On Purpose Magazine Stories Trending High on Trendspottr.com

On Purpose Magazine and Authoritative Links

Getting sites with decent link authority is not always easy, but it is important when you are trying to build traffic and credibility so I was checking my out links back to my site and found that I was not only on www.trendspottr.com but also that two of my stories were trending number 3 and 5.

pic trendspottr on purpose magazine jw najarianI highlighted the two stories on Trendspottr in yellow.

Wow! not to shabby.

Our traffic here at On Purpose Magazine is growing month over month steadily and we are getting better and better interviews and stories to share with you.

We are announcing formally our partnership with www.ArtQuench.com an Art Gallery and Online Magazine to add to our already cool content…

Tell your friends and help us grow more.

We are looking to add guest bloggers and if you would like to submit something definitely get in touch with us.

Authoritative Links

It’s not enough to just get links from other sites – those sites need to be trustworthy and authoritative, too. Naturally, these are harder to come by.

Why do you need Authoritative Links?

The best answer is that Google and other search algorithms LOVE, love, love new and fresh content so although your blog post is phenomenal as it gets older it will slip in search popularity.

On the other hand, if there are some great mentions, likes and especially links from other sites that have good ranking…. then the algorithms allow the post to stay vital much longer.

If there are any SEO gurus that have more info on this or can correct me if I am wrong, we would love to hear from you.


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