Tom Bähler Famed Music Composer Turned Author

Tom BahlerFamed Composer Tom Bähler on His New Book “Anything is Possible; a Tale of Aesop”

Tom Bahler was a background singer for the Partridge Family, wrote Bobby Sherman‘s hit “Julie Do Ya Love Me”, Cher‘s “Living in a House Divided” and Michael Jackson‘s “She’s Out Of My Life”. He has also appeared in a film or two. He was an associate producer and arranger on “We Are The World”. Music Supervisor on “The Color Purple” and Choir Arranger on “The Wiz”. He has also composed the music to a number of other movies and scored a number of soundtracks.

And now Tom Bahler has written a fascinating fictional account of the life of the famed creator of Aesop’s Fables, a brilliant storyteller and eternal optimist who lived around 600 BCE. Tom joins us while speaking at Author 101 to talk about his new book and his new journey writing.

I love to interview authors because they are often great story tellers and they have rather interesting lives.

Tom Bähler is absolutely no exception. He has one of the most interesting stories you will run across.

Tom is a fun guy, who really likes people and loves to share his story and it was so fun getting to talk with him. Rick Frishman pops in at the end of the interview and we all have a great time.

Thank you Tom for gracefully giving your time, as you were quite popular and busy at the conference and thanks to Rick Frishman for such a great conference that attracts such great people like Tom – JW

tom bahler 02 shTom Bähler

Thomas Bähler has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the entertainment industry. He composed music for Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, directors Steven Spielberg and Barry Levinson, magicians Siegfried and Roy, Superbowl Halftime Shows and a number of other high profile stage productions.

As a songwriter he’s written many hits including “She’s Out of My Life” “Living In A House Divided” and “Julie Do You Love Me.” Thomas created vocal arrangements for the landmark charity event “We Are the World,” as well as for Barbara Streisand, Billy Joel, and the motion picture version of “The Wiz.”

He served as Music Director for a number of events sponsored by the White House, including “America’s Millennium”, “Points of Light” and President Clinton’s Inaugural Concert. Mr. Bähler has also served as Music Director and arranger for “The Kennedy Center Honors.”

Tom Bahler Anything is Possible - Order NowThe Book

Anything Is Possible; A Tale of ÆSOP

Anything Is Possible, Illustrated edition, an original novel by Thomas Bähler is a thought-provoking modern treasure, a fascinating fictional account of the life of the famed creator of Aesop’s Fables, a brilliant storyteller and eternal optimist who lived around 600 BCE.

The life of the great philosopher and teacher Æsop is explored for the first time ever in a brilliantly crafted historical fiction illuminated by fifty full page illustrations .

The novel begins with Aesop’s birth as a slave, covers his long quest for freedom and examines his service to the richest and most powerful man in the world.

Many would be surprised to know that Æsop, an enduring philosopher in the modern world, was born a slave. Yet, later in life, he served as Ambassador to the wealthiest King in ancient history, simply with a fierce belief in his own potential, and the ever-stalwart laws of reality…anything is possible.

Today, Æsop and his fables are quoted an estimated one million times daily, across the globe. Not bad for someone who lived 2600 years ago.

Written with the same simple genius as its central protagonist, in Anything Is Possible, the reader discovers the meaning of Æsop’s profound lessons on his/her own… subsequently, you, the reader, own these lessons, forever.

Change requires your permission.
Are you ready to BE POSSIBLE?

If this man, born a slave in 620 BC, can still inspire the world with his message in the year 2013… what does that mean YOU can do?


We are all here to serve.

We are all here to BE POSSIBLE.

“A thought provoking exploration of freedom. It will inspire anyone who has ever dreamed of a better life.” – Quincy Jones

Thomas Bahler Links

Tom’s Official Website
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Tom’s Twitter Page

tom bahler and Gary Goldstein 02I caught Tom at Rick Frishman‘s Author 101 University Event in Los Angeles. Tom had a small booth where her signed books for people and was available to talk to everyone.

tom bahler and Gary Goldstein 01Tom also spoke on stage along with his friend Hollywood Producer of “Pretty Woman”, “Mothman Prophecies” and “Under Siege I & II, Gary W. Goldstein.

This is one you didn’t want to miss.


Rick Frishman’s Author 101 University

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4 responses to “Tom Bähler Famed Music Composer Turned Author

  1. Awesome Book!!! Easy to read with subtle life lessons and awesome characters!! Truly one of my favorites…

  2. Thank you JW…I loved our interview…easy and fun man to talk to…lets have some more fun!

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