Angel Whisper’s Maudy Fowler Brings Messages of Hope and Healing

Maudy Fowler Speaks with Angels Bringing Back Messages of Hope and Healing.

Maudy and Gail 02 sh

Aided by her co-author Gail Hunt, Maudy travels the world teaching her motivational, inspiring, witty and charming blend of spiritual faith and metaphysical insight to those that need to hear it.

Angel Whispers is the 4th book from these award winning authors and tells the story of uplifting common-sense advice and messages from those that have passed that has helped many find their life’s purpose, get unstuck or just find new hope.  Their books have been popular overseas. Angel Whispers, unlike their other books are written in English.

I am neither a believer or non-believer. I am agnostic and totally open to what is and what can be. When I was introduced to Maudy’s book, it was like so many others I had seen from other mystics and healers or so I thought.

In the case of Angel Whispers Maudy Fowler says she speaks with angels loved ones and friends that have passed. I was used to hearing about speaking to loved ones, and angels, but both!?

As it turns out Maudy and Gail are both Christians and Maudy also calls herself a mystic. I am not sure I like the word mystic because some religious people may want to relate that word to the occult, but it is a good word as used as a noun it means:


A person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.

I also like the word metaphysical. The truth is I have no idea who Maudy is or is not speaking with. I do know that she read me in this interview and it took me a week to figure out who she was talking about, but when I figured it out I was blown away cause out of all the stuff about me on me on the web and other places, this stuff was so obscure even my family couldn’t have told her about it.

I did get to spend a wonderful afternoon with her and Gail on the beachfront in Malibu and I can tell you that both Maudy and Gail were a treat to visit with.

Maudy gave one of her sessions at a beautiful beachhouse there. First Maudy spoke about what she calls the seven elements. Her english is a bit broken, but her points and common sense teachings are were brilliantly on point. She then took her time and did a session with each person in the room.

I didn’t get a chance to film the event since it was held in a private home, but I did get a video of us out on the deck with the surreal Pacific Ocean in the background.

Each person just needed a question and Maudy did her thing. I kept hearing Oh My G…. and it was very interesting to watch her pick up things that really touched the women in the room so quickly and seemingly effortlessly.

The book is an easy read that Gail and Maudy have filled with a plethora of teaching, inspirational stories, quite a few Maudisms (things Maudy has come up with, for you to say to yourself, that will help you when facing difficult situations) and a fun touch of humor.

I will also admit that Maudy has answered my questions with uncanny clarity and I have become friends with Gail and really enjoy just shooting the breeze with her. Maudy left me astonished and I believe Gail Hunt her friend and co-author tested her frequently for a year and a half before now going on the road with her. So hopefully I will get more time to test Maudy, which if you listen to this interview, you will see will be very fun to do.

Thanks to both Maudy and Gail for their time, understanding, compassion and concern. Also a big thanks to Stacia Gates of ArtQuench Magazine for introducing me to Maudy – JW

Maudy Fowler sq 02 shMaudy Fowler

Maudy was born in The Netherlands and settled in North Carolina with her family.

Maudy is a Mystic Messenger, who listens to the ‘whispers of angels’, and provides people with choices and information through Angel Whispers.

With Heaven’s approval, the messages are delivered from loved ones whom have passed to assist the ones left behind.

“As a Mystic, I have the gift of prophecy and can hear messages from loved ones in Heaven, and I refer to this as ‘Angel Whispers’.  I intuitively comprehend the truths that are beyond human understanding and am an advocate for spiritual truths and am deeply aware of the powerful presence of the Divine Spirit.” – Maudy Fowler

Maudy is also blessed with the gift of prophecy as was her mother.  Her mother was also gifted with the gift of healing.

Maudy is the author of the book, Mystic Messenger co-authored by Gail Hunt Violette, published in the States, Holland and Belgium. Together they also wrote the books A Voice for Him, Heavenly Messages and Feather Weight, published in Holland and Belgium as well. They are award winning authors of the Dutch book Heavenly Messages, with Deepak Chopra and Dr.Wayne Dyer along side nominee.

Maudy won a literary contest for Outstanding Achievement and Accomplishment for Women’s History Month in Oklahoma.

She is an inspirational speaker and gives presentations in the United States and Europe. Maudy was on Television shows in Holland on SBS-6 and RTV East and did an interview for Radio Great Falls, Montana, Radio Chicago and radio shows for WBT Charlotte, NC. Maudy and Gail had a live weekly internet radio Talk Show on LATalk.

Gail Hunt 02 sq shGail Hunt

Gail was born in New England and moved to North Carolina with her family.  She met Maudy on July 26, 2000. She is co-author of books with Maudy.  Further, she has produced award-winning videos, an avid photographer, and artist.

Gail was Director Of Telecommunications for the Diocese of Charlotte and has given motivational presentations to various groups – some are;  A National Media Literacy group at UCLA, California;  In-service session for Teachers, Diocese of Pittsburgh; and a National Gathering of Educators in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

book angel whispers cover 3d shAngel Whispers

Messages of Hope and Healing From Loved Ones

Join Maudy Fowler, a mystic with the ability to hear angelic whispers, on an inspirational journey of uplifting stories and common-sense advice to find your life’s purpose. Since she was eleven years old, Maudy has delivered countless messages to those seeking comfort, encouragement, and hope from their deceased loved ones.

Angel Whispers shares Maudy’s conversations with angels while also focusing on the seven elements by which to live: love, honor, respect, patience, courage, forgiveness, and belief. By communicating the angels’ messages, she calms people in crisis, reaffirms their faith in the hereafter, and encourages them to move forward. Inside this book, you’ll discover meditations and advice for achieving your happiness in life and explore how angels stay close to those they love.

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Other Books From Maudy and Gail

Published in The Netherlands and Belgium
Publisher Akasha
April 2005

This inspiring book will give you a little glimpse behind the scenes of Heaven here on earth. Maudy has the ability to go beyond the confines of religion and is able to get to the very core of spirituality and Faith in God. You will recognize God’s presence through the positive messages that are delivered. This is done through the Angels, with God’s approval.

The ‘mail’ Maudy refers to are messages from people in spirit doing earthly work from Heaven for their loved ones left behind, with the message to help them move on doing Heavenly work here on earth. Maudy sees herself as a positive mystic messenger and presents people with choices to let you look at life with “new eyes”.

Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger is a true story about Maudy Fowler, who receives messages through Angels and their heavenly grapevine. Along, with her co-author, Gail Hunt Violette, they have created a self-help book that will empower your self-awareness and spirituality through the power of positive thinking. It is meant to assist you upon life’s journey. It is a tool that will assist you when everything else has not worked.


Publisher Ankh-Hermes
The Netherlands and Belgium

(English translation of Veerkracht. The book is not available in english.)

In this time where many people deal with losses and hardship, the question people often ask themselves is, “Who am I and why am I here?” The information in this book will help you find the answer and your purpose in life. It will help you find yourself… that is… if you want to be found! When everything else had not worked – let this book be a tool to guide you. The inspirational true stories in this book will empower your faith and enrich your life, and will give you a little glimpse behind the scenes of Heaven. It will help you recognize how to understand the concept FEATHERWEIGHT to make your life Featherlight!


One response to “Angel Whisper’s Maudy Fowler Brings Messages of Hope and Healing

  1. JW – Thank You for the beautiful reflection of Maudy and Gail. Maudy and Gail are the epitome of ethereal Angels on earth bridging missing gaps of hope with enlightenment onto the path(s) of self restoration in the form of instructions from Heaven. To know one is to never forget the other; The Angelic Dynamic Duo.

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