The Famous Le Petit Bistro in Los Angeles is Better Than Ever

le petit bistro frontGeorge Lachkar co-owner of Le Petit Bistro Restaurant in Los Angeles talks to us about all the new changes at this Los Angeles landmark.

North La Cienega Blvd., used to be restaurant row in West Hollywood, but over the years many of the classic restaurants are now gone. Le Petit Bistro has survived the dips in the economy with a Paris bistro charm and great affordable food. Le Petit Bistro allows you to drop the fad food doldrums and enjoy a wonderfully comfortable, yet upscale, meal experience.

Le Petit Bistro is located at 631 N. La Cienega Blvd in West Hollywood. (310) 289-9797

The first thing I noticed when I walked into Le Petit Bistro is the comfortable, intimate and kinda romantic mood of the restaurant.

It was a great evening and the valet parking in front of the restaurant was a nice touch as I really do not like searching for parking in West Hollywood.

I sat next to the bar and faced the door so I could watch for a friend who was arriving slightly behind me.

As I sat waiting, I got a chance to look around and check out the place. It has a very pleasant and inviting atmosphere and the other patrons were all busy drinking, eating and talking. The noise level was not too high so it makes it a great place to meet and talk while enjoying your meal.

The staff was fun, friendly and very accommodating.

entourage family

The family at Entourage

I did get one of those wobbly tables, but the waitress had one of the waiters put something under one of the legs which fixed the issue entirely.

I had a hard time choosing what to order, but decided on the Braised Veal Short Ribs. The meal was amazing and everything was cooked to perfection.

After dinner I got the chance to sit down with Georges Lachkar one of the co-owners of the restaurant and after listening to his wonderful stories, had to have him come on and talk about the restaurant and the history of his family who have owned several successful and well known restaurants in Los Angeles.

The interview was real fun. Georges has a thick accent and has all kind of wonderful stories to tell. Take a listen and next time you are in Los Angeles, stop in West Hollywood to check out this amazing place. – JW

Le Petit Bistro
631 N La Cienega Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Cuisine: French
Dress: Casual
Take-out: Yes
Waiter Service: Yes
Outdoor Seating: Yes
Takes Reservations: Yes
Catering: Yes

Dining_Room_1.jpg“If you ever fantasize about sitting in a lively little bistro on the left bank, you will love Le Petit Bistro. The narrow, crowded little space has dark woods, the old French ad posters, the thightly squeezed tables, and lots of people. We appreciate the authentic French bistro food at reasonable prices.”

henri fonda

Henri Fonda and Georges Lachkar

Mike douglas show

Georges on The Mike Douglas Show

023 julio eglesias

Georges and Julio Eglesias


Georges with US Senator Joe Leberman

Located in the heart of West Hollywood, Le Petit Bistro restaurant offers traditional French cuisine. Guests can enjoy lunch or dinner in the charming indoor setting or on the outdoor patio-garden; sunny during the day and candlelit at night.

It takes savvy and sophisticated restaurateurs to stay in tune with the pulse of a city such as Los Angeles… and to evolve so that they continue to provide what their customers want.
Witness the establishments that have come and gone through the years.

Yet the Lachkar family, whose Le Petit Bistro on La Cienega is the last of

the European restaurants on “the row,” have successfully served Los Angeleans for 40 years… 20 of them at Le Petit Bistro.

They started with La Potiniere on Beverly Blvd. in 1973, opened the Entourage on Third Street in 1978, Cassis on Third Street and Mon Café in Sherman Oaks in 1985,LePetit Bistro on La Cienega in 1993 and in Sherman Oaks in 1994, La Mer on La Cienega in 1995, and Le Petit Zinc inBrentwood in2005.

By popular demand, beginning on April 7, you can enjoy the fabulous traditional French bistro fare of Le Petit Bistro seven nights a week.

Start with a fabulous appetizer… perhaps Eggplant Tart or French onion soup.  Enjoy such typical French entrees as roast chicken or steak

with frites. Savor specials such as black mussels poulette or a baked pork shank. Complete your evening with a delicious tart tatin or pot de chocolat.

Check out the following:
  • Free Corkage on Sunday
  • Tapas Menu
  • Half Orders
  • Full Bar
  • Take Out
  • Private Room (Groups)
  • Open Late
  • Open on Sundays
Check out the Full Menu:

Mention this interview and get FREE glass of wine or desert. (restrictions may apply)

Georges Lachkar

Georges Lachkar with one of his sculptors

Georges Lachkar

Born in Casa Blanca in 1945 and at age 12, he moved to and was raised in the south of France. Georges father passed away and so in July of 1967, Georges came to America with his mother and brothers.
George had gained his degree in electronics, but did not speak English when he arrived in the U. S. so he went to city college to learn English and pumped gas at World Gas on La Cienega and he finally got an electronics job at Panavision.
George Takei and Georges Lachkar

George Takei and Georges Lachkar

Georges father had a restaurant in Casa Blanca and so the family had was familiar with that business early on.  Georges worked for Panavision in the daytime and worked as a waiter at night. He worked at many different restaurants including Chasen’s, The Portifino Room and Chianti. Georges decided to quit Panavision and work full time in the restaurant business.

Geoges Lachkar and patrick swayze

Geoges Lachkar and patrick swayze

Georges brothers also worked at many well known restaurants around town until they all saved enough money to start La Potiniere on Beverly Blvd. in 1973.

They sold that restaurant in 1978 and bought a lot on 3rd street and started the Entourage the famous restaurant next to the Record Plant where you would see Rod Stewart, Rolling Stones, Burt Bacharach, Tom Petty and many many others came for lunch and dinner. In fact it was called studio D by the locals and workers at the Record Plant.
After owning a few restaurants like La Mer, Georges and his brothers started Le Petit Bistro and they have been there for over 27 years.

More Restaurant Pictures: [CLICK HERE]



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2 responses to “The Famous Le Petit Bistro in Los Angeles is Better Than Ever

  1. Until a friend invited me to dine there last evening – it had been far too long since I was there. It is SO worth going! I was delighted by everytyhing from the inviting atmosphere to the white tablecloths, service, and great food value. Also, they have a full bar and a good wine list. I understand they might be offering free corkage on Sundays. I’m heading back very soon!

  2. i love that place, we go once a week

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