Beating Down Blame

banner michael luckmanBy Michael Luckman

When things go wrong, and they sometimes will, our first inclination is to find some person or thing to place the blame on.

I could’ve succeeded “if only they would have” blank, blank, blank. It does little to solve the problem but it does sooth our egos and it makes us feel better. But, there are very few situations where something went wrong, that we did not have some responsibility for the outcome.

One of the first steps in creating the life that we want and deserve is to accept responsibility for everything in our life. EVERYTHING. That means all the good and all the bad. And that’s no easy task.

It is human nature to readily accept responsibility for all the good we created, but we’ll argue that we are not responsible for the bad stuff. But it is true. We create through our thoughts. We choose which thoughts we let take hold in our minds, and a negative thought will manifest negative things into our lives just as easily as a positive thought will manifest something positive.

So choose your thoughts wisely. Your thoughts become things, and you then must live with the consequences.




One response to “Beating Down Blame

  1. In his first article on On Purpose Magazine Michael Luckman takes a stab at blame.

    First let me say that I am so happy to have Michael come on board and contribute to this magazine. I have always been impressed with his blog and I have asked Michael to write some stuff just for us so this should be exciting.

    Welcome Michael,

    Now about blame.. In Michael’s book Overcoming Fear, he really gets into the nitty gritty of fear and how it comes about and how it effects every aspect of your life. Shame, blame and victimhood are a large part of this.

    I know from my own story how I have used blame to boost my ego and to falsely make others see more in me. In both instances it has failed me miserably.

    I now try to find out my involvement in all aspects of my life. Especially when something happens bad. I do not believe conjure every bad thing that happens to us, but 9 times out of ten we do have some involvement.

    It is also now, very hard to listen to others that blame their parents, the weather, and whatever for their constant woes.

    Take responsibility for everything in your life and watch what you say.

    Michael says it well here… Words are Powerful!

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