WordPress.com Members Claim Your Blog on Alexa

Claim a WordPress.com Blog on Alexa

There are so many things to think about out there in the Webisphere nowadays. Some are important and many many more… Not so much.

Obviously Google, Bing and Yahoo are pretty important, but have you heard of your site Alexa score?

If not, you should get acquainted with this service. The Alexa rating can say a lot about a site. It rates your site against a huge number of sites around the world and nationally and the numbers are based on mostly activity. Having a great site that ranks well with Google does not have to necessarily have the best traffic, but with Alexa, traffic is key to your getting the best rating.

Most sites start out in the tens of millions and you know when you are starting to do well when you get to around one million. Alexa does not show full stats for your site till you are ranked in the top 100,000 internationally. I want my sites to be under 500,000. You can gauge your site or your competitions sites etc…

Here is an explanation of Google Page Rank vs. Alexa logolitic.com/how-to-pagerank-alexa-rank/

Go to Alexa now and type in a few well known or favorite sites of yours to check out the numbers.

Once you understand this service you will probably figure out why it may be important to have your site properly registered at Alexa, though in the past this has been an issue for sites at WordPress.com.

I have been registered for a little while now and the person that explained to me how to do this just wrote a blog post on it with pretty simple instructions on how to do it. – JW

Heres the Post…..

by on 2012/03/13

Alexa.com is one of the big players in the search engine business that has been around since 1996. Although it isn’t as large as Google.com or Bing.com, it plays a unique and important role.

Specifically, Alexa openly gives detailed site metrics and traffic reporting with its search results that a large number of tools and people use when evaluating a Web site. Also, Alexa has an extensive set of APIs and Web Services that are commonly used by a large number of third party search tools

Alexa is a subsidiary of Amazon.com, and so in my opinion it is likely to continue to grow in stature along with Amazon. As well, it has close ties to both Google and the Open Directory Project, which are both prominent players in the search world.

So bottom line here is that getting your site into Alexa and having it properly catalogued is pretty important.

But the process of claiming your site in Alexa is not easy if you are trying to claim a WordPress.com site. There is a lot of mis-information out there as well as incompletely written instructions (including on the Alexa FAQ site itself). I found this out the hard way today.

In order to save everyone some time I am putting together this article on how I successfully registered my WordPress.com hosted blog with Alexa.

Step #1: was to create an account with Alexa. This is fairly straightforward, just follow the instructions the site gives.

Step #2: Once you have your Alexa login and you are logged into your new account, click on the second toolbar tab on the top of the site titled ‘Claim Your Site’ .

To continue reading………………………………


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