Chet Holmes – We Say Goodbye to A Friend

Chet HolmesChet Holmes Passes Away After Fighting Leukemia

I just saw a post by Chet Holmes partner Tony Robbins saying goodbye to his good friend and business partner Tony Robbins Tribute to Chet Holmes – Tony shares a letter that Chet got for fathers day from his son.


Business Development Guru, Chet Holmes, 55, Has Succumbed to Leukemia


(Los Angeles, CA) After a valiantly fought 17-month battle with Leukemia Chet Holmes peacefully passed on, surrounded by his family, at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

Chet leaves behind a beautiful family: his adoring wife, Vickey, and his loving children (daughter Amanda and son Jordan).

He also enriched the world with a broad and deep creative legacy. Chet is best known for his breakthrough business best seller: The Ultimate Sales Machine which he authored in 2006 and has remained on Business Best Seller book lists ever since. [Full Story]

Chet Holmes is best known, by the general public, for his AM radio spots. You have probably heard them countless times. He was also the author of The Ultimate Sales Machine. You can check out his extensive Bio at

The last time I spoke with Chet was a couple of months ago. I know that he was finished with his drug treatments for Leukemia and he said he was feeling better and the tests seemed positive, so it is with great surprise that I hear about Chet passing.

Chet was such a proud dad and he really was looking forward to entering a new phase of his life. He wanted more than ever, as Tony says, to touch lives, transform and turn around businesses.

Recently Chet wrote a special bio on CaringBridge. You can find at:

“Three months ago I Was diagnosed with Leukemia.

I have gone through an intensive period of detox, holistic health, massive prayer and sound therapies that are designed to stabilize the body to it’s most healthy self.

I  am surrendered to God’ wisdom on this journey, which is the most powerful place to come from. Nothing can hurt you if you are surrendered to God’s wisdom.

The 3-months-ago- me would’ve never surrendered to anything.” –  Chet Holmes Unknown Date


I invite you to listen to my interview with Chet that took place in April of this year. It is our audio interview and Chets Bio.

The last tweet Chet made on June 27th was to repeat one of my posts. He was always so giving and supportive of me and my efforts.

@ChetHOlmes; MT @jwnajarian: 5 years from now, will you remember what you did yesterday? What about the day B4 that? And the day B4 that?

My warmest and most sincere condolences go out to Chet’s family and friends for their terrible loss.

I am grateful for getting to know you Chet, if only for a short time.  I will miss seeing your retweets – JW

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7 responses to “Chet Holmes – We Say Goodbye to A Friend

  1. i met chet holmes a numerous times. This guy was a master of sales. He was a master of deception. If he couldn’t make money off you, you were not worth your weight in dog sh*t to him. The world is a better place w/o this guy. God have mercy on his soul.

    • Rob, this is your opinion. Chet was very focused on the sale, but he was not a bad guy and I am sorry that you feel so negative towards him. Many of us knew him as intense, but we also know him as a good guy, father and friend.

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  3. he

  4. I had the pleasure of seeing Chet 2 times and he was amazing. Great mind, great motivator, great strategist, great human being. I received my PHD from him… He will indeed be missed.

  5. I never saw Chet personally. I feel a great loss though. I knew him through his seminars and his brilliant book. There’s a Persian poem that I think suits him fine that says:
    One has just gone, out of all pair of eyes,
    Thousand people or more, out of the amount of wisdom.
    May he Rest in Peace.

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