Duke Long on Using Social Media in Commercial Real Estate

Duke Long Commercial Real EstateDuke Long Commercial Real Estate Social Media Expert, Speaker, Broker and all around CRE activist

Takes some time to chat with us about the CRE industry and social media’s role now and in the future.

Duke Long Audio Interview Use of Social Media in the CRE Industry – To hear this interview [CLICK HERE]

I have been following Duke Long and his blog for a few years now. I was Googling Commercial Real Estate sites and found a list of the top 25 social media people in the industry.

I looked up and down the list and searched it for my name. I found my co-partner on my CREPIG site and many of my site members, but not my name.

I was disappointed and made a mental note to make sure that this Duke guy recognized me and put me on the list. Well the list was done so I put myself on it in the comments section.

Duke wrote back saying essentially cool man… No prob. I kept a keen eye on his lists since then and I have rarely made any of them.

Duke and I have spoken several times over the years and we finally got to meet each other and hang out at NAR together. We actually had a great time hanging out and got to talk at length about many subjects.

Duke is going where most other CRE professionals do not dare with social media and blogging and he does have an attitude, which he share via his blog…. Listen in as we take a moment to chat about the industry and new media challenges. – JW


Duke LongDuke Long

Duke Long is the Broker/Owner of The Duke Long Agency.

Duke is the creator and author of the blogsite www.DukeLong.com

Duke has delivered numerous presentations, panel discussions, and moderated panels on the subjects of online commercial real estate technology, communication, marketing, branding, data, content creation and digital media.

Commercial Real Estate Speaking Topics

  • Social Media: Making sense of it all.
  • Building an online community: Finding customers and clients online.
  • Developing an online reputation: How to create your brands online reputation.
  • Creating content: What content should you create and who are you trying to reach.
  • Business Blogging: Generating traffic, writing and creating valuable content.
  • Mobile: Strategy, applications and tools for commercial real estate.
  • Commercial real estate data: What to do with it and how to maximize its value.

Duke has presented in front of audiences of varying sizes all across the country for local, regional, national and international companies and associations.

Although Duke is not a professional speaker but as a business owner, commercial real estate practioner and communicator. The content is practical, actionable and results driven for today’s commercial real estate business.

Contact dukelong@dukelong.com to schedule me for your next event or conference.

If you want to connect:

Blog:http://www.dukelong.com/ Uh, your on it.
Google + :www.gplus.to/dukelong
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/DukeLongCRE?feature=watch

No adds, no sales pitches, no listings push…… but maybe a little attitude!


crepig comercial real estate professional and investor groupThis post courtesy of the Commercial Real Estate Professionals and Investor Group who are dedicated to bringing news, information and resource to the commercial real estate industry. www.CREPIG.com


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