Dr. Robert Nagourney Outliving Cancer: The Better, Smarter Way to Treat Your Cancer

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OPM Talks to Dr Robert Nagourney About His New Book – Outliving Cancer: The Better, Smarter Way to Treat Your Cancer

In this audio interview we talk to Dr Robert Nagourney about his new book “Outliving Cancer” which introduces a New testing procedure that could be the biggest cancer treatment breakthrough in 50 years. Simple test doubles the effectiveness of chemo by 200%, can reduce chemo side effects significantly and can increase patient longevity.

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This is my second interview with Dr. Nagourney. The first interview was so good that when I heard he just released a book, I had to get him back.

What is so amazing is that Dr Nagourney, has developed a way to test a patients own cancer cells utilizing all available chemotherapy drugs and see in advance which drugs work the best at killing the patients cancer cells.  A patient with advanced lung cancer may have double the chance that the chemotherapy will be effective and could also double their longevity during chemo.

To me this sounded like it was the way things should be done, but it turns out that doctors use data from past survivors, or time tested formulas or collections of various chemotherapy drugs and deliver them to the patient in the hopes that they will work.

The problem her is that although, as a patient you will have a better chance of survival, the odds are in the mid thirties as to the effectiveness of the chemotherapy prescribed.

On the other hand, by using Dr. Nagourney’s testing method has shown to increase chemotherapy effectiveness by double for some cancers.

In this interview Dr. Nagourney explains why it was not possible to do these tests till now and goes into detail about the testing and results. The new book goes into even more detail.

Dr. Nagourney has a way of making the complicated easy to understand, but his book also contains enough hard evidence and science that you can easily take it to your doctor to have him understand and utilize this information and testing to help you or someone you love.

This is a very interesting interview. If you have cancer, know of anyone with cancer or just want to know more about it… This interview is for you. – JW


Book Outliving Cancer shOutliving Cancer – The better, smarter way to treat your cancer

By rethinking what cancer is and how it behaves, Dr. Nagourney developed a smarter, more effective way to treat cancer patients.

In Outliving Cancer: The Better, Smarter Way to Treat Your Cancer, Dr. Nagourney describes the scientific rationale for his particular approach to cancer medicine– beginning with an interest in cancer as a disease and his good fortune to work with many accomplished physicians to the obstacles he encountered along the way.

He also expands upon the profound impact the concept of programmed cell death has had upon his worldview.

In this book, readers will come to understand that cancer is not what it once appeared to be, that its management has often been ill conceived and ill applied. And finally, the reader will see that simple insights have enabled Dr. Nagourney to demonstrably improve his patients’ outcomes.

By taking a fresh look at some of medicine’s most sacrosanct dictates, he has found a better, faster, smarter way to solve even the most complex problems.

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Dr. Robert Nagourney

In addition to his position as medical and laboratory director at Rational Therapeutics, Robert A. Nagourney, MD, is an instructor of Pharmacology at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology and Hematology.

A native of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Dr. Nagourney completed his undergraduate education at Boston University, earning a BA in Chemistry, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa with Distinction in Biochemistry. He received his medical degree at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where he was a University Scholar. After completing his residency in Internal Medicine at the University of California, Irvine, Dr. Nagourney received fellowship training in Medical Oncology at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. He went on to complete a second fellowship in Hematology at the Scripps Institute in La Jolla, California, where he was the recipient of the Scripps Institute Young Investigator Award.

In 1986, Dr. Nagourney co-founded Oncotech with Larry Weisenthal, MD, PhD. After serving as the medical director, he left Oncotech in 1991 to focus his full attention on the study of drug-induced programmed cell death in human tumor primary cultures. Recognizing the profound impact that these discoveries would have upon the practice of clinical oncology, he accepted the position of Director of Experimental Therapeutics at Long Beach Memorial in California. Convinced that the broad application of Ex Vivo Analysis had the potential to revolutionize patient care, Dr. Nagourney founded Rational Therapeutics in 1993, where he pioneered the use of “functional profiling” to create the world’s first personalized cancer therapy program.

Dr. Robert Nagourney Talks at TEDxSoCal

Two fundamental breakthroughs underlie the success of Dr. Nagourney’s approach. The first was the recognition that cancer reflected a deregulation of cell survival, not cell proliferation. The second reflected an understanding of cancer biology as cancer ecology. Wherein, cancer cells must be studied in their native state, not propagated, sub-cultured nor removed from their stroma, inflammatory and vascular environment.

With more than 20 years experience in human tumor primary culture analyses, Dr. Nagourney has authored more than 100 manuscripts, book chapters and abstracts; including publications in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Gynecological Oncology and The Journal of National Cancer Institute. As co-investigator on national cooperative trials, Dr. Nagourney is recognized for the introduction of cisplatin/Gemcitabine doublets in the treatment of advanced ovarian and breast cancers.

With the desire to change how cancer care is delivered, he accepted the position as Medical Director of the Todd Cancer Institute at Long Beach Memorial in 2003. In 2008, he returned to Rational Therapeutics full-time to rededicate his expertise to expanding the Rational Therapeutics program, nationally and internationally.

