What Happened to dr-dittrich.de/eav/eav.pl? Here is the Scoop via (e)PDSTEIN

dr-dittrich.de/eav/eav.pl is Gone. How Will it Impact You, EAv?

Inside EAv NEWSFLASH : 8/31/2013

Okay so Inside EAv came back and dispite not being able to send shouts, was better than ever… until today! David has now shut down the program for good. His program was always against the Terms of Service Agreement (TOC), but EAv did not kick David out or shut down his program.

It seems that David just got tired of EAv and wanted to quit. This is too bad for all the Inside EAv users and for EAv as I truely believe that they many will loose interest in the program.

EAv really needs to figure out what David did and offer it on their site. I know they want as much one on one dialog as possible, but the EAv interface does need much more analytics and more batch processes.

David left because he state that EAv did not live up to his view of it’s potential and I do believe that also.

I would love to see EAv allow for multiple Twitter accounts to really show true reach, something none of the other services offer including Klout.

To read what David said as to why he is shutting down the service go to http://eav.dr-dittrich.de/content/goodbye#disqus_thread

I love what David did and how he ran things. We here at On Purpose Magazine wish David all the best. – JW

Below is the story I share originally when David’s program crashed and we all went nuts trying to figure out what we were going to do… Now we have no choice. The progam is now just gone forever…

I call for a moment of silence and a bowing of heads on this one. – JW


February 2, 2013

@PaulSteinbrueck Empire Avenue Tips

eav dennis tool screen captureEarlier today Dennis Dittrich, creater of one of the most popular 3rd party Empire Avenue tools http://dr-dittrich.de/eav/eav.pl, announced in the [X]Bar Facebook group, “Bad news: My server just broke and the backup is gone.”

In response to my request for clarification, Dennis wrote, “[It’s] completely unrecoverable. My server and its backup were very closely located at my provider. I’ve already got new hardware but I do not know how long it will take me to get my really necessary services up and running again. EAv is at the end of the list. I have some older code saved locally that may help. Don’t know about it yet…”



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