10 Rules To A Higher Life

I saw this posted on a chiropractors wall and really liked it.

Ten Rules to a Higher LifeI have made this graphic to share on Facebook and G+ etc.

I looked it up further and found this great post on the derivation and deeper meaning.

Let me know what you think or feel free to share it with others. – JW

Ten Rules to a Higher Life – Taken from Pavlina Post

These rules were created

, an incredible man and teacher who founded the Concept-Therapy course of instruction.

  1. Find No Fault
  2. Look for the good, and Go About Doing Good
  3. Never Criticize Nor Condemn
  4. Enslave No One
  5. Speak Not of Yourself
  6. Be Truthful
  7. Have Compassion
  8. Eliminate the Negative
  9. Meditate
  10. Work

Here is what Dr. Fleet had to say regarding his ten rules. “When shall now give you Ten Laws, Ten Rules, that you may try out in your own way. As you begin to bring your expression in harmony with these Rules, you will be inclined towards the Good of Life which, magnified to Infinity, is what we call the Being named God. In other words, you are striving to gain the God that is within you”.

1. Find No Fault

This is pretty straight-forward, “Find No Fault”. Are you finding fault with the way God is running the world? Are you finding fault with the people, places, and things in your life? If you said “yes” to either of those questions, then you are violating this rule.

Dr. Fleet would recommend an exercise in which a person would try to find no fault with anything for two weeks! Most people can’t even do it for a day! Try it for yourself. Here is the exercise taken from the book Cosmic Principles:

“Each morning when you arise, say to yourself: “Today I will find no fault with any person, place, or thing. If God has control of the whole universe, then I will adapt myself to His way of running it. No matter who comes around, or what happens, I will not find fault. I will try to obey this one law”.

As you find no fault, you will fault that peace will come unto you. You will be less enslaved and apt to react to the negative in life and will be more in tune to the good.

Click on the numbers below to get the full descriptions of rest of the rules:


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