Mary Agnes Antonopoulos Secrets to Social Media Success Using Video

mary agnes antonopoulos

Mary Agnes Antonopoulos Discusses How Using Video for Your Social Media and Web Promotions and Marketing Will Give You a Powerful Advantage in Many Different and Important Ways.

Jack Canfield used Mary Agnes Antonopoulos to go from 20K Likes to over 156K Likes on his Facebook Fan Page. Up till now Mary Agnes was like the best kept secret in the industry amongst people in the Social Media. She is a Social Media Powerhouse.

Professional Social Media Strategist Mary Agnes Antonopoulos Audio Interview on Power of Video for your Promotional or Marketing campaigns. ►Right Click and “Save Link As” to Download File◄

Mary Agnes and I have been friends for many years and besides the fact that she is one of the warmest hearted people you will ever meet, she is also one of my TOP Mentors and the person I go to when I have a question on how to use Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogtalk or just about any of the many social media platforms, to grow, promote and market my projects and my clients projects.

This audio is packed with great tips and tricks and for you authors she also talks about how to put your book on the Bestseller Track on Amazon.

I want to thank Mary Agnes for spending so much quality time with me as she is very much in demand. XO Mary Agnes – JW

mary agnes antonopoulos shMary Agnes Antonopoulos

Mary Agnes Antonopoulos, Social Media Strategist and CEO of Rockaway Writer

Mary Agnes is a well known social media strategist with 25+ years as a freelance writer.  She has designed 50+ successful social media / branding campaigns for a variety of clients, including Panera Bread, Midas, Jack Canfield, Libby Gill, Christine Comaford, AT&T, Kelli Richards, and a long list of entrepreneurs, restaurants and authors.

logo mary agnesA sought after Youtube Coach and Podcast Producer and recently she spoke at the Javits Center in New York City on Audience Building through Social Media. She also led the coaching team at Christine Comaford’s Business Summit.

Expertise and Special Services

  •  Social Media Strategy and Marketing
  • Social Media Trainer
  •  Sought after copywriter / ghost writer
  • Business Development
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Other Internet Marketing
  • Youtube Coach
  • Traffic Builder
  • BlogTalkRadio Producer

Mary Agnes offers a small intimate social media class that started Dec 4th. It is possible to jump into the middle of the class and since the cost of the class includes no charge retakes, you will be able to catch up on any classes you missed during the next session.

I have taken this class and if you can get in.. DO NOT hesitate. It is a no brainer, fantastic deal.

This is a class set up for newbies and some of you that already know quite a bit about what they are doing. Here is some more info:

8-Week Social Media Course


How do you blog, video blog, and advance your entire social media effort in only four hours a week?

Finally, an easy to do, affordable, hands-on course on using Social Media for marketing your business and your brand.

Each Module Comprises Course Study, plus Course Materials:
Video class + Courseware, MP3 Audio + 
Group Mentoring & Follow up Q&A


  • One 30-minute PERSONAL coaching session with Mary Agnes (worth $449)
  • 2-Part Downloadable Course on Newsletters (worth $399)
  • 2-Part Downloadable Course on Website Copy (worth $399)
  • A printable, downloadable ever-green guide to all-things social (worth $197)
  • Complimentary Monthly Updates by MP3 (worth $497)
  • AND… 1-Month Entry into my Live Social Media Mastermind Group (Worth $497)

button register nowClick Here to Register and Save Your Seat:

Need more info?

Learn YOUR best social spaces and where are your best clients…

Blogging:  How do you blog, video blog, and advance your entire social media effort in only four hours a week?  

Comprehensive Linkedin: Profiles, Advanced Search to Find Your Best Client, Using Groups to Reach 100,000 People, Q&A to Boost Your Brand, and more…

YouTube: How to build your brand (and your business) in TWO minutes, How to title your video so you can be FOUND in a search for your expertise, How to create intros and outros, Metatagging, Transcribing Videos to get found on Google, and more…

Facebook: Profiles, Groups, Pages and Advertising.  Need we say more?

Twitter: Profiles, Presetting Tweets, Feeding Tweets to other spaces, WHAT to Tweet, WHO to Follow, How to get the RIGHT followers, How to use Hashtags ###, and more…

Meetup: The Hidden Gem of Social Media.  Using LIVE events to ramp up and build your brand and business.  How to use OTHER Meetups to build relationships and get clients.

Pinterest:  Learn what you wish you knew about the fastest growing network on the web.

Podcasting:  Learn to produce FREE podcasts, build a huge audience, create an online library, Interview leaders in your industry and enjoy building a huge brand online and on iTunes.

For More Information on Mary Agnes and the services she offers go to

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