Springthyme Strawberry Cocktail

It is soooo time for spring cocktails!!



Born and raised in Upstate New York, I had what you might call an earthy childhood.  In the warmer months especially, I spent more time outdoors than in – traipsing through the ‘crick’ (Upstate speak for ‘stream’) behind my house, riding my bike on well-worn wooded trails, swimming in murky lakes, and picking fresh produce.  I perpetually looked forward to the annual visit we made to the U-Pick Strawberry Farm, in a neighboring town.  There, I would eat more berries directly off the vine than I would place in my basket, leaving with a red-hand (pun intended).  It’s rare that I make it back to that farm nowadays, and instead have to buy my strawberries from the grocery store.  This is the perfect cocktail to make in early Spring when store varieties are ripe, but lacking seasonal sweetness.  One sip and I am transported back to those fields, and endless…

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