a gift that has helped me become more grateful, forgiving, empathetic and more alive than ever. I have been able to come to grips with a terrible self worth and self loathing and I am glad to be able to say that I can now own my story and drop the shame and blame.”

This has made the message the On Purpose Magazine puts out even more important to JW. JW’s goal is to leave the planet a little better for being here and the greatest gift he has ever received is when he is told that something he did or said made a difference in another’s life so JW loves to interview authors and specialists on all the different abuses many of us suffer from.

logo jackie keller food exposedFood Exposed

Food Exposed is Jackie’s video interview and cooking show on emPOWERme.tv, DailyMotion and Youtube.

Jackie has over a years worth of the most interesting and fascinating guests reporting on health and wellness from many different viewpoints.

The show is done in a professional studio with Jackie as the host and she is wonderful at asking great questions and making sure every show is packed with food, health and wellness tips you can use now to make your life and your families lives better.

Jackie Keller (4)Jackie Keller

Celebrity Wellness and Weight and Weight Loss Expert

Jackie Keller, Founding Director of NutriFit, LLC, is a licensed and certified wellness coach, nutrition educator and Le Cordon Bleu-trained culinary expert.

She is also the author of Body After Baby The Simple 30-Day Plan to Lose Your Baby Weight Fast (Avery/Penguin Group; May 2007), and Cooking, Eating & Living Well, a cookbook and guide to nutrition-related lifestyle change.

Jackie and her partner/husband Phil Yaney, formed NutriFit LLC in 1987. NutriFit specializes in fresh, gourmet, customized and delivered meal programs that are tailored to accommodate an individual’s health and lifestyle needs. Their goal is to promote long-term health by providing full service nutritional support, including delicious, gourmet meals, wellness coaching, and health-related products.

jackie keller 01 shNutriFit manages hundreds of clients’ personal preferences and health issues. With over 2,200 NutriFit recipes, “we are far from your standard catering company,” says Jackie. “Ours is a comprehensive approach to understanding the needs of each client – taking into account their goals, nutritional needs, allergies, likes and dislikes, exercise regimen and family health history.”

pic jackie keller

Jackie’s father passed away from a heart attack when she was just a teenager. She has made it her mission to help people live longer and healthier lives. “I have a personal commitment to help people circumvent heart disease and other chronic ailments,” she explains. “It drives almost everything I do. It is my passion.”

As a certified wellness coach, Jackie conducts one-on-one sessions both in person and virtually, during which clients set achievable goals in six “wellness” areas: fitness, weight, nutrition, stress, health, and the life issues that impact health. Over the course of three months, she reports that clients typically reach 80% of their first priority goals and more than 70% of second priority goals.

Jackie holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern California, and received her culinary training from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France.

logo nutrifit-we-bring-more-to-the-tableNutrifit

Delivering a Better Way to Live

Since 1987, their mission has been to help others live a longer and healthier life. It is this pursuit that drives all of their endeavors at NutriFit®

Beyond the fresh, delicious and nutritious meals that they deliver, they pride themselves on providing an exceptional level of service. Whether it’s comprehensive meal plans, wellness coaching, educational programs or extraordinary NutriFit® products, customized solutions are available to help you maximize your results. Their approach yields tangible, immediate benefits. After years of research, experimentation and validation, NutriFit® stands ready to help you succeed.

NutriFit® has served Southern California since 1987 and is the most convenient, fully customized meal delivery service available.

  • Delicious, freshly prepared meals, individually tailored to your health goals, food preferences and schedule.
  • Designed to help you lose, gain or maintain weight and optimize health with over 2,400 fabulous recipes.

At NutriFit®, they are mindful of the earth’s limited resources. The National Wildlife Federation has recognized their farm, located on the Central Coast California, as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. Their crops are grown using sustainable practices and methods, under our own label, SimpliHealthTM Growers.

Jackie Keller Jackie Keller is the Founding Director of NutriFit, LLC, Los Angeles’ premiere healthy food company. Formed in 1987 by Jackie and her partner/husband Phil Yaney, NutriFit® specializes in fresh, gourmet, customized and delivered meal programs, full-service nutritional support, including gourmet meals, wellness coaching, and health-related products.

For more than 25 years, Jackie has shared her expertise with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Reese Witherspoon, Penelope Cruz, Will Ferrell, Channing Tatum, Andrew Garfield, Matthew Fox, Andrew Garfield, and Blair Underwood.

NutriFit® is far from your standard catering company,” says Jackie. “We take a comprehensive, all-inclusive approach to understanding the unique needs of each client — taking into account their health goals, nutritional needs, taste preferences, food allergies, exercise regimen and family health history.”

Jackie is a Board Certified Professional Wellness Coach, nutrition educator and Le Cordon Bleu-trained culinary expert. She is also the author of Body After Baby: The Simple 30-Day Plan to Lose Your Baby Weight Fast (Avery/Penguin Group; May 2007), and Cooking, Eating & Living Well, a cookbook and guide to nutrition-related lifestyle change. She writes a monthly column for Life After 50 Magazine.

A longtime advocate for environmental causes, Jackie regularly incorporates produce into NutriFit® meals from their own sustainable farm, under the brand SimpliHealthTM Growers. Additionally, Jackie gives back by donating to over 80 international and national charities, including such as The American Cancer Society, The National Wildlife Federation, The Humane Society, The Sierra Club, and local groups such as Heal the Bay and Tree People. NutriFit® was awarded the Restaurant Neighbor Award by the National Restaurant Association in 2010, as well as the State of California’s Fit Business Award in 2006, 2007, and 2010. Jackie is part of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps and actively promotes sustainable practices.

Jackie holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern California, received her culinary training from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France, and her coach training from Wellcoaches Corporation.

book Body After Baby book coverBody After Baby Book

Getting back into shape can help mothers of newborns feel good about themselves after pregnancy-and give them the energy they need to get through their busy days.

In Body After Baby, Jackie Keller, a celebrity nutrition and health coach and the founder of NutriFit, offers a simple eating and workout program guaranteed to help every mom lose the extra weight after her baby is born. With meal plans and more than one hundred delicious recipes high in vitamin-rich “superfuel foods,” Keller provides:

  • Easy and safe daily workouts to do in 10 minutes or less
  • Helpful weekly shopping lists and label-reading tips
  • Fun and simple movements that mother and baby can do together
  • An easy way to modify the meals for the whole family so everyone can eat healthier together.

Easy-to-use for even the busiest mothers, Body After Baby will not only help moms get back into those favorite jeans, but it will also reduce their stress and give them more time and energy to spend with their new baby.

Body after Baby is a great plan to keep you healthy for the rest of your life. — Janet P. Pregler, MD, Director of Iris Cantor-UCLA Women’s Health Center

Jackie Keller delivers a wise plan…. Her good food and exercise regimen make perfect sense. — Mehmet C. Oz, M.D. professor and vice-chairman of surgery, Columbia University and bestselling coauthor of You: The Owner’s Manual

Jackie Keller taught me that it’s not about eating less, it’s about eating right! — Susan Sarandon

Jackie proves that if you just stay the course, weight loss will follow! — Tia Carrere

 Jackie Keller Main Site

Other Posts by Jackie Keller


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