Dr. Louis Koster Happy No Matter What!

Louis Koster, MD lead an amazing life as a  doctor without borders and talks about how to be happy no matter what your circumstances

Dr. Louis Koster grew up with a bad stutter and he turned his life around more than once by changing the language of his life.

Dr. Louis Koster was introduced to me by my good friend Starley Murray of www.StarleyMurrayLive.com.  Starley was working with Dr. Koster and she new his incredible story is just the sort of thing I love to share.

Dr. Koster did not disappoint. His story was so wonderfully interesting. He started out with a horrific stutter which he worked hard to overcome. He became a doctor, but did not like being one where he was at so he moved to Spain to learn how to become a Flamingo dancer!  Dr. Koster, finally took a position with Doctors without Borders.

Both the horror and the deep love he witnessed helped Dr. Koster to learn the secret of being happy no matter what your circumstances so he wrote a book based on his findings and it was just released October 1st.

I want to thank Louis and I call him Louis here because although I highly respect his title and the work he has done, I want to acknowledge his human authentic presence that you cannot help but get from being around this wonderful man.

Thank you for sitting down with me Louis and sharing. I know that you had not done many interviews before I threw you in front of my camera. You were real and giving in your storytelling and it is evident that you truly want to help others JW

Dr. Louis Koster

Dr Louis Koster was privileged to have worked for over ten years as a medical doctor in war zones, in countries like Angola, Liberia, Sudan and Bosnia and worked with refugees in Pakistan and in Cuba. He has received numerous humanitarian awards for his humanitarian work.

Dr Louis Koster led transformational seminars and coaching for organizations and companies since 1998, first in Los Angeles and now in Australia, the place where he lives with his soul-mate and wife Francesca and his beautiful young daughter Carmen. He currently works as a doctor in Victoria.

A humanitarian, innovative thinker, facilitator, and caring at heart, Dr Louis Koster’s extraordinary career include:

  • Co-founding The International Trust for Children’s Healthcare in Russia on personal invitation by Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev, former President of the Soviet Union.
  • Founding Strategic Humanitarian Developments, an innovative organization that brought together stakeholders of diverse communities to create partnerships and foster community building and address the most pertinent issues in these communities.
  • Creating A New Language for Life, a comprehensive teaching program to reveal the secrets of happiness and higher awareness.

A New Language for Life: Happy No Matter What!

A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What! is a message of higher awareness, a message of oneness of being. A New Language for Life is a message of peace. A New Language for Life is a philosophy for life, a way of living your life as your true nature.

Awakening to a higher awareness is a growing movement that finds a platform in A New Language for Life.

A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What! reveals that enlightment is available for everyone, who has a serious commitment to spiritual growth and development. Author Dr Louis Koster reveals a daily practice of “living The Choice and The Insight,” which unveils that the secret to happiness is found in an awakening to the oneness of being. A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What! reminds you of your true nature that you have forgotten, and awakens you to the oneness of life.


Dr. Koster Website


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