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By James Carlini

Are you as tired as I am in listening to someone who is supposed to be giving you the news and instead is spinning the story to adhere to some personal political agenda they have?  Evidently, the only way to stop this obtuse reporting is to call it out every time it happens and question those who are either totally clueless or have some other agenda they are trying to foist on us.


Last week there was a huge breaking story across all the networks.  The Boston Marathon got interrupted by two bombs exploding at the finish line.  Before many facts were in, we had the “experts in the media” coming out and telling us who they thought did it.

pic Brad Garrett FBI

Brad Garrett

I was stuck in a waiting room in a hospital and all they had on was ABC.  It’s not my first choice as a news source, but I had no choice in the matter.  I watched as ABC had Brad Garrett, former FBI Agent, relating to the shocking event and saying pretty much that it was some American white Supremacist group who did the bombing.

Well, Brad was 100% wrong in his “expert assessment”.  The two brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who were the alleged and now “self-confessed” masterminds of the crime are not in any white Supremacist group.

This is not the first time the ABC “experts” have been wrong, but you start to wonder if it is intentional.

What about the Aurora, Colorado theatre shooter, James Holmes?  ABC’s Brian Ross rushed to report Holmes was a member of the Tea Party.  He wasn’t and ABC had to issue an apology for “jumping the gun” in its coverage.

Then, you wonder what they (the FBI) did not see when Russia told them to watch out for the older Tsarnaev brother, Tamerlan, as a terrorist.  Did they drop the ball?  Someone did.  That is a whole other story to investigate, but it leaves me wondering – is someone not doing a good job in law enforcement as well?

Is there a hidden agenda that they have to follow as to swing the public’s perception?  I am concerned about this agency that used to be top notch and apolitical.


When it comes to other news analysts who I have no use for watching, Chris Matthews comes to mind.  His latest terrorist assessment, “Normally, domestic terrorists, people, tend to be on the far right” was way off.

Sorry Chris, your assessment doesn’t come close to being factual.  How do you stay on TV?

Then there is the NPR reporter/analyst, Dina Temple-Raston.  Her big quote, “April is a big month for …right-wing individuals…Columbine…Hitler’s Birthday.”

Sorry Dina, not only do I not want to listen to you, I do not want to keep funding your inaccurate assessments, so how come my tax money is going to fund NPR?  I don’t see that as balanced reporting and if it is not balanced, taxpayers should not be supporting it.

Add NPR to the list of “mandatory budget cuts” in Congress.  If you personally donate to NPR, you are only condoning a biased news source.

Want to be charitable?  Give your money to the Boston victims’ fund (I am sure they will be needing a lot of money), a veterans group, an animal rescue center, or a building preservation group.  NPR needs to go by the way of the dinosaur and de-funding it will help accelerate its extinction.

And the reporter, David Sirota saying, “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white male” doesn’t impress me as for him having a shred of journalist integrity.  Did I somehow take that out of context?  If I did, it can only be because it is so out-of-order as a journalistic comment.

Many TV and other media analysts are so far off the mark, why do we keep them in prime time news shows and in charge of aiming the public spotlight?

Where are they today with their apologies for their obtuse and inaccurate comments?  They’re too busy working on their next story.  Who cares if it’s accurate?

You and I do!

CARLINI-ISM :  He who controls the press, controls the rest.

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  1. They have found three more conspirators in the Boston Bombing attack. Two are foreign students at UMASS (Dartmouth). Where is Brad Garrett and his assessment? And what about others (after the event) who said they acted alone?

    At least go back onto the media and admit you were wrong. Try to get some of your credibility back.

  2. It is without doubt that media stations have bias, especially since media and news reporting have become businesses geared toward profit. News stations nowadays strive to get more viewers and have better ratings, so the goal and aim of reporters is no longer to inform the people, it’s to grab their attention with outrageous stories that make them hoping for more.

    One reason for these biases is because of who owns the news corporations and who works for it. The majority of owners are old, white, heterosexual men. It is more than likely they have an agenda to push and use their business to try and push it. And it leads to them picking certain employees who share their same views and can communicate them well. They would also serve the people, the viewers, like them. It’s been widely acknowledged that Fox News lean more toward conservatives and MSNBC tends more toward liberals, and this shows in how different news stations get the scoop first depending on which party is in the White House.

    Investigative news has also seemed to go down the drain. Where before reporters would research and work to find the truth in stories, nowadays the majority of ‘news’ consists of opinions and half-truths that are not verified. Moreover, newscasters and reporters bend to the will of their sponsors, skewing facts and biasing stories with finding ‘experts’ who will say what the corporations want.

  3. Even Russian news is highlighting
    the screwy American News. They
    , at least, are obvious,

  4. James, another great article. It seems that every news service has thrown true journalism out of the window nowadays. Competition for the public’s attention is crazy nuts and so every name on a news services professional list is dusted off and these people are trotted out onto the air to talk about their opinions.

    What we have to know is that even a self professed expert’s opinion is like an a**h*le. They all have one and all of them stink.

    I loved watching the 9/11 reporting rerun a few years back. Now that we know more of what happened, it is truly amazing to watch the journalists fall all over themselves getting it all wrong.

    I believe there are big problems with this type of shoot from the hip reporting, but I also believe that since humans have this crazy need to know things they just cannot, that this type of reporting is all we will continue to get.

    I watched the bombing with apprehension, suspicion and slight trepidation this time and waited for more news before making up my mind. This means at the time of this post I still don’t seem to know too much about what the heck happened with these two boys or the friends they hung out with.

    This is all another reason why I do not like Fox or MSNBC. There is so little news and so much more speculation, mud slinging and just pure politics.

    It is a shame that with the advent of entertainment news and the Internet, that we are on the verge of losing any and all true journalism.

    I believe that we need to question everything. Not in a cynical way, but that if we form an opinion too soon, without the facts then we tend to stop learning and that is the most dangerous thing that can happen. Too many of us hold on to opinions and beliefs that have no merit and often our acts and actions are based on those opinions.

    Remember Spiderman? One of the great lines from the story was when Peter Parker was told by his Uncle Ben the Voltaire quote, “With great power; comes great responsibility” and I would add that “With freedom comes great responsibility.

    I would like to add that Brad Garret of Brad Garrett Investigations International Inc., has a very extensive 20 year long resume of handling difficult and high-profile cases and is considered a very respectable expert in these areas and we don’t have the full context of the transcript of what he said on the ABC news show.

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