ArtQuench Gallery Has Their First Art Competition Winner Philippe Halaburda

Congratulations go out to Philippe Halaburda on his winning the inaugural competition sponsored by Art Quench Gallery.

Philippe Halaburda - Tombant de GiliPhilippe Halaburda – Tombant de Gili

Monica HicksThis acrylic was chosen by Art Juror Monica Hicks She chose Halaburda’s first work. “It speaks to urban sprawl. The abstraction of survival, cityscapes as seen from above. I like that it’s acrylic but has the feeling of the uncontrollable watercolor. The layers of paint, the application of the washed, translucency, and vividness reminds me of Mark Bradford multimedia works.

Halaburba’s work is both beautiful, abstract, political, and has both visual and intellectual depth.”

Philippe Halaburda

Philippe Halaburda

Philippe Halaburda lives currently near Aix-en-provence in France. As an artist, Philippe paints on many different supports developing his personal style using acrylic paints, as well as textures and other mediums. His art can be found in collections, homes and offices throughout Europe, North America, Canada, and Australia.

“I am born in 1972 in Meaux in France. I studied Graphic Design in Paris and graduated in 1996 with an honors degree. I have developed my own style of painting since then. My paintings inhabit the border between figuration and abstraction. They are also in a constant state of flux and suggest different things to different people. I see them as a springboard for the imagination. Lines, shapes and paint stains can suggest me some things I would never consciously designed one.

I begin by making random marks on the canvas with a paper pencil or a brush, without any preconceived ideas at all of what the finished work is going to look like. The accidents and chance are used to provide the starting point for each artwork.

The subjects I choose to develop, the supports I paint on, the colours I use – all these things are inevitably a product of my own environment, experience and my memories. The painting is complete when there is no more need to change.

I wish that my paintings have a real presence, they magnify the space, own it.
When I begin a new painting, I never know what will be my creating composition. I discover along the way and try to be my own audience. I put myself in danger, out of balance, to keep my mind opened, in search of this thread suspended over the void. To further accentuate this state, I always start by painting several media simultaneously.

This is what I call «series». I have always worked like this. They define them by the dominant colors, more or less the distribution of space charge, the first brush stroke, sometimes the choice of words and especially the support chosen. This influenced my artistic approach. I see a critical access to other treatments of color and form, an opportunity for renewal while enhancing the contours of my artistic identity.

The brush stroke is unexpected, strong, ripped, working in different ways and with different materials. I use simple techniques often some improvisation and confusion for me but very logical. I sometimes overlapping, multiple layers of paint, volunteers to cross the lines, to boil the tracks, giving false directions, with the ultimate goal of allowing multiple approaches to the table.”

This first competition was focused upon the abstract. ArtQuench competitions are themed, focusing on special interest areas each month.

The winner of the Competitions receive one year of representation with AQ Gallery. The winner will also receive publication in both and On Purpose Magazine.

ArtQuench Magazine and Gallery were created by Stacia Gates an artist, wife and mother who has worked for many years in the entertainment industry.

“As an artist it is my love of art in all forms that has brought me to this place.  I have created as a platform for the best creators in the world to show their work.  We will include everything from painters to bridge builders.  Our goal is to share the creative happenings with the world in hope of inspiring us all. “ – Stacia

Read the original story and see the other artists in the competition at and


On Purpose Magazine is working closely with ArtQuench Magazine and ArtQuench Gallery to introduce and bring you some of the most magnificent artwork ArtQuench can find. We will be featuring their monthly art competition winners, but please stop by their site to check out all the wonderful art submissions and the full gallery.


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