Ubuntu Bracelet Campaign – A Great Bracelet and A Great Cause

Do Ubuntu Bracelet Campaignpic ubuntu bracelet

Ubuntu (/ˈbʊnt/ oo-BUUN-too; Zulu/Xhosa pronunciation: [ùɓúntʼú]) is a Nguni Bantu term roughly translating to “human kindness” Read More….

The Orphan Bracelet Campaign (OBC) helps AIDS orphans by equipping their primary caretakers – usually women – with the means to sustain themselves and improve their health.


This includes training women to make bracelets to sell for an income and establishing community-based permaculture gardens. The OBC was founded by director Louise Hogarth, who was inspired by the women and children in her film “Angels in the Dust.”

pic ubuntu bracelet 02 Each orphan bracelet is 100% handcrafted by local South African women living with HIV/AIDS. We use only lead-free copper, brass and aluminum wire, as well as recycled rubber. 100% of the proceeds go towards helping mothers and children in Africa whose lives have been severely impacted by HIV/AIDS. Wear your orphan bracelet for any occasion. They are great to stack and won’t set off airport security. DO wear them in the shower.

pic ubuntu bracelet 01Go to the Unbuntu Bracelet Campaign Site and find out more about their story. Watch the incredible movie Angeles in the Dust then purchase and proudly wear one of the magnificent bracelets.

It is really all about Dignity and Sustainability for the woman who make the bracelets and the woman and children the proceeds help.

I have worn these bracelets for years. I met the incredible Louise Hogarth, founder of DO Ubuntu Orphan Bracelet Campaign some years back and immediately bought one of her bracelets. Over the years I have owned many, but people love them so much I have given most of them away. I introduced famed Hollywood Producer of movies like Pretty Woman, Gary Goldstein to the bracelets and he has worn his for years and I believe he still has them on today. – JW

These are exceptionally made, look good on everyone and help a fantastic cause. Please take a look and order one for you and a good friend.


NOTE: No portion of donations or purchase go to On Purpose Magazine or it’s staff in any way.

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