JW Najarian and Bob Bare on How We Interview

pic bob bare and jw najarianBob Bare of BestSelling Experts Interviews JW Najarian All About Interviewing

Bob Bare of Bestselling Experts interviews authors, speakers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and other professionals for his site BestSelling Experts.

Bob and I decided it might be interesting to have two interviewers interview each other on interviewing… Sounds crazy, but it turned out to be real interesting and very fun.

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We both really got into it. Our stories, screw ups, successes and great information on how to interview or get interviews or get interviewed.

I really appreciate Bob Bare. He is a very successful businessman who really likes people and likes to help them become more successful. Bob is also a great interviewer, a great speaker, teacher and he is one of those few that says what he does and does what he says.

This is such a great interview. Thank you Bob for taking the time to hang out with me and interview me… I rarely get the chance to get interviewed myself and you always make it a great time with incredible insight. – JW

Bob Bare

Bob Bare is the author More Power!, founder of BestSellingExperts.com and More Power! University.

A serial entrepreneur, who started his first business in 6th grade, Bob is known for his ability to create, grow and turn around businesses while keeping his vision and values in sight. One of Bob’s recent business successes opened its doors in 2006 with no customer base and achieved yearly revenues of 2.5 million dollars within the first four years, in the middle of the economic downturn of 2008. Bob currently owns 7 businesses.

An Iowa native, Bob lives in Dallas, Texas with Jan, his wife for over 35 years. He is the proud father of 3 children and grandfather of 6. He enjoys giving back to his community through active leadership roles in his local church and as president of Dallas North Rotary.

In an effort to pay it forward, Bob produces and hosts Experts Weekly radio, publishes the BestSelling Experts Weekly newsletter and mentors start-up entrepreneurs.

JW Najarian

JW was a successful computer and electronics engineer starting at NASA and later working with many fortune 1000 companies, doing design, planning, implementation, project management and sales until 2003 when he decided to change careers and get into commercial real estate.

After the collapse of the markets JW took his background in computers and married it with his interest in finance and real estate and started interviewing bankers, brokers, lawyers and world class economists on financial subjects.

This has morphed into interviews of celebrities, authors, speakers, top thought leaders and business professionals all over the globe.

Along with his gift for gab, JW is highly dedicated to helping others. He has worked with non-profits and many different causes.

JW likes to meld inspiring, educational, entertaining content with cause and purpose, but sometimes just great stories.

JW started On Purpose Magazine to be able to offer this content to the world and has found that he really loves to interview authors and is now working on finding ways to help them promote their books and projects with media and by also interviewing industry professionals about what it takes to have a successful book promotion.

JW believes that adversarial business, where one has to lose so another can win, is an outdated and unsustainable path to success and that we need to build more social business entities that make money while helping others and the planet. It really is all about doing well and still leaving the planet a better place than we found it.

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