Wicked Audio WI8152 HEADPHONES with Mic

Wicked HeadphonesWicked Audio WI8152 Headphones with Microphone – Where Talk Meets Music

I purchased these headphones over a month ago from Amazon as I needed something I could use as a headset when on a phone call, but could also double as a good set of headphones.

Most of the headphones on the market are really large or very small. The small ones always fall out of my ears and sometimes I do not want to have one side in my ear and the small ones do not do that well.

logo wicked audio shThe Wicked Audio headphones also can fold up nicely. Wish they came with a cool carrying case, but that would jack the price. I used a cool Sephora bag to put mine in as they fold down almost small enough to fit in your pocket, but definitely small enough to fit comfortably in a back pack.

The sound quality is extremely better than any small headphone I have owned… Yes even the expensive ones.

I talk to a ton of people on the phone and I have to turn down the volume as the gain is very high even for the bass… This makes phone calls decent even in a car!

I have not had any complaints on any calls about microphone quality. I used to hear all kinds of bitching about how bad my headsets sounded.

I prefer the in line (no blue tooth) corded headset. Blue tooth is always problematic for me at least. These headphones are crazy comfortable and light weight and not as flimsy as I thought they would be for fold up headphones…

pic wicked audio WI-8151Wicked makes a few colors of these headphones, I bought the black ones. I think they are very stylish and they do not look too old school or too young either.

I went to the Wicked Audio website and could not find these headphones on their site. I hope they have not discontinued them. The are available all over the web in plentiful numbers as of the posting of this article.

So I can say this was a great buy, at a decent price. I want to get an additional pair for working out as I don’t want to wear the one I sweated on for long periods.. TMI? – JW

Buy Now or get more Information:

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  • DRIVER 40mm
  • FREQUENCY 20Hz-20,000Hz
  • IMPEDANCE 32 Ohms
  • CORD LENGTH 4ft/1.2mm LIGHT WEIGHT 2.4 oz


  • Compact and stylish headphones
  • High fidelity
  • Talk with music
  • In-line mic
  • Answer-hang up button
  • Enhanced bass

Wicked Audio Website


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