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Looking back at the year, I could have written about certain business milestones or technology advances, but I think we should reflect on the betterment of mankind by trying to revisit tolerance and acceptance in our lives. Going into 2014, we should all add a deeper level of compassion and multi-cultural acceptance in our business as well as personal dealings with one another.

Stop all the petty whining about this celebrity doing this or speaking out on a religious belief, this newscaster saying “Santa is white”, and this family having another “Kardashian” moment. Some of us are tired of the phony “I am appalled” reaction by those who are super-intolerant themselves when it comes to people who do not believe in the same set of values that they hold.

The average person is being bombarded by self-appointed “culture experts” who are judging what can be said and what can’t be said. Last time I looked, this was the United States. There are many cultures, religions, and many different perspectives here. They are supposed to blend together in a melting pot and not stick out like ingredients in a salad. Your perspective can be presented because of the Constitution and Freedom of Speech, but don’t think it is automatically mainstream or that it should be immediately adopted by everyone else.

Chinese Chow by Jade Christmas tree

Chinese Chow by Jade Christmas tree


Maybe it’s time other people who listen to all these condemning rants tell those to just shut up. We’re tired of listening to all your whining. Freedom of speech also includes freedom from listening to perspectives that are not in the mainstream, but are being pumped to represent mainstream thinking which in reality, they aren’t. If we don’t like what you’re “selling”, we have the right to tell you so.

We need to get back to being politically accurate and not politically correct. Revisionist thinking whether it applies to the War with the Indians in the Wild West to slavery to the Holocaust has to be called out. Stick with the facts and stick with what was actually going on at the time – not your interpretation 60-150 years later. Crack open some books and read about what was going on in that period rather than formulating some “new age” interpretation of it.

To those who want tolerance for whatever their cause is, wake up and realize you have to be tolerant of other perspectives as well. Ever think you might be in a very small minority and your perspective is NOT mainstream? We will listen to what you have to say and make our own judgment as to whether or not we agree with it. If we don’t agree with it, don’t try to force it on us as it makes us more resistant and not tolerant.

If we don’t agree with you, that’s life. Don’t condemn us because that means that we should condemn you for not conforming to OUR values and expectations. See the knife cuts both ways. Better to adopt the old Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.”


Only in America can you go to friends of many other religions and celebrate their holidays as they celebrate yours. I am no expert or theologian on many religions, but grew up performing at different celebrations from Greek Orthodox Easters, Korean parties, to Jewish weddings and Buddhist Chinese funerals. I am Christian, but understand the Jewish holidays, Chinese holidays and even Muslim holidays from interactions with various people in my working life.

It’s actually interesting to understand other people’s religions as well as get a more global perspective. It can only help you in today’s multi-cultural global marketplace.

So Merry Christmas to all those who believe in Christianity. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to those who don’t. Is it that hard to extend a broader wish for a good year and good life to everyone?

CARLINI-ISM: Don’t let difference in religions keep you from accepting others.

COPYRIGHT 2013 – James Carlini



  1. Thank you James for these great perspectives. I wrote a nice Happy Holidays message to all the veterans on US Veteran Group on Linkedin.

    I was so disappointed that one of the vets wrote back about how angry he was about me not saying Merry Christmas.

    I love Christmas and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, but I had to defend myself and point out that I was not speaking to strickly Christians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims or any particular group or day. I was talking to all faiths about the whole holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever.

    I am so glad you brought this up as I think many of us are so tired of the judgment and criticism that is given, when not asked for.

    It is all about tolerance of others and their ideas. You don’t have to like something, but do we all really need to know that at all times.

    Notice that no matter what you mention anymore there is always somebody that has to give his or her two cents about what they do not like about whatever you have mentioned?

    I could go on and on about this subject, but let me just end by saying; we all need to be respectful of others opinions and traditions etc…. It is the golden rule.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone who cares….

  2. Beautiful thoughts in a well written article = Definitely words to live by.
    Have a blessed Christmas Holiday Season.
    Frank Bisbee

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