Gary W. Goldstein Conquering Hollywood

gary goldstein camera shGary W. Goldstein the producer of movies like Pretty Woman, Mothman Prophecies and Under Siege, talks about his new book Conquering Hollywood.

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The full book title is Conquering Hollywood the Screenwriters Blueprint for Career Success.

As you will find out, after hearing this interview or reading the book, solid business principles rarely change from one business to another and whether you are a writer, author, screenwriter, producer, etc.. if you don’t treat what you are doing as a business, there is greater room for failure.

I have known Gary for a few years now as a great friend and mentor. Gary is my go to guy when I have business questions or issues. He is also the guy I go to when I just need to get some positivity in my life. Gary is empathetic and incredibly supportive, he is rarely critical or judgmental, but at the same time, he does not pull punches or allow for pity parties or whining.

Gary has talked about putting out a book for a couple of years now based on his very successful “Scaling the Great Wall of Hollywood” teleseminar, so when I heard he was getting ready for his book launch I immediately asked for an interview for the book.

Gary is one of my favorite story tellers and story tellers always make for the best and most interesting interviews. I was not wrong… this interview will go down as one of my favorites, as Gary really gets down to the core of what success is made of. Relationships, failing forward, truth, consistent persistence and so much more.

I do many interviews where as soon as the recording starts, the interviewees change their demeanor. They go into marketing mode or they become nervous and have a hard time conveying their thoughts and feelings. Gary is Gary. He talks to me in this interview the way he talks to me when we go out for coffee.

I am excited about this book “Conquering Hollywood” because Gary has worked every aspect of the business and been successful in each. Gary found scripts, sold scripts to major studios, hired talent and crews, found funds and produced films from the ground up.

I believe this book will do more than teach screenwriters how to break into Hollywood. I believe it can teach anyone in any business how to succeed in conquering the challenges of business and life.

Do yourself a favor and get to the book launch and if it is too late to do so, read this book. I believe you will be sending this one to friends. – JW

g2 shGary W. Goldstein

Gary has produced some of Hollywood’s biggest box-office hits, including Pretty Woman, Mothman Prophecies and Under Seige I and II, generating well over $1 Billion in worldwide revenue, receiving multiple Academy Award nominations, People’s Choice Awards, a Golden Globe and various other awards.

Gary’s developing feature films, as well as other micro to longform content. Included is a series he’ll host himself, engaging a kaleidoscope of authors, thought leaders, artists and technologists in conversations about the nature of creativity and their expertise and passion for their work.

Gary’s new book, “Conquering Hollywood” is a blueprint of specific career strategies to help creatives turn their talent into a business, make measurable progress, gain access and succeed on their own terms. In addition, Gary’s building a robust online community for all creatives.

Embracing the same creative strategies that drive his success in Hollywood, Gary produces not only films, but businesses. Gary’s passion is helping clients change context and elevate dialogue, thereby creating a new story to drive greater success. His gift is a consistent ability to identify and create strategic partnerships that attract fresh opportunities, key relationships & revenues.

Gary serves as an advisor to, & the online community Positively Positive. Gary also serves on the board of directors of Solidify Ventures, a story-based sales and marketing powerhouse.

Along the way, Gary practiced as an attorney in San Francisco, and later served as president of two divisions of, an internet entertainment company successfully funded at $50MM. More recently, he served as Vice Chairman of The Elevision Network.

In keeping with the wisdom of a sage mentor, Gary’s doing what he loves, in the service of others who love what he does.

book cover Gary GoldsteinConquering Hollywood

The SCREENWRITER’S Blueprint for Career Success
Bigger Picture Press

Over the last two decades, Gary W. Goldstein has focused on developing raw screenwriting talent as a fim producer.

As a film producer, Gary W. Goldstein’s movies have generated well over $1B in global box office receipts. His work includes: Pretty Woman, Under Siege, The Mothman Prophecies and more.

In his latest book, “Conquering Hollywood”, Gary reveals the proven strategies he uses to help aspiring screenwriter break into , succeed and thrive in Hollywood and the movie business.

There are over 1,094 books on Amazon that show you “how to write a screenplay”… but next-to-nothing on how to break into Hollywood, sell your script and build a successful writing career. Until now.

But more importantly, over the last two decades, Gary has nurtured, mentored and launched some of Hollywood’s most successful screenwriters. In his book, “Conquering Hollywood”, he reveals proven career-making strategies, planning and advice for aspiring (and established) screenplay writers.

The strategies in this book will help you whether you’re looking to sell a spec script, option your screenplay, land a writing assignment and get hired, attract an agent or manager of your dreams… or get a producer to take a meeting with you.

Contact Gary W. Goldstein:

Main Site
Conquering Hollywood

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2 responses to “Gary W. Goldstein Conquering Hollywood

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  2. Interesting introduction. What he says (but he doesn’t actually say it) is that people need to have a passion for their business, but they also need to channel that passion in order to get results. He is also right about creative people. There is no roadmap for them – they are the ones who are the trailblazers. They will find a way, where others wait for a way.

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