Happy Valentines Day 2013

graphic valentine heartOn Purpose Magazine wishes everyone the happiest of Valentines Days

What a great day to stop and appreciate those you love and who love you. This is a special time.

I am so blessed to have the most wonderful people in my life and after 15 years of marriage, to still be in a wonderfully loving relationship with my wife.

Here is my Valentine message to my wife:

My Dearest Valerie,

On this Valentines Day I started to think about all the times I say I love you and how I could never count how many times I have said it.

The astounding thing is that I still mean it after all these years and the struggles we have faced.

Your still the person I would rather hang with than anyone else.

Your still have that beautiful smile that can always make me happy.

And even though your not good at feigning interest in much of the stories I tell you, you are still the person I can’t wait to tell.

I still love the way we snuggle and that you want to.

I still love holding your hand.

I love our kisses even though you think my lips are always too wet.

I love the way you take care of me and stand up for me.

I also love that you make me feel that you want me and need me around.

You are special and I am so happy that after all these years you are still my Valentine. – JW

I would love to hear yours…..

If you feel like it we would love you to send a note to your Valentine in the comments sections..

If you are feeling unloved on this Valentines day please talk to me in the comments so we can help you feel better or if you just want to make a note of what is special about this day to your or about your special someone.


One response to “Happy Valentines Day 2013

  1. Everyday is Valentine’s Day for me. I try to let those I care about or those who have randomly touched my heart know what they mean to me each day. Thanks for sharing your beautiful message to your wife JW. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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