He is a frequently invited lecturer for numerous professional organizations and universities, and has served as a reviewer and on the editorial boards of several journals including Clinical Cancer Research, British Journal of Cancer, Gynecologic Oncology, Cancer Research and the Journal of Medicinal Food.

Clinical Consultation
An onsite clinical consultation with Dr. Nagourney includes an overall assessment of the patient’s condition, a physical examination, as well as a review of medical records and therapies to date. An in-depth comprehensive interview is conducted to ascertain the philosophy and treatment goals of each patient. A report is then written outlining Dr. Nagourney’s opinion and recommendations. As with the EVA-PCD® analysis, we do require payment at the time of service, but as a courtesy will file a claim with your insurance for possible reimbursement. Cost = $500.

Click to view Patients’ Choice and Most Compassionate Doctor awards.

About Rational Therapeutics

Rational Therapeutics is a pioneering cancer research institute that specializes in the “functional profiling” of human tumors through the application of a laboratory platform known as the Ex-Vivo Analysis of Programmed Cell Death (EVA-PCD®). Using human tumor microspheroids isolated directly from surgical specimens, these scientists measure which drugs, combinations and new targeted therapies can induce cell death (programmed cell death, one form of which is apoptosis). This process eliminates the “One Size Fits All” administration of cancer treatments enabling physicians to provide truly personalized cancer care.

 About Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States.  With 160,340 estimated deaths in 2012.  The 5-year survival for all stages of this disease is 14%, with only 7% of Stage III & Stage IV (advanced & metastatic) alive at 5 years.  Although cigarette smoking is commonly associated with this disease, a growing number of non-smoking patients are being diagnosed.  Lung cancer represents a major public health issue.

The Study


 Results of New Study Published in AntiCancer Research

Long Beach, CA… Functional profiling using ex-vivo analysis of programmed cell death (EVA/PCD®) doubles the response rate and improves time-to-progression and survival in patients with advanced lung cancer, according to a Phase II clinical trial conducted by  investigators at Rational Therapeutics (http://www.rational-t.com) and the MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute (Long Beach, CA) and published in the October issue of Anticancer Research.

“Medical oncologists have long pursued methods that can match patients to available therapies,” said Dr. Robert Nagourney, lead investigator. “This study confirms the ability of a laboratory test to accurately predict drug activity for individual patients.”

Functional profiling provides a window into the dynamic process by which human tumor cells respond to therapy. By capturing cells within their natural microenvironment, human biology is recreated in the laboratory. Non-small cell lung cancer – the leading cause of cancer death in the US, for which there has been no change in survival over several decades, – offered an ideal target to test this novel approach.

The article, titled “Functional Profiling to Select Chemotherapy in Untreated, Advanced or Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer,” describes results achieved in patients who received first-line chemotherapy based on their individual ex-vivo analysis.

Using only FDA-approved, standard lung cancer drugs available to all oncologists, this process of laboratory selection provided a 64.5 percent response rate – more than double the national average of 30 percent (p = 0.00015), well established in the literature. More importantly, the median overall survival of 21.3 months was nearly two-fold longer than the best results of 13.5 months reported for non-assay based standard treatments. Strikingly, among the Stage IV (metastatic) patients, there are several who remain alive approaching eight years since diagnosis.

“These results suggest that laboratory selection of chemotherapy can change the natural history of this lethal disease,” said Dr. Nagourney. “What makes the EVA/PCD approach unique is its capacity to capture human tissues in their native state, recreating conditions found in the human body.”

Attempts to use gene profiling in this disease resulted in failure and controversy (“How Bright Promise In Cancer Testing Fell Apart.” – Gina Kolata, New York Times, July 7, 2011). Contrary to gene-based methods, functional platforms capture the systems biology of human tumors in real-time providing therapeutics insights that translate directly into improved clinical outcomes.

Contact Dr Robert Nagourney or Rational Therapeutics:

If you’d like a second opinion or an appointment with Robert Nagourney, MD, please schedule a consultation. An on-site, one hour clinical consultation includes an overall assessment of your condition, a physical examination, as well as a review of medical records and treatments to date. Dr. Nagourney conducts an in-depth, comprehensive interview to ascertain the philosophy and treatment goals of each patient. Following the consultation, you will receive an extensive report detailing Dr. Nagourney’s recommendations.

For information regarding the EVA-PCD platform and whether you are a candidate, please email us at clientservices@rational-t.com, or use the form below to submit your information. You can also visit our “Test Candidates” page for specific details.

You can also call at 562.989.6455 or 800.542.HELP (4357)

Website: Rational-T.com

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  1. Is a second opinion by Dr. Nagourney typically covered by third party payers?

    • Great question Harold… I do ask Dr. Nagourney this in the interview and he stated that often insurance will pay. The test runs around $5K so it is not crazy expensive for the results it gives nor totally out of reach of people whose insurance will not cover. I believe $5K is about the cost of an aspirin and a tongue depressor on an inpatient stay?

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