Jordan McIntosh’s New Video How To Love (Lil Wayne) Cover

This amazing 17 year old took Lil Wayne’s How To Love and has made it into an incredible country song.

This is an amazing video. Well done, but even better is Jordan’s voice and what he has done with this song.

Take a minute and check this out. If you like country or just music in general, you will really like this. – JW

Jordan McintoshJordan McIntosh

There’s little more powerful than that which is predetermined for us. Just ask Jordan McIntosh. The latest set of pipes poised to overtake the world of country, this Ottawa-based teen heartthrob is clearly an apple in fate’s eye. Not that he’s about to let fate make all the decisions.

Releasing his debut single “Walk Away” (IROC Music), McIntosh may still be confined to the walls of high school but his future is certainly a vast wealth of opportunity. Initially discovering a love of singing under innocent youthful pretences, McIntosh’s inimitable abilities blossomed into what is now a budding, enviable career. To Read More…..

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