Carter Lee Author – When Jonathan Cried for Me

Carter LeeCarter Lee Washington Times Columnist, Author, Comedian, Speaker, Life Coach and Entertainment Promoter on his book “When Jonathan Cried for Me”.

Sometimes we all meet someone that we have an instant chemistry with. Carter Lee was introduced to me by my old friend Gary Goldstein. Gary thought that Carter had a real interesting story and Gary knows I love those.

As it turns out we have very different, similar backgrounds and we hit it off right away.

What is very special about Carter is that he puts authenticity above all else. He is open and real about what happened to him. He says it like he sees it and makes no apologies, yet he is understanding of others and shows respect for others opinions.  It is hard to find people this real in the world….

I have just started reading Carter’s book and it is really sucking me in… This interview was fun, easy and enjoyable. Thank you to Carter for his time, his talent, his empathy and compassion. Carter is a person that should be a hard ass and instead he is full of inspiration and hope. –  JW

Carter Lee 01 shCarter Lee

Carter Lee is president of Innovative Social Dynamics, the author of When Jonathan Cried for Me, a columnist (In That Moment of Space) for The Washington Times Communities, partner and consultant to VeraFilms and VeraWear, manager of talent and models, a professional speaker, coach and consultant, co-host of Really Genius Radio, host of the internet TV show, Carter Lee Presents the Fever, and a legitimate bad ass.

Carter is known for his charismatic speaking style, magnetic personality, and strong self-confidence. He presents his messages with an eloquent diction and style as only he can deliver. Coming from a diverse background, Carter wasn’t always the personification of success and self-esteem.

Formerly an actor, stand-up comedian, and involved in the sports-entertainment industry, Carter was a licensed professional wrestler, promoter, and booker. He also competed in mixed martial arts as a shoot fighter and wrestled both in the freestyle and Greco Roman style. It was the entertainment industry where Carter polished his skills as a public performer and communicator. The athletic side of professional wrestling gave Carter the opportunity to really explore his personality and develop his charisma.

The business side of the sports-entertainment industry, with booking and promoting, required him to deal with entrepreneurs, local state government officials and corporate executives. Putting together these complex deals helped Carter develop confidence in negotiating with others and a sense of self-worth. It was through this position and many years of being involved in this industry, that he became a master of negotiation and communication, which led to his success in the industry.

book When Jonathan Cried for meWhen Jonathan Cried For Me

Because of a childhood filled with sexual abuse and molestation at the hands of a pedophile, Carter Lee was later in life diagnosed with PTSD; paired with violence and intimidation throughout school, he was pre-destined to become a monster. Against all odds, Carter took control of his destiny and chose to endure his own transformation into the successful and peaceful man he is today. When Jonathan Cried For Me is a tremendous story of struggle, redemption, heartbreak, and self-loathing transforming into self-love and respect.

For most of his life, Carter Lee struggled with a low self-esteem, unhealthy self-confidence, increasingly in-docile anger issues, and his weight. After his wife left him, taking her son with her, Carter Lee hit rock bottom. Deciding to persevere on, he became determined to find a way to transcend through his trauma on a journey to find a genuine inner transformation.

Carter reveals the methods and his philosophy in life that led him to freedom; he no longer shows signs of PTSD or depression, no longer struggles with maintaining a healthy weight, and has managed to overcome his insecurities from being sexually abused and molested at the hands of a pedophile. Carter Lee found the way to a transformation involving a true-self-esteem and total-self-confidence.

Carter covers his views and philosophies on anger, religion, dating, quantum mechanics; along with revealing how the mind receives and perceives information and how it affects us physiologically.  From the very first sentence to the last: When Jonathan Cried For Me promises to inspire you by making you laugh, moving you emotionally, question your own belief system, and want to search for more meaning in life.

Carter Lee is blatantly honest about his inner demons and wears his heart on his sleeve. More than just a motivational, inspiring, educating, or entertaining read, this book transcends any one genre by coalescing strengths of eWach form into a powerful teaching tool.  He is witty, unconventional, and has a knack for describing highly technical mental processes in layman’s terms. Sometimes controversially, but always with honesty, Carter Lee delivers what so many of us need: a real way to facilitate internal change and transformation through his masterpiece: When Jonathan Cried For Me.

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