Time Warner blackout of CBS goes into 2nd day – The Monitor: Business

Time Warner blackout of CBS goes into 2nd day

Posted: Saturday, August 3, 2013 3:42 pm

Time Warner Cable’s blackout of CBS continued Saturday, and neither side indicated a resolution of their dispute over fees is imminent.

Time Warner dropped CBS Friday in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and several other cities, leaving three million customers without the network’s programs. The issue is fees that the cable company pays CBS to air its programs.

Each has accused the other of making unreasonable demands. On Saturday the two sides even seemed to disagree on the status of negotiations. A Time Warner spokeswoman said Saturday afternoon that negotiations are ongoing. CBS said it expects talks to resume soon, but the decision rests with Time Warner.

Without a deal, Time Warner customers were missing Tiger Woods’ attempt at his 8th win at Firestone Country Club near Akron, Ohio, in this weekend’s Bridgestone Invitational. Woods held a lead of 7 strokes as he played Saturday. CBS fans also won’t see programs such as “Under the Dome” or “60 Minutes.”

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via Time Warner blackout of CBS goes into 2nd day – The Monitor: Business.

The proceeding is a story from The Monitor about Showtime and Time Warner Cable negotiations breakdown.

It looks as though their issues have been made into an issue for each subscriber to Time Warner. I understand TWC standing up to Showtime, but not sure it is the best idea to do it by making its clients suffer.

I would rather see TWC raise the cost and allow the public to decide which provider they wanted to use based on price, convenience and features.

It seems that both sides are using the angry and frustrated emotions of the subscribers to try and stick it too each other. It also seems that the only ones that are getting it stuck to them is the subscribers. – JW


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