Pasadena Rose Parade and Bowl 2013 Dual B2 Bomber Fly Over My Neighborhood.

b2 stealth bomberB2 Stealth “Spirit” Bomber Flies over the 2013 124th Rose Parade and the Neighborhoods Nearby.

Every year, as we live close to Pasadena, we get to see the B-2 Stealth “Spirit” Bombers as they line up to fly over the Rose Parade. Every year they fly a different route, but somehow seem to always come close enough to our house to get some great pictures.

This year the B2 Bomber flew over our house over 9 times for the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl. I caught footage of 8 of the flyovers.

Every year they seem to fly different paths so sometimes we see them real close and other times we just see them over the hill. This year they flew over Angeles National behind our home.

Dual bomber picYou can see there were two bombers flying together, but only one flew over the parade and the game?

You can see their footage.. Very Cool as they followed by air… The B2 footage starts at 4min 24seconds into the clip:

I edited only the best footage I caught on my iPad and added some music as it can get boring watching them fly over again and again.. I was not bored and really look forward to the fly over every year.



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