Greg S. Reid’s New Book “Stickability” The Power of Perseverance

Greg S. Reid Greg S. Reid Bestselling Author, Speaker, Teacher, Filmmaker, Publisher, Talks About His New Upcoming Book Stickability

Greg Reid, Bestselling Author of Three Feet from Gold and many other books, talks to us about how perseverance and not giving up on your dream is the most important key to your success .

I also get a chance to talk to Greg about publishing a #1 bestseller. As a bestselling author and publisher he has a very keen perspective on the writing, publishing and marketing processes that work.

Well before I started On Purpose Magazine I started going to self development seminars and conferences. It has been a huge part of my growth and inspiration over the years.

I am a tireless networker and I have met many friends like Gary Goldstein, Rick Frishman, Sharon Lechter, Dave Austin and so many more great authors, speakers and leaders.

For some reason, although I continually heard his name, Our paths never seemed to cross.

You gotta love Social Media. I saw Greg on Facebook and reached out. Greg was incredibly gracious and as soon as he came back from his vacation he gave me a ring. 

When I heard about his new book I had to interview Greg about it. You may know that Napoleon Hill interviewed some of the wealthiest and most successful men of his day in order to write his famous book Think and Grow Rich.

Well when the Napoleon Hill Foundation decided to have someone write another similar to the original book, they choose Greg S. Reid. Below you will find a list of some of the people Greg talked to and wrote on for this very new and powerful book Stickability.

As of this writing it has not been released so you will have to got to to pre-order the book.

The audio above is our discussion about Greg, his book, his history and role with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and some great input from Greg on the writing, publishing and marketing it takes to be a #1 bestseller. Thanks Greg. – JW

Greg ReidGreg S. Reid

#1 Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, Film Maker, Publisher and Successful Entrepreneur

Greg S. Reid has dedicated his life to helping others achieve the ultimate fulfillment of finding and living a life of purpose.

  • #1 Best Selling Author -Published in over 42 books, 19 languages, with over a dozen #1 best-sellers!
  • Motivational Keynote Speaker -Highly sought-after motivational keynote speaker for corporations, universities, and charitable organizations.
  • Award Winning Filmmaker -Creator/producer on internationally acclaimed films “Pass It On”, and “Three Feet from Gold.”
  • Established Publisher -The best practices of the publishing industry all in one place. From best sellers to iPhone Apps, Sherpa Press does it for you.

Greg’s Most Recent Projects

Currently, Don Green, CEO of The Napoleon Hill Foundation has hand selected Greg to expand on Hill’s historic principles found in the 20th best selling book of all time ~ Think and Grow Rich.
In his latest projects: Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet From Gold – Turn your Obstacles into Opportunities (co-authored with Sharon Lechter) and the coveted Road to Riches program, Greg has been gifted the opportunity to follow in Napoleon’s famous footsteps by sitting down with leaders of the day to discover how they persevered through challenging times.
In this unique audio program, hosted by Greg S. Reid, you will not only hear W. Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill share their time tested insights, but you will also hear additional commentary by today’s inspirational leaders as they expand on these time-tested and classic principles of success. In the same format as a radio show, join us as we countdown the 13 Keys to Success.

In addition, Greg is also a board member of Executive Books, a printing and Distribution Company which has circulated over 50 million books worldwide and advises for various mentoring programs that teach youth to use their talents in order to improve their lives.

Learn More about Greg S. Reid as
An Author | A Keynote Speaker | A Filmmaker | A Publisher

Think and Grow Rich: Stickability

noun: stick·a·bil·ity

A person’s ability to persevere with something; staying power. “The secret of success is stickability”

After their triumphant success with projects such as  Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet From Gold, Napoleon Hill’s ‘Good as Gold’, and Napoleon Hill’s Road to Riches, best-selling author Greg S. Reid teams once again with the coveted Napoleon Hill Foundation to write the next chapter in personal development.

Based on Samuel Smiles 1859 teachings, this project expands on the most important factor toward all achievement.
The power to NOT Quit!

Since the dawn of man and recorded time, generations past have proven that one word has held the key to all great achievements.


The people that will stay the course and get up after falling are those that have carved a place in history.

This project highlights such individuals as:

Marty Cooper
Inventor of the Cell Phone
Ron Klein
Magnetic Strip Inventor
Steve Wozniak
Co-Founder of Apple
Matt Mullenweg
Founder of WordPress
Sharon Lechter
Co-Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad
Leah O’Brien-Amico
Time Olympic Gold Medalist
Gary W. Goldstein
Hollywood Film Producer. Pretty Woman, Mothman Prophecies…
Jim Stoval
Creator of the Narrative Television Network
Nik Halik
C.E.O. of Multiple Companies and Civilian Astronaut
Peter Diamandis
Founder of the Space Exploration X Prize
Gene Landrum
Founding Visionary behind
Chuck E. Cheese
Pem Sherpa
Mt. Everest Record Holder
Pem Sherpa
Frank Shankwitz
Founder of The Make-A-Wish Foundation ®
MoriMori Sherpa
Mt. Everest Record Holder
Pem Sherpa
Mike-MuhneyMike Muhney
Co-Inventor of ACT! Software®
Anousheh AnsariAnouseh Ansari
MFirst Female Private Space Explorer


Think and Grow Rich: STICKABILITY and The Power Of Perseverance Motivational Speaker Greg Reid and The Napoleon Hill Foundation…

NOTE: Stickability has not been released yet and is not available for pre-order at the time of this interview, but keep checking back with the website and we will also put out a notice when it becomes ready.

You can also visit Greg’s site and use the contact me page to send a request for pre-order


2 responses to “Greg S. Reid’s New Book “Stickability” The Power of Perseverance

  1. My role model,Greg S. Reid is a gift to our world.He has what it takes to prepare and position one for productivity!

